10 Spider-Man And Iron Man Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Spider-Man and Iron Man are quite the pair, aren't they? With their warped father/son relationship, it's really no surprise that fans have created dozens of memes to celebrate – and tease – exactly that.Here are ten of our favorite Spider-Man and Iron Man memes. We hope you enjoy them half as much as we did!

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10 Anything?

Really Peter, how far are you willing to go to keep the suit? Probably not as far as Tom Holland – the king fanboy. Tom Holland is such a perfect fit for Peter Parker, so it’s fairly hilarious to take some of his other adventures and put them into context like this one.Though one can hope that Iron Man would never have asked Spider-Man to do something like this (the same cannot be said for Deadpool). But then again, there is an infinite number of universes out there…so somewhere…

9 Like Captain America

Ohhhh is this the REAL reason that Tony Stark asked for his Spider suit back? Because that would make a lot of sense. But seriously, who can resist a good meme that pokes fun at the varying relationships between all of our heroes? We know we can’t.There are plenty of variations of this meme out there, but this one is our favorite. It’s perfect for both characters shown, and of course, Captain America. These sort of interactions can lead to the best moments and jokes, can’t they?

8 Finished My Homework

Okay, let’s be real here. If Tony Stark lived even a tiny bit closer to Peter Parker – this sort of scene absolutely would have made an appearance in the MCU. There’s no doubt in our minds about that one. Peter is just so adorably fond of Tony Stark.And of course, there’s the whole quasi-father/son relationship they have going on. In short, this is another perfect meme that sums up everything there is between these two beloved characters. That just leaves us with one question; what on earth was Tom Holland doing on that plane?! Doesn’t he know we need him to be around for the next however many Spider-Man films???

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7 Don’t Do Anything I Would Do

This quote was an instant classic, as was Peter Parker’s reaction to it. We’re talking about a very fine line here; the things that Tony Stark wouldn’t do or not do. Even trying to sum up that statement is a bit unwieldy, huh?So it really was only a matter of time before somebody took one of the variations on the logic meme and blended the two together. And frankly? It’s perfect. We couldn’t have asked for more.The combination of this meme and Peter’s expression just makes the moment. More of this, please.

6 Explain This

The MCU has done an amazing job at sneaking in a ton of little easter eggs. And some eagle-eyed fan out there noticed this one potentially alarming coincidence. Apparently, at one time both Pepper Potts and Peter Parker are seen in the same shirt. Well, okay it’s absolutely not the same shirt (pretty sure they’re different sizes?) but we’ll ignore that fact for now.This meme took that realization and pushed it to the hilarious extreme. And we just love it. Are there any other funny coincidences out there that we can play around with? Because we need more like this in our lives.

5 What Is That?

Some of the best memes out there are the ones pointing out when characters have gone full circle. Here we see two different scenes, from different movies, with a shockingly similar trend. In the first, Tony Stark’s first full mission as Iron Man (before he let Rhodey in on the secret, that is). In the second set, Peter Parker as Spider-Man, on a mission he didn’t get permission for. Woops.Honestly, we could argue that this was karma for Tony Stark. But we probably don’t need to make that argument – all of us fans were already thinking it. So instead we’re just going to enjoy the irony of it all.

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4 Join The Avengers They Said

Some of the best Avengers humor out there involves Spider-Man (or any other younger team member) and the insane amount of hazing they could have theoretically gone through. Now, we know that in truth the Avengers would probably never do something like this (they have Tony’s money to pay for actual workers)…but that doesn’t make it any less fun to think about!This image is more or less everything we would have pictured, should Spider-Man have been hazed by the Avengers. The only thing it’s missing is some Hulk-sized shorts…and we’re just going to be grateful that those are out of the picture.

3 Don’t Do the Thing

This meme basically sums up the entire relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker as represented in the MCU. There’s a reason that Peter Parker caught Iron Man’s attention (and we would LOVE to hear that story someday), though Tony Stark may not have been aware of just how similar they are. Not at first, at least.Because as much as Peter may frustrate Tony, at the end of the day he’s proud of him. He truly does see a bit of himself in Peter, even if Peter doesn’t see it the same way. And ultimately, he just wants the best for him. So he’ll tell him not to do the thing up and down, but then be proud when Peter succeeds in doing just that.

2 That’s Not A Hug

Did you know that the iconic scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming was actually not scripted? Apparently, Tom Holland saw the opening, and just went for it. This resulted in one of the most endearing moments in the movies.It also left us wondering how many other times Peter Parker may have misread the situation and gone in for a hug. And it seems like we’re not the only ones wondering about this. Here we have a hilarious selection of scenes were Peter read the situation incorrectly. But at least he got a lot of hugs out of it!

1 How Did You Get Spider-Man?

And finally, our last meme of the day. This one covers how exactly Iron Man managed to convince Spider-Man to work for his side of the fight. And it’s…actually pretty heartbreaking when you think about it.We all know that money has been a constant issue in Peter Parker’s life. So seeing something like this…where a hero swooped in and saved the day? Yeah, we can totally see it happen (even if Peter would be too proud – and intelligent – to actually sell his services like this).

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