25 Futurama Deleted Scenes That Were Too Much For TV

Not every scene animated for Futurama made it to TV, so here are 25 deleted scenes that were left on the cutting room floor. The series came from Matt Groening in the late 1990s and quickly became one of the more popular cartoons around. Following a pizza delivery man Phillip J. Fry (Billy West) who is accidentally frozen and wakes up almost one thousand years in the future, Futurama explores the adventures he would go on with a band of characters: Leela, Hermes, Bender, Amy, and Zoidberg.

Throughout the course of Futurama's four seasons on Fox, the show was not afraid to try new things. Unfortunately, those four seasons were all that would come at Fox, but Futurama did find new life at Cartoon Network. Three additional seasons were made to further the wild adventures of Fry and his friends, as well as wrap them up. Both eras of the series have their fans, and not too much changed under the different networks.

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In Screen Rant's newest video, we take a look back at the seven-year run of Futurama, but not to focus on what was actually shown. Instead, we discuss 25 deleted scenes from the series that never made it onto TV, even though the reason for their removal is not known. Check out all of these scenes in the video featured at the top of the post.

These deleted scenes still maintain the tone of Futurama and can be enjoyed by fans of the show, but were likely viewed as being inconsequential to the larger story of the episode or season and cut as a result. That said, they do still give fans some further insight into what may have happened in certain moments. After all, what fans don't want to learn about Bender's interest in adult entertainment, or hear a joke about Robot Hell freezing over, or even learn that whales developed a taste for humans?

Over the course of seven seasons and 140 episodes, though, there are bound to be more scenes left on the cutting room floor than just these 25. Scenes are removed from episodes all the time, and it can even happen more than once per episode. We've only just scratched the surface of deleted scenes that never were included in the episodes, but that doesn't mean that every scene removed from an episode will be discovered or revealed. Thankfully, fans can at least enjoy these Futurama deleted scenes in the meantime.

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