Future Man’s Tiger Plays Multiple Versions of Herself in Season 2

Exclusive: Hulu's Future Man introduces different versions of Eliza Coupe's resistance fighter character Tiger in the show's second season.

Eliza Coupe in Future Man

WARNING: Spoilers for Season 1 of Future Man

Eliza Coupe's character Tiger in season 2 of Hulu's Future Man will play multiple versions of herself. After failing to save the future at the end of season 1, Future Man's main trio will square off against brand new future-based threats - all of which are a result of their misguided actions.

In season 2 of Future Man, Josh (Josh Hutcherson), Tiger, and Wolf (Derek Wilson) are introduced to a wholly unfamiliar future. And, while the events of season 1 had them attempting to save the world as a team, season 2 tears them apart. They're individually confronted with a landscape inspired by post-apocalyptic films like Mad Max and Waterworld in which society is divided into two factions. Whether or not they can right their catastrophic wrongs depends on how well they can navigate through this new world . Now, after discovering that she is actually a biotic at the end of season 1 - robots who just so happen to be the reason she embarked on the show's mission in the first place - it turns out that Tiger will literally be more than meets the eye in the show's season 2 premiere on January 11.

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During New York Comic Con 2018, we spoke with Coupe about returning to Future Man and how the revelation of Tiger's newfound biotic identity will affect her character. As it so happens, Tiger will be far more complicated than fans might be expecting, considering that there will be more than one version of Tiger in the second season. After revealing that she gets to play multiple versions of herself, she jokingly added, "I got my entire career started with a one-person show, so I really like myself and all the people in my f***in' head." 

Eliza Coupe and Josh Hutcherson in Future Man

On top of playing multiple versions of herself in the second season, Tiger's solo mission will have her joining one of the show's two factions, known as The Mons (which Hutcherson refers to as "the haves," compared to The NAG, which he refers to as "the have nots"). However, whether or not her new identity - as well as her new multiple identities - will be an advantage or disadvantage remains to be seen.

Future Man isn't necessarily a spoof of films that deal with time travel (despite season 1 borrowing several thematic cues from films like The Terminator and Back to the Future), but it's still very much hardwired to channel some nostalgic flair. That said, the series is no doubt treading new territory in season 2, and the introduction of doppelgängers is just one example of how Future Man is flexing its creative muscles to introduce the unexpected.

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Season 2 of Future Man releases January 11, 2018 on Hulu.

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