• The unprecedented partnership between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures is over... 1 / 8

    Tom Holland As Peter Parker In Spider-Man Far From Home
  • But will future Spider-Man films be part of the MCU? 2 / 8

  • Tom Holland and director Jon Watts are reportedly signed up for two more films. 3 / 8

    Iron Man Glasses in Spider-Man Far From Home Vertical
  • That means Sony could either choose to carry out a soft reboot... 4 / 8

    Spider-Man Far From Home Iron Man Poster Vertical
  • Or instead continue the story of Spider-Man: Far From Home... 5 / 8

    Spider-Man Far From Home MJ Zendaya Vertical
  • Absent any explicit references to the MCU. 6 / 8

    Vertical Spider-Man Endgame
  • But how long would it be before Spider-Man and the MCU contradicted one another? 7 / 8

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