10 Hysterical Supernatural Logic Memes Only True Fans Understand

Saying goodbye to Supernatural at the end of this next and final season will be difficult for most fans. The ride so far has been a thrilling one, but it hasn't always been a logical journey. Dean and Sam Winchester, Castiel and the rest of the gang may fight a good fight, but they often fail to make any sense, especially within the parameters set within the show itself.

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Whether it was an irrational fear, a gaping plot hole or simply one of the many times Moose and Squirrel just defy logic, there are plenty of Internet memes that hardcore fans of the show use to affectionately and hilariously express how ludicrous the CW show can be.

10 Sam Is Scared Of Clowns

In Supernatural's "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie," not only do we learn that Sam Winchester, hunter extraordinaire who has been facing ghoulies and beasties his whole life, is scared of clowns, but we also come face to face with an actual clown that wipes out parents.

It's illogical at best, since Sam has faced every real monster in the book and lived to tell the tale. How is he possibly scared of clowns, and how is this possibly only surfacing now? As many communities the brothers have worked in across the country over the years, they were bound to have run into more than just one carnival.

9 Dean Always Looks So Good

In the same vein that women often have perfectly shaved legs and armpits in medieval dramas like Game of Thrones, Dean Winchester maintains perfect hair, perfect bad boy clothes and a perfect smolder most of the time on Supernatural. Sure, he gets beat to a pulp every now and then, ending in a gory mess, but during the majority of his battles his hair never falls out of place. The dude even looked good in purgatory, for Pete's sake.

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This makes absolutely no logic, since he should be a sweaty mess after many of the hunts he's been on, particularly after going rounds with multiple demons and other grueling battles.

8 Adam Who?

Sam and Dean have given their lives for one another time and time again, because that's what brothers do... unless it's for a brother whom you don't know very well, whom your father not only secretly hid from you his whole life, but also was allowed to live a normal, hunting-free life until he was trapped in the pit with Michael and the devil.

Complicated has always been a good word to describe Winchester family history, but the fact that these two just shrugged their shoulders and went on their merry way without ever even attempting to free Adam from the pit just blows our minds.

7 Castiel Is At Their Beck And Call

When it comes to our favorite angel Castiel, dramatic irony is never in short supply. He often says the exact opposite of what the situation is without even meaning to be funny, as he does in this meme where he insists that he doesn't serve humankind, least of all the Winchesters.

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Sure, the sandwich is funny, but in reality Cas is constantly serving the brothers, particularly Dean. He comes when called like a puppy more often than not, and as much as we love to speculate about what that means between them, the fact remains that Cas has defied Heaven for the Winchesters multiple times over the course of the show.

6 Dean For President?

It's so ironic that Dean Winchester gets to teach Castiel all about being human, since he's never had a normal human existence in his life. A hunter certainly doesn't get to taste what it truly means to be normal, even for a year, as we've seen over and over again.

But Dean's insistence that lying is the way to obtain all goals, including becoming president, is also illogical since he gets into trouble for lying a lot and instead of being president, he's a broke hunter who has to rely on fake accounts while he does the dirty work to keep the world safe from monsters.

5 It's Such A Fun Show

Fans of Supernatural are always trying to sell the fandom onto other horror, sci-fi and fantasy geeks who have yet to watch an episode, and one of the selling points is just how fun the show is. It's full of humor, fantastic monsters and folklore, which is how most of us got hooked.

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That said, any fan who's stuck around for more than a couple of seasons knows that your heart will get broken while watching, over and over again. Cliffhangers often leave one of the brothers or Cas dead, we lose people we care about (sometimes multiple times) and nobody can ever be happy for long. How is this fun? It's agony, is what it is.

4 Sammy's Intentions Were Good

This meme is hilarious for a couple of reasons. First, it represents a yearbook photo, indicating that Sam will be remembered as the kid who tried to save the world but nearly condemned it instead. Oh, Sammy. Don't you know that demon blood is bad for you?

But the logic of the meme is obviously where the joke really hits home, since Sam actually did think that drinking demon blood, following Ruby's advice over his own brother's and shacking up with said demon would all help him prevent the Apocalypse. In his efforts, he actually started it. How Sam could have ever done this still boggles many fan minds.

3 Torturing Crowley

Threatening Crowley with torture is one of the most ironically illogical things the boys could ever come up with. Crowley is a demon who has done worse to more humans, monsters and even demons than the Winchesters have done, and ever will do, in their entire time on Earth. The demon has even purchased Taylor Swift's soul. He's not afraid of anything.

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So the idea of the brothers torturing information out of him is laughable at best. Crowley's endured much more than Dean, who became an accomplished torturer during his time in Hell, or Sam, who also became a master at the skill while he had no soul, could even dream up.

2 Hunters Took Them Out

It's nearly impossible to take out Sam and Dean Winchester, but we'll get to that later. When they are temporarily wiped off this mortal coil, it's usually at the hands of something beyond their control, like hell hounds, or a certain trickster god/angel seeing how many times he can destroy Dean a la Groundhog Day.

But in season five, two hunters named Walt and Roy took the brothers down, admitting that many hunters were after them since they'd started the Apocalypse. Naturally, they didn't stay down (Joshua revived them), but the fact that other hunters were able to get the upper hand on them when so many monsters have failed makes absolutely no sense. Then there's the fact that they had to work with their murderers again in season twelve.

1 Goonies Never Say...

Sam and Dean have literally rubbed elbows with Death as well as met their violent, cruel ends many a time, but they always make their reliable return, even if it takes a year (or 40 years in Hell time) to do so. They're like Poe's black cat, always coming back to remind the world what horrors await in the dark--and to attempt to protect people from them.

While we know there can't be a show without them, it's also illogical for the boys to survive so many times while so many other hunters--many more seasoned and adept than either of them--have perished so easily.

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