Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: April 26, 2015

Jason Statham in Furious 7

It was yet another victory lap for Dom Toretto at the box office this week, taking advantage of the minuscule competition.

Once more, Furious 7 is the top film of the weekend, grossing $18.2 million this weekend to increase its domestic total to $320.5 million. At this point, there's nothing left to say about the impressive, record-breaking performance of the latest installment in this popular action franchise. It keeps posting great numbers and its business and reception has more than warranted a sequel - which already has a release date. We'll be spending a lot more time with this "family" for the foreseeable future.

Coming in second again is Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, which made $15.5 million in its second weekend. The comedy sequel is now at $43.9 million domestically, which is a big drop-off from where the 2009 original was at the same point in its release ($64.9 million). This film is going to be somewhat profitable thanks to its international grosses, but it's apparent that interest in this brand is fairly low.

One of this week's few wide releases, The Age of Adaline (read our review), comes in third with $13.3 million during its first three days. Due to its limited marketing campaign and mixed critical response, this film never was expected to be much of a hit, so this is a nice haul for a smaller flick to have. It will be interesting to see how well it holds in the coming weeks as the onslaught of summer movies reaches theaters. Yes, Adaline could emerge as a counter-programming option, but without many bankable names behind it (and the so-so reviews), it may be difficult for it to maintain its standing.

The #4 film for the week is Home. The latest from DreamWorks Animation added $8.3 million to its domestic total, which is now at $153.7 million.

Rounding out the top five this weekend is Unfriended. The horror film is now at $25.1 million domestically, after making $6.2 million this weekend. Despite having a generally positive critical reception, the movie could not hold on to audiences, as this second weekend drop-off was 60.6 percent. This obviously is not going to be the next big crossover genre sensation.

Expanding nationwide helped Ex Machina (read our review) come in at #6 this week. The sci-fi drama added 1,216 theaters to its location count and made $5.4 million during its first week of wide play. Those numbers aren't exactly anything to write home about, but for an indie flick such as this, it's a nice total to have. The heady, acclaimed work is now at $6.9 million domestically. As the blockbusters start heading in, Ex Machina may get lost in the shuffle, but it should be a decent player for the next couple of weeks.

In at #7 is The Longest Ride. The Nicholas Sparks adaptation made $4.3 million in its third weekend to up its domestic total to $30.3 million.

Get Hard Movie Poster

The #8 film for the week is Get Hard. The film is now at $84 million after posting $3.9 million over the weekend. It may not have been the next comedy classic, critically speaking, but it has been a nice commercial performance for stars Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell. With a worldwide total of $99.7 million, Get Hard has more than doubled its production costs.

Monkey Kingdom is the #9 film with $3.5 million. The nature documentary is now at $10.2 million domestically.

Finishing out the top ten is The Woman in Gold. The film increased its domestic total to $21.6 million after it grossed $3.5 million this past weekend.

[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released on Monday, April 27 - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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