FX Orders 'Bigfoot' Pilot from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

FX has ordered a pilot episode of an animated 'Bigfoot' series from 'This Is the End' producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

Seth Rogen

In a summer movie season packed with reboots and sequels, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's apocalyptic comedy This Is the End emerged as one of the few largely original projects (the film was based on the 2007 short film Jay and Seth Versus the Apocalypse) to land with both audiences and critics. It also could mark a turning point in Rogen's career, as the onscreen funnyman co-directed the film.

Since breaking out as a leading man in Knocked Up, Rogen has been a consistent presence on the big screen, but his work behind the camera dates even further back. In fact, Rogen served as a producer on a handful of Judd Apatow productions and, even earlier, as a writer for Undeclared and Da Ali G Show. Now, with his next project, the multihyphenate is heading back to his television roots.

FX Networks has ordered a pilot for Bigfoot, a new animated series produced by Rogen and Goldberg. The show is based on a series of graphic novel "autobiographies" centered on the mythical forest-dwelling creature and written by Graham Roumieu, who also produces. The pilot – written by Matt McKenna (American Dad) – will portray Bigfoot as an average guy grappling with his animal nature and the minutiae of everyday life.


That fish-out-of-water concept could potentially produce some hilarious moments, especially if Bigfoot is able to tap into the so-strange-it's-funny tone that Seth MacFarlane shows like American Dad and Family Guy have popularized. However, one can't help be reminded of another series that attempted to take hair-covered humanoids and put them in an everyday setting, namely the notorious (and short-lived) ABC series Cavemen.

That show was, of course, based on a popular series of Geico commercials and received overwhelmingly scathing reviews, only airing six episodes before it was pulled from ABC's schedule. Given that Bigfoot is an animated series (and not live-action as Cavemen was), it has the potential to find an audience if it secures a solid writing team, but it will be an uphill battle, at the very least.

Harry and the Hendersons
Perhaps the most famous Bigfoot comedy - 'Harry and the Hendersons' (1987)

Bigfoot is one of several high-profile series that FX Networks has in the works. Recently announced projects include a Fargo series starring Billy Bob Thornton and a brand-new series for Community star Donald Glover. No doubt, the company is ramping up the number of shows it orders in an effort to populate the schedule of their upcoming FXX network. Whether or not Bigfoot makes the cut, however, remains to be seen.

Based on this early information, do you think Bigfoot sounds like a worthy series for FX Networks to pursue? Sound off in the comments below.


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