Futurama Characters By Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Futurama might not be on the air anymore, but that doesn't mean it's still not an extremely popular show. The reason for that popularity is probably a combination of things, from the humor to the animation style to the fact that it's set in the distant future. But the characters themselves probably contribute a good deal to why people watch the show. We certainly love the crazy cast of the animated adventures, so we went over to the Myers-Briggs® website to see which personality types fit them best. Light a cigar and pour yourself a Slurm, here comes the Futurama characters by Myers-Briggs® personality type.

10 Nibbler - ISFP

The most adorable character on Futurama, and maybe the most adorable character ever created by Matt Groening (sorry, Maggie), is actually a highly intelligent, compassionate extraterrestrial. Nibbler is from a race of guardian beings, who strive for harmony amongst worlds and thriving civilizations. ISFPs are that way, although maybe not on a universal scale. They are extremely empathetic toward others and wish to see their loved ones doing their best. Plus, ISFPs have a strong sense of morality and care for the natural world, which is definitely true of Nibbler. Except for that one time he ate an entire zoo...

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9 Robot Devil - INTP

The real Devil has nothing on the charming, musically-gifted Robot Devil of the Futurama world. The Robot Devil, or Beelzebot, is a classic Silver Age supervillain, complete with complex plots and a maniacal way of laughing. The laughing part is only a trait of some INTPs, but the ability to come up with a complex plan is something almost all of them share. Because of this, INTPs appreciate their autonomy; they need to be able to devise their schemes without deadlines or expectations from an authority. Just like the Robot Devil, you’ll find many INTPs in business for themselves. That is, if you consider running a Robot Hell a business...

8 Zapp Brannigan - ENFJ

Zapp Brannigan is, unfortunately, the type of person that others innately trust. He gives off charm and a false sense of confidence, which can motivate those unfamiliar with him to follow him. Of course, anyone who actually knows Zapp knows what an incompetent buffoon he is, but that doesn’t have an effect on Zapp's career prospects. That could be because ENFJs can work with a lot of people at the same time, preferring to be impersonal motivators of many instead of intimate team leaders. What’s sad is that, though it might not be as obvious as it is with Zapp, there are plenty of real leaders just like him. Incompetent, cowardly, but also able to rouse a crowd. Sorry,  ENFJs, no offense.

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7 Hermes Conrad - ISTJ

For all the insanity he deals with on a daily basis, Planet Express’s accountant is pretty well adjusted. We think that’s because, like any ISTJ, Hermes is grounded in reality. He approaches things realistically and responsibly, keeping track of everything that happens in the company. And especially how much it costs. Hermes is thorough and sensible like other ISTJs — it's part of the reason he’s such a high-ranking bureaucrat in the Futurama world. In fact, ISTJs in our world are drawn to bureaucratic jobs themselves. Don’t hold it against them though.

6 Amy Wong - ESTJ

Just like Amy Wong, you could classify the personality type of ESTJs as socially conscious. They’re the popular kids in high school, whether nice or mean. They keep up with what’s cool and put a high value on their social status. They’re also usually outspoken and assertive, but if they think something would change how people view them, they might keep it to themselves. Amy Wong fits this description pretty accurately we think, so we decided this spot should go to her. Although to be fair, Robot Devil might have been a popular kid as well. You never know.

5 Zoidberg - INFJ

INFJs have a tendency to overreact to any situation. Just like their Futurama representative, Dr . Zoidberg, they can be extremely sensitive and emotionally frail. Zoidberg takes offense at the smallest of slights and seems to constantly seek validation from his peers. But Zoidberg’s sensitivity isn’t always such a bad thing. He finds beauty in things that other, less sensitive members of the team miss. Things like the taste of sardines, the smell of trash, the glamour of... You know what, those are actually pretty terrible things.

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4 Professor Farnsworth - ISTP

ISTPs look at the world analytically, collecting data, and putting it together to come to the truth. So, it only makes sense that Futurama’s brightest scientific mind, Hubert J. Farnsworth, would get this title. The professor is detached like ISTPs can be, treating other humans (or robots or aliens or whatever), like gears in a machine. They are also drawn to managerial roles, totally befitting the unreliable owner of Planet Express. Finally, you’ll usually find that ISTPs are the most introverted of the introvert personality types, and if you watch the show, you know Professor Farnsworth is an extreme introvert. Among other things.

3 Leela - ISTP

Leela is the captain of the Planet Express ship because, in many ways, she is the only competent person on the Planet Express ship. Where the other crew members display their laziness or downright stupidity, Leela is always showing off her skill and intellect in dangerous situations. ISTPs like Leela shine for their talents. Their no-nonsense, direct ways of approaching a problem tend to single them out to leadership, and even Professor Farnsworth sees just how valuable Leela is. ITSPs are marked by their skills, and Leela’s mastery of piloting and martial arts mean there’s no one better to lead the Planet Express adventures.

Actually, there’s just no one else to lead the Planet Express adventures.

2 Bender - ENTP

ENTPs are opportunists. Hustlers, if you will. Usually, they’re not as selfish as Bender, but jumping on opportunities is a characteristic they both share. Bender’s also an “idea guy,” as his fellow ENTPs. His mind is always working on a way to make something come out to his advantage. ENTPs are also social butterflies, comfortable at parties and even energized by exciting group activities. That’s obviously everyone’s favorite robot alcoholic, who it seems is always trying to start some group debauchery. Remember the blackjack and hookers quote? Maybe (hopefully) not every ENTP would say that, but it’s an ENTP thing to say.

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1 Philip J. Fry - ENFP

Fry is an independent, confident individual who doesn’t give a darn what others think. Of course, he should rightfully not be any of those things. He needs help more than he admits, thy confidence is unearned, and he really should listen to people more. But that wouldn’t stop an ENFP of Fry’s intelligence.

ENFPs are true free spirits. They go where the wind takes them, with a zest for life and a winning sense of self-assurance. Usually, that self-assurance comes with some sort of talent, but we have to hand it to Fry for believing in himself when, well, he has no reason to. All bashing aside, Fry tries not to let that self-confidence hurt his loved ones. In true ENFP fashion, Fry is committed to a group that he finds meaning in. That group, of course, are his friends.

Who's your favorite Futurama character, and which Myers-Briggs® personality type would you give them? Let us know in the comments section below!

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