The Ultimate Futurama Gift Guide

Futurama rose above the shadow of Simpsons to become a sci-fi comedy classic TV show from Matt Groening. Fans need to check out this gift guide!

There aren't many TV shows like Futurama. Matt Groening's sci-fi comedy takes place hundreds of years in the future. It follows Phillip J. Fry, an everyman who gets frozen all that time and comes out to a new world and a new group of friends. With him working for a crazy professor, insane antics ensue complete with Groening's more humorous writing.

With several seasons to enjoy and a heartwarming story beneath all the jokes, Futurama has a lot of reasons to become a fan. With so many people in love with this older show, there are so many gifts that they would enjoy.



The green ship from Planet Express is iconic to Futurama. It was the ship that Fry and his friends would use to go on certain deliveries across the universe. It's also a ship that raised some safety concerns. That beloved ship has a gorgeous statue in the form of this Planet Express ship model.

The model is sitting on a nice stand with the Planet Express logo on the bottom. As expected, the details are very accurate, providing a nice collectible for Futurama fans. It's also contained in a retro, colorful box that captures the tone and style of the show.



For people that are into Futurama, the complete series would make for an excellent gift. Fans can watch the entire series, from the moment that Fry enters the future to the point where the series end (we won't describe it for spoilers' sake).

All of the seasons are contained in an impressive-looking box featuring art of the characters. The set certainly has a premium feel to it, which could make it a worthy gift even for people who already have a few seasons to boot. That said, it's worth noting that this collection only comes in DVD format, so don't expect any HD upgrades.



Mega Construx has taken some interesting licenses to create building kits. They've done numerous Pokemon characters, but they've done Futurama characters as well. In the Mega Construx Bender set, people will be able to build a miniature version of Bender.

The set doesn't try to make Bender to scale, but it's still a nice result nonetheless. The gray pieces are colored a bit differently to better represent the older metal on Bender. He is also given a bar that is "bent" to represent what he was built to do in the show. There are also special pieces for his eyes and mouth.



Every Futurama fan knows that when Professor Farnsworth walks into a room and yells, "Good news, everyone!", things are about to get hectic. With the phrase being so popular in the show, it only makes sense that it would inspire its own mug.

The mug features a design of Professor Farnsworth with his beloved phrase above. The mug is also both black and white. The outside with the design is white, but the inside and handle are black. It gives the mug some nice visual variation. However, it's the Professor and his catchphrase that is going to hit home with fans.



Zapp Brannigan was a famous space captain at the start of Futurama. People knew him for his great deeds in service of the galaxy. However, it wasn't long before the Planet Express crew discovered he was just a lazy coward.

Nonetheless, Zapp became an egotistical, recurring character in the series, always causing trouble wherever he showed up. His attitude is well-represented with this Funko Pop! figure. Zapp is wearing his space captain suit, and his eyes are half shut, showing that self-loving look he usually has on his face. He might be a pain, but that's precisely why people love him.



Phillip J. Fry is the main character of Futurama. He lived in the present day as a pizza delivery boy, but after being frozen for hundreds of years, came to the future. The show primarily deals with him not only learning how the future works, but also figuring out his place in this new world.

This Funko Pop! figure gives Fry a chance to shine on a display shelf. Capturing his messy hair, long nose, and scrawny posture, this is one of the best Fry figures out there. It doesn't quite capture his lackadaisical attitude, but it's a nice figure nonetheless.



In Futurama, viewers get to see the TV shows of the future. While there are many things that most people would expect, there is one that still baffles them to this day. Hypnotoad is a show in Futurama that depicts a toad with swirly eyes and that's it.

It's a weird show, but the jokes made from it caused it to become endearing to the fans. Futurama fans can now have their own Hypnotoad with this figure. It's a good size and has different pupils on its eyes, simulating how it moved in the show. This figure is a way for fans to have their own Hypnotoad without getting hypnotized.



Yahtzee is a simple game where players will try their luck in getting high scores with certain dice rolls. Much like Monopoly, Yahtzee has received several different versions pertaining to pop culture franchises. One such franchise is Futurama. In the Yahtzee: Futurama Collector's Edition, players will be rolling their dice in a replica of Bender's head. The dice themselves are designed to feature the cast from the show as well.

Apart from that, the game plays the same, ensuring that anyone will be able to jump in and have a good time. Let's just hope that none of your friends would play like Bender.



While Futurama is one of Matt Groening's most popular shows, it isn't the only one he is responsible for. He created another little show called The Simpsons. While the two shows crossed over on television, they got more time with The Simpsons Futurama: Crossover Crisis book.

In this book, the characters from both shows are thrown together in the same place. It seems outlandish that all those characters from the future could make it to Springfield, but the book has an outlandish explanation for everything. Fans of Futurama are sure to enjoy reading through this.



Futurama and philosophy don't go quite hand in hand, but that's precisely what makes Futurama and Philosophy: Pizza, Paradoxes, and Good News! such a great read for fans. While the title indicates that the book will be purely ridiculous (and it is), it also deals with certain philosophical ideas, treating animation as an art form.

Leave it to a book about Futurama to be both funny yet strangely accurate regarding how society functions. This is the kind of book that Futurama fans should add to their collection, as it's worth a read for its title alone, and that is good news.

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