10 Dark Futurama Fan Theories That Change Everything

Even though Futurama is done, fans of the animated series are still coming up with crazy theories about the show. Created by Matt Groening in the late 90s, Futurama made its TV debut on Fox in 1999. The show gained a following quickly thanks to the out-of-this-world stories, comedy, and characters. Despite the solid start, Fox cancelled Futurama after four seasons, allowing for Comedy Central to pick up the rights and let the series return for three more seasons before the official series finale.

Futurama follows Phillip J. Fry (Billy West), a pizza delivery man who accidentally falls into a cryogenic pod at the beginning of 2000 and awakens on New Year's Eve 2999. He meets his only remaining descendent Professor Hubert Farnsworth and begins working for Planet Express Ship, where he meets the other stars of the series Leela, Hermes, Bender, Amy, and Zoidberg. Fans of the series experiences many crazy adventures with the crew, but Futurama is done, fan theories have continued to possibly change how you'll see the show.

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Screen Rant's latest video (featured in the space below) takes a look at 10 Futurama fan theories that can totally change the way fans will view the series next time they watch it. There's some smaller ones connecting character relationships, such as the true reason behind Zapp and Kif's relationship. But, there's also the larger theories that connect back to the beginning of the series - and even some possible Illuminati subliminal messaging.

One of these theories argues that almost the entirety of Futurama never actually happened. Professor Farnsworth introduced his fellow Futurama characters and fans to his invention the What If Machine back in season 2 and could be the key to everything that happens afterwards. The machine allows people to see what would happen to them if they make certain life choices, and the theory argues that from this point on, every episode is actually Farnsworth (or another Futurama character perhaps) seeing their possible futures.

This is, however, just one theory of many discussed in the video, and even our video just scratches the surface of all the fan theories that have popped up. Since there is no indication that Futurama will get another revival at this point, rewatching the series and forming theories is all that is left for fans. There is Groening's Netflix series Disenchantment that does take place in the same universe as Futurama, but it is unclear if they'll ever cross over in a larger capacity than what has been done already. If they do, then Disenchantment could be the source of even more Futurama theories in the future.

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