The 10 Craziest Things We've Seen On FX's Legion (So Far)

Legion is one of the most outlandish and strange shows to ever be put to television. Every new episode is mind bending and out there in a completely new way. Run by Noah Hawley, the show takes a fan favorite X-Men character and re-imagines him in an incredibly unique way. David Haller, also known as Legion, is a character from the comics with multiple personality disorder. The show takes a slightly different approach with David suffering from Schizophrenia.

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One thing that Noah Hawley makes clear from the beginning of the show is that not everything is what it seems. Legion takes the idea of an unreliable narrator and really runs with it, till the viewer is left confused as to what exactly is reality. The strange nature of the show perfectly matches the theme of an anti-hero suffering from mental illness. Though it can be complicated and confusing at times, Legion makes the most of the lack of boundaries it has created for itself, and we get to enjoy some truly crazy scenes. Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for both seasons of Legion.

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Legion - The Shadow King in Syd's Mind
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10 The Shadow King Reveal

Legion - The Shadow King in Syd's Mind

Though it didn't come as such a huge surprise to massive fans of the comic, the way the reveal was delivered was still incredibly unique. Throughout the first season we see the parasite that is lurking at the edge of David's mind, a hideous monster.

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It takes a while before we're given a good look at the beast, and an even longer time before his identity is revealed. Oliver lets David know that it is the Shadow King, Amahl Farouk, who is a villain constantly battling with Professor Xavier in the comics.

9 Admiral Fukuyama

Admiral Fukuyama in Legion

The entire character of Admiral Fukuyama is one of the most insane things that has ever been put to television. From the basket on his head to the robots with mustaches that speak for him, everything about this guy is incredibly weird. Not only is the character extremely weird and mesmerizing, but he plays a huge role in the development of the story.

8 Time Travel

One of the major plot points from the second season is that David discovers the ability to speak with the Syd from the future. Time travel is nothing new but the way Legion handles it fits the shows trippy theme.

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David is able to reach the future Syd only in a small room and has to decide whether or not to trust her. The show questions what it means for David to trust her or the Syd from his own time, and it all becomes incredibly mind twisting.

7 Farouk Possessing Oliver

Legion Oliver Bird

At the end of the first season the Shadow King finds a new host in Oliver Bird. Instead of the parasite like attachment to David, Farouk and Oliver have multiple conversations and seem to be on better terms. It is still clear that Farouk is completely in control, but he doesn't feel the need to hide anymore. After the first season of constantly seeing the Shadow King hiding away and Oliver Bird trapped, it was definitely unpredictable to have them cruise around together in a convertible.

6 Lenny Stealing Amy's Body

Legion Lenny is a ghost

There have been few scenes more heartbreaking than when we realize where Lenny got her new body from. When she returns looking healthy and alive again, David knew that something must be up.

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The reveal of Amy's body being transformed into a new one for Lenny was both heartbreaking and absolutely insane.

5 The Monk Of The Mi-Go Order

Mi-Go Monk in Legion

The monks of the Mi-Go Order were mysterious and strange to begin with, but when it is revealed that one of them is the one that has been spreading the horrible teeth chattering it takes on a whole new level. We see the last remaining monk infiltrate Division III and infect those inside of it in a truly strange fashion. Having the monk be responsible for everything that we assumed was from the Shadow King was an unexpected twist that definitely paid off.

4 The Delusion

Legion FX

The delusion that hatched from an egg earns a spot as not only one of the craziest things we've seen on Legion, but also one of the creepiest. Seeing the little monster crawling around Division III and infecting people was truly terrifying. T

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he infection led to some seriously strange scenes, as David had to enter the minds of the infected and treat each one of them in a unique way.

3 Oliver Trapped In The Astral Plane

Jemaine Clement as Oliver and Bill Irwin as Cary in Legion Chapter 7

In season one we discover that Oliver Bird has become trapped in the Astral Plane, but its what hes doing there that is truly insane. Instead of just completely losing his mind, he sets himself up in a block of ice and makes a sweet room complete with a record player and bar. To complete his set up, he has a old diving suit to use whenever he needs to go out.

2 Alternate Davids

Dan Stevens as David in the Legion Season 2 Finale

In one episode Legion explores the idea of a multiverse, and we get to see David from multiple different timelines.

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All of the Davids cope with their powers in different ways, from becoming the richest man on Earth to sleeping on the streets. It was an incredibly trippy episode filled with various possibilities.

1 Lenny's Dance Routine

Legion - Lenny Busker dance number

Near the end of the first season, Lenny (completely controlled by Farouk) has completely taken over. They decide to celebrate with an elaborate dance number that is completely bizarre and wonderful at the same time. Aubrey Plaza completely owns the scene, and looking back knowing that it was Farouk controlling her makes the routine even more insane.

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