Naruto: 10 Hilarious Sasuke Memes Only True Fans Will Love

Sasuke may be a pretty serious character, but he gives us plenty of great meme material. Here are some great ones.

Naruto fans know the show is full of humor and eccentric characters. It might be one of the biggest animes in existence which means that it also has a vast library of memes. The show follows a group of kids from the Hidden Leaf Village who undergo training to become full-fledged ninjas.

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The two most important characters are, of course, Naruto Uzumaki, and his long-time rival, Sasuke Uchiha. The internet has a love/hate relationship with Sasuke, for a good reason. He has been both someone to root for on the show and a villain. Most of the time he's acting like a total jerk. Here are some hilarious Sasuke memes that fans of the show should enjoy.

10 The internet's reaction to Sasuke

As mentioned in the introduction paragraph, the internet has mixed reactions to Sasuke. What is great about this meme is it works on multiple levels. The main level is the infamous "choking Sasuke" meme that has become incredibly popular as of late. It shows various characters from all types of media "choking" Sasuke in various mash-ups.

It also works in the sense that many fans of the show don't like Sasuke, or, at the very least, are frequently frustrated with him due to his behavior and the way he treats the other beloved characters on the show like Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, and more.

9 People lining up to choke Sasuke

Again, people really don't like Sasuke! But also, this hilarious Spongebob image is yet another reference to the popular choking meme. It starts to get increasingly funny when you see people like Gordon Ramsey and Big Bird from Sesame Street all in the mash-up taking Itachi's place in one of the infamous early Naruto scenes.

If you google the choking Sasuke meme you'll be able to see an entire gallery of various meme creations people have made. The image in this picture comes from an episode of Spongebob involving a long spanking machine, you can see how it fits perfectly.

8 Mom, it's not a phase

We've all seen the jokes online about what happens when people go through their "emo phase." The thing is, for Sasuke Uchiha, it was never a phase. He was always a moody kid. That's not exactly his fault seeing as the entire Uchiha clan was brutally massacred by Itachi Uchiha.

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We find out the truth of the incident later on but for starters, all Sasuke cares about is revenge and it reflects in his appearance. You might think he'd grow out of it but as he gets older in the series it appears his "emo phase" and style is just a permanent fixture of his personality.

7 When Sasuke threatens to leave again

One of the driving plotlines of Naruto is all about Sasuke Uchiha initially leaving the Hidden Leaf Village to receive training from Orochimaru. He hopes to become more powerful so he can finally get revenge on Itachi. But he never returns. Naruto's whole mission always revolves around trying to bring Sasuke back to the village which is what this meme pokes fun at.

That and Naruto's infamous shadow clone jujitsu which he uses with extreme frequency throughout the entirety of the series. What better way to make Sasuke come back then by sending an army of Narutos after him?

6 When you're taking a test

This hilarious meme spawned from one of the early story arcs in Naruto. During the Chunin exams, the characters are forced to go through various rounds of testing and the first is a written test.

Sasuke discovers that he doesn't understand any of the questions, the moment is actually a smart one where he realizes the true nature of the test but out of context it just leads to Sasuke looking confused, but confident in his confusion. Who can't relate to feeling like that when faced with a difficult test during school?

5 When everything in your life is going wrong

This photo of Sasuke maniacally laughing is particularly relatable in many ways. When you get tons of bad news and it feels like you've hit rock bottom and think things can't get any worse until something in the universe proves you wrong, it's hard to not just laugh at the circumstances.

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It might not be the healthiest type of laughter, but it helps you realize the ridiculousness of your situation. In this image of Sasuke, he's laughing for evil purposes more so than anything else.

4 Am I joke to you?

This meme is more about Itachi than it is about Sasuke but the two pretty much go hand in hand. In regards to Sasuke and his brother, there is a lot of hatred there when the series begins. Sasuke knows that Itachi killed his clan and he wants to get revenge on his brother for that.

Except the first time Sasuke faces off with Itachi, he's not nearly strong enough to compete against Itachi and it's kind of hilarious he thought he would be at such a young age.

3 I may seem like an angry person to you

Some of the best memes are text post memes that have photographs with a text post pasted over top of them. Sasuke is one of the angriest characters in all of Naruto and with good reason, his whole family was murdered after all.

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It isn't an excuse for his later behavior but initially, you understand where he's coming from. That said, this meme is pretty funny in that many people might have a heart of gold under their angry exterior, that's not really the case where Sasuke is concerned.

2 You lack seasoning

We've talked frequently about the Sasuke choking memes in this article, so it felt right to ensure we included an example of one! Fans of the series will recognize the screenshot of Sasuke from the initial fight between Sasuke and Itachi. In this meme, Gordon Ramsey gets to go head-to-head with Sasuke because he lacks seasoning.

Anyone who watches Gordon Ramsey's reality shows knows how angry he can get when people are underperforming or when they have a messed up kitchen. Although it's unlikely that Sasuke would ever be in the kitchen, it's a funny scenario to imagine.

1 Don't worry your time will come


In this meme, another one of the text post memes, the user is poking fun at the fact everyone eventually starts to hate Sasuke. Even Sakura, who was in love with Sasuke from the beginning, at one point wanted to kill him. They wind up married but still, it goes to show that Sasuke got on everyone's bad side eventually.

His bad attitude and penchant towards murder didn't exactly win him any favors. Then you have to remember his whole plan to eradicate the Hidden Leaf Village, if people didn't hate him by them then they definitely did after.

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