10 Funniest South Park Memes Only True Fans Understand

When it comes to these South Park memes, only true fans would be able to understand them.


South Park has become infamous for its use of profanity and dark humor. For over 22 years, the show has made a habit of using its unique brand of satire to address a wide range of relevant issues. Be it politics, society, or even religion, there is no topic that South Park won’t hesitate to cover.

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After 22 seasons, with its 23rd debuting in less than a month, the show has produced some historically funny references. Many of these references have been transformed into memes by the show’s most dedicated fanbase. Here are 10 funny South Park Memesthat only true fans of the series can understand.

10 South Park Is Not For Kids

When it comes to cartoons, most people often associate them as a source of entertainment fit for children of all ages. However, when it comes to shows like South Park, those people could not be more wrong. Even though the show's main characters are children, its content is intended strictly for mature audiences. The average episode contains death, profanity sexual content, dark humor, as well as racist and insulting comments towards specific political, social and/or religious groups. While those unfamiliar with the show may not quite grasp the full extent of its profanity, only true fans can recognize its mature brand of humor.

9 Where Can I Order some City Wok?

Despite being a “remote little mountain town”, South Park has plenty of iconic locations to visit. One such location that has grown in popularity over the years is the restaurant City Wok, which is run by Leong Yu Kim, a character known for his stereotypical Chinese accent. After 22 years, and two hit videogames, City Wok has become an important part of the show’s culture.

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However, most people are not aware of the fact that City Wok is based on a real restaurant chain of the same name. While most people see an average Chinese restaurant, only South Park fans can truly appreciate the value of visiting City Wok in real life.

8 Randy’s Poor Life Decisions

Randy Marsh, one of the show’s funniest and most eccentric characters, is well known for his habit of blowing things out of proportion. On more than one occasion, he’s often made some dumb decisions that have gotten him into some crazy situations. One of his biggest blunders was spending $10,000 to open a Blockbuster, unaware of the fact that it went out business thanks to online streaming services like Netflix. When he does not get any customers, he starts losing his sanity and tries to eliminate his family. Ultimately, he winds up getting himself frozen, while his daughter Shelly burns down the store for the insurance money.

7 Kenny Dies A Lot

One of the biggest running gags in South Park revolves around one of its main characters Kenny McCormick. While not as common today, Kenny was known for dying in every episode during the earlier seasons. In this meme, Kenny reacts poorly to a play on words that promotes the idea of killing him.

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As fans of the series know, his recurring deaths and rebirths are the result of his parents being part of a cult. This meme also shows how offended Kenny can be when his deaths are taken lightly such as during the "Superhero Saga". Even so, this does not stop fans or the show’s creators from making frequent jabs at it.

6 The Woes of Warcraft

“Make Love Not Warcraft” is regarded as one of the greatest South Park episodes of all time. The episode follows the boys as they face off against a griefer in World of Warcraft who's been killing players. When said griefer starts getting out of control, the creators of the game cannot stop him because he has “no life”. The boys take matters into their own hands and train to the point where they too no longer have “lives” to defeat him. Ultimately, the boys emerge victorious but become fat and obese in the process. Ironically, they become the very thing they were trying to destroy.

5 South Park Targets Everyone

South Park is often criticized for how it frequently uses profanity and satire to make fun of some highly sensitive subject matter. On more than one occasion, the show and its creators have found themselves facing some legal trouble due to the show's offensive content. Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have even been the targets of death threats due to episodes like "200".

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A big part of what makes South Park unique is its willingness to take risks and use satire as a means to bring attention to relevant issues. Regardless of race, religion, sexuality, as well as politics, the show does not hesitate to criticize everything and everyone.

4 Randy Marsh's Views On America

When it comes to the American way of life, no one takes it to the extreme like Randy Marsh. In the episode "The Losing Edge", Randy climbs his way through the fighting dad circuit to prove that he is the best. Several times throughout the episode, Randy gets arrested while ranting one of the series best quotes. This quote – used as a means to express outrage over a certain situation – has been the source of inspiration for a variety of hilarious memes. For South Park fans, this quote is synonymous with one of Randy’s lowest, but also one of his greatest moments in the series.

3 Good Old Tree Fiddy

Among the many quotes from South Park, “tree fiddy” is largely considered to be a classic. It was first used in the episode “The Succubus” by Chef’s father while telling one of his stories to the boys of how he met the Loch Ness monster.

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Although he tells the story in different ways, it always comes back to him being harassed by Nessy wearing different disguises to try and get three dollars and fifty cents from him, or simply “about tree fiddy”. Even though it was rarely used following “The Succubus”, most fans consider it to be one of the funniest and most recognized quotes in the series.

2 Don’t Piss Of Cartman

Eric Cartman is one of the most diabolical characters in all of television. He is crude, manipulative and just downright evil. He’s also proven that he will do anything to get what he wants. For those unfamiliar with Cartman, this might sound like a bluff. However, when he says he’ll do something, he usually means it. From turning an enemy’s parents into chilly, breaking into a secret government lab, or even going to court to force Kyle to suck his genitalia. No matter how crazy or how disgusting something may seem, he will go above and beyond to accomplish his goals. Especially if it involves making Kyle Broflovski suffer.

1 Nothing’s Worse Than Cartman With Authoritah!

If there is anything that Cartman craves more than food it is “authoritah”. When placed in positions of power, he pretty much gets everything he could ever want. From attention, fame, as well as the power to enforce his will over others. Even though he is just a kid, he is more than capable of causing some real damage. As most fans of the series know, once he has power, he will do everything he can to enforce it. From making threats to even fatally injuring people, this meme reminds us that Cartman is a tyrant who refuses to let anyone undermine him.

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