Futurama: 10 Storylines That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

These Futurama plots were emotionally intense, unafraid to take risks, and capable of evoking so much out of their viewers.

Futurama is perhaps one of the most loved series out there. At least, if the number of times it has been brought back by its fans is anything to go by. The series has a huge litany of amazing episodes. But this isn't a typical top ten list.

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No, instead, we're going to talk about Futurama, and some of the groundbreaking plots the series has had over it's run (which never felt long enough). These plots were emotionally intense, unafraid to take risks, and capable of evoking so much out of their viewers. Here are our favorite ten plots, based on how impressive and groundbreaking they are. We hope you enjoyed this list as much as we do.

10 A Big Piece of Garbage

First up on our list is an episode from the first season. 'A Big Piece of Garbage' was a plot revolving around exactly that – a piece of garbage hurtling towards earth (specifically, New New York City).

It was to be a destruction of humanity's own making. And thus was both very gross and highly ironic. This whole plot proved how insightful Futurama's creators were when it comes to the way humans behave. And in what we're very likely bound to do, all things considered.

9 Hell is Other Robots

Another episode from the first season is 'Hell is Other Robots.' This plot revolved around the one and only Bender. And his many addictions. In this episode, Bender finds both a new addiction and religion all back to back.

Naturally, that means Bender has only succeeded in opening a bigger can of worms for himself. This whole plot arc was oddly human, given how it is focused on a robot. It covers a lot of real-world subjects...and okay, it also shows a comical side of robot hell. And lots of singing.

8 The Sting

'The Sting' was one of many times the series went for the emotional gut punch. In this plot, the Planet Express Crew is sent on a dangerous mission, of which Leela happily throws herself into (in order to prove that they're better than the deceased crew).

The mission lives up to its name, with both Fry and Leela getting injured in the process. But what follows is confusing, emotional, and so powerful. This was simply one of those episodes that shocked the fans – all while pushing forward the relationships within the show.

7 The Why of Fry

'The Why of Fry' is another episode that makes this list. This episode went a long way in explaining everything that has happened so far – why Fry ended up getting frozen, and how that particular building stayed safe for so long.

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It also really pushed Fry's character to the limit, forcing him to make some decisions that he was likely not prepared for. And thus proving how much Fry has grown during this time. And all while showing off the best attributes in humanity – even those we frequently overlook.

6 The Luck of the Fryrish

'The Luck of the Fryrish' is one of those episodes that hits anybody with siblings. This plot starts off sort of silly and fun, but then takes a deep dive into Fry's past. And more importantly, into the family he left behind when he was frozen.

This episode was a poignant reminder in just how humane Fry is. It featured him at his worst, but also at his best. And it did so while reminding us that people from his time truly did love him, and thus missed him. Especially his big brother, Yancy. It was an episode that surprised us by its depth. And it was especially emotional to anybody who has ever had to experience the complex emotions that come with having siblings.

5 The Late Philip J. Fry

'The Late Philip J. Fry' is one of several episodes featuring time travel within the series. It takes a deep dive into the theories behind it all – and it doesn't hesitate to touch on some difficult concepts along the way.

In this episode, Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth find themselves being flung far into the future. Once again, forcing Fry to leave behind everyone he knows and loves. What follows is both comical and emotional, proving that the series was fully capable of finding that perfect balance.

4 Meanwhile

'Meanwhile' is the final episode for the entire Futurama run. And the real finale, as no further episodes have been added after this point. It was the ending the characters deserved. And it was the ending all fans needed to see.

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In this episode, Fry and Leela are left on their own, with the rest of the world frozen around them. It's a compelling plot, one that gives fans the romance we've all been waiting for. But it does so while proving that these two would be more than content to be alone in the entire world. And that they'd do it all again.

3 Jurassic Bark

'Jurassic Bark' is one of those episodes that'll leave not a dry eye in the room. In this episode, Fry finds his dog, Seymour, in a museum. Since Seymour's DNA was intact, Farnsworth offered to bring him back.

But then Fry had a very adult realization – that Seymour had lived an entire life without him, and that it wouldn't be fair. Little did he know that Seymour spent the rest of his life waiting for Fry to come home (not counting the alterations made during the Bender's Big Score, that is). This episode speaks of love and loss. Not to mention the loyalty of man's best friend. And it makes many a fan cry like a baby.

2 Time Keeps On Slipping

'Time Keeps On Slipping' is another one of those episodes that proves that Futurama can blend heavy science fiction elements with character-driven plots. In this episode, the Globetrotter's make a famous cameo. And what follows is pure time shenanigans.

It is also the tale of how Fry and Leela ended up together – only to not remember how or why they fell in love, thus ultimately separating once again. The fine balance of science fiction, drama, and humor in this episode must be appreciated.

1 Parasites Lost

'Parasites Lost' is the final episode on our list. And it's another emotionally powerful and moving episode. In this episode, Fry was once again forced to make a tough decision.

In this case, he realized that he wanted to be loved for who he is, as opposed to any of the alternatives (such as being loved for what his parasites made him into).

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