'Dark Knight' Producers Making Futuristic Robin Hood Flick

Risky Business Blog has a story claiming that Warner Bros. and the producers of The Dark Knight and 300 are set to bring a futuristic take on the legend of Robin Hood to the big screen. This new comes close on the heels of Universal and Ridley Scott's cinematic re-imagining of the classic Robin Hood tale, which stars Russell Crowe and is due out next summer.

Who knew that Robin Hood would be making such a big comeback in the new millennium?

The yet-untitled "Future Robin Hood" will apparently be a "futuristic action adventure" set in a dystopian London where a band of thieves seek to restore hope to the downtrodden populace through the classic Robin Hood practice of taking from the Rich (and/or powerful) and giving to the poor.

Signed-on to helm the film is TV commercial director Nicolai Fuglsig, who originally wowed producers at Atlas Entertainment (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) and Hollywood Gang while pitching his concept for the film. Said Atlas producer Charles Roven:

"His stunning visual presentation blew me away...He has a very clear vision for the film, one that will re-invent and modernize a classic story."

Of course it's easy to impress producers when you're already in bed with them: Fuglsig is currently developing another project called Bleederback with Atlas.

So we come to the inevitable question: how much Robin Hood is TOO much? Ridley Scott's movie will barely be out of our memories before we are expected to shell out more dollars to see - what seems to be at this early stage - essentially the same story, just set in two different epochs. I experienced something similar when I rented Highlander and Highlander II at the same time - and let me just tell you, that is an experience I could happily forget. Highlander II... (Shudders).

What do you think: does hearing this news about "Future Robin Hood" make you want to scream "Too Soon!" Or are you interested in seeing two different interpretations of the character?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter via Coming Soon

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