Future Man Season 2 Begins with Josh Futturman Hitting Rock Bottom

Exclusive: Josh Hutcherson's lead character in the second season of Hulu's Future Man kicks things off with a significant fall from grace.

Josh Hutcherson in Future Man season 2

Despite his valiant attempts to save the future, season 2 of Future Man begins with Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson) hitting rock bottom. In its second season, Hulu's time-traveling sci-fi comedy doesn't just venture into the future, but into a future that Josh and his team aren't at all prepared for.

At the start of Future Man's second season - which premieres January 11 - it turns out that Josh's attempt to save the world (and the future) ultimately fall short despite his best efforts. Though he, Tiger (Eliza Coupe), and Wolf (Derek Wilson) went to great lengths to prevent Dr. Kronish (Keith David) from inadvertently plaguing the human race, their time meddling ultimately changed the course of the future in other unexpected ways. Now, once season 2 kicks off, fans will witness Josh hitting rock bottom before the events of the season begin to unfold.

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During New York Comic Con 2018, we spoke with Hutcherson about how his character has grown since season 1 of Future Man. And, despite being a far cry from the mostly unmotivated gamer/janitor he is at the beginning of season 1, things aren't exactly looking up for Josh once season 2 rolls around. Considering that he and his team have new dangers to face in the second season, Josh experiences a fall from grace. Hutcherson said:

"Where season 2 picks up, we find out that our plans to save the world went awry, and we ended up not saving the world like we thought we had. And Josh's fall from grace is less than graceful, and [he] kind of hits rock bottom, while Tiger and Wolf- the team kind of becomes splintered, and it's not really a cohesive unit like we kind of arrived at at the end of season 1. So, [with] my character, a lot of the drive this season is trying to get us back on the same page; trying to stay on point and trying to save the world when all Hell is- the world is going to s*** around us."

Eliza Coupe Josh Hutcherson and Derek Wilson in Future Man season 2

While the second season of Future Man will be taking the series into unexpected territory - not only to audiences, but to the characters who actually came from the future - it will also borrow some elements from a couple familiar future-based films. Hutcherson also revealed that the second season is slightly influenced by films like Mad Max and Waterworld (whereas season 1 walked a fine line between classic time travel movies like The Terminator and Back to the Future). It's unclear whether these similarities refer to the story itself or simply the second season's aesthetic.

As frustrating as it might be for the characters to deal with such a heavy defeat after all they accomplished in season 1, success was never in the cards. Not only considering the fact that Future Man is only its sophomore season, but that it's a comedy - these are essentially recipes for disaster when it comes to how much relief a character is allowed to earn. And, as much as fans might be rooting for Futturman, Future Man wouldn't allow quite as much over-the-top comedy if its characters weren't indefinitely at the end of their ropes.

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Season 2 of Future Man releases January 11, 2019 on Hulu.

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