Futurama Season 6 Finale Marks Milestone 100th Episode

Futurama 100th Episode

Earlier this summer, Matt Groening's brilliant animated series Futurama began showing new episodes on Comedy Central. It was a milestone occasion for fans of the show who had been waiting for new episodes since 2003 (not including the four straight-to-DVD movies from 2007 to 2009). Now, Futurama is celebrating its own milestone with the premiere of its 100th episode.

Getting to 100 episodes is an achievement for any show, let alone one that's gone through as many ups and downs as Futurama. That's why I'm excited for the show's Season 6 finale. In typical Futurama fashion, it combines social satire and poignant character observations within a traditional sci-fi narrative.

Check out a synopsis of the episode below as well as a picture of Bender partying down. Click the image for a high-res version.

"In this landmark episode, titled "The Mutants are Revolting," the Planet Express Crew has been hired to make their 100th delivery and Bender begins planning the party of the millennium. Meanwhile, however, the rest of the crew attends a fundraiser where Fry accidentally outs Leela as a mutant who is illegally living above ground. For that, she is banished to the sewers where her fellow mutants reside in futuristic squalor. Feeling guilty about his slip-up, Fry and the rest of the gang – along with the mutated members of Devo – join Leela in an epic mutant revolution against the surface dwellers."


Futurama 100th Episode - Season 6 Finale


I'm a huge fan of The Simpsons, particularly seasons 3 through 10, but there's a special place in my heart for Futurama. I was incredibly excited to hear that the show was coming back and, while it has stumbled at times this season, I feel like the most recent episodes have been among the show's best ever.

I think one of the main reasons I enjoy the show so much is the clever writing. For instance, in a recent episode this season, the plot revolved around characters switching bodies. Rather than simply writing out a resolution in which all of the characters ended up in the right bodies at the end, Futurama writer Ken Keeler actually invented a mathematical theorem to explain the conclusion of the plot. You can't get much smarter than that.

Futurama's 100th episode and season six finale premieres on Thursday, September 2nd at 10:00 P.M. EST on Comedy Central.

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