15 Hilarious Thanos Vs Deadpool Memes

Marvel characters Deadpool and Thanos couldn’t be less alike – which is probably why together they make for comedy gold, as these memes prove.

Ah, the humble meme. Where would comic book movie fans be without you? Able to visually convey ideas that range from the snarkily logical to the whimsically surreal, memes seem almost custom made to allow fans of films featuring DC and Marvel Comics’ characters to laugh with (and at) each other.

Typically, these viral funnies focus on the rivalry between the DC Extended Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but not always. In the case of the recent spate of Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War gags, the heroes and villains bearing the brunt of the Internet’s collective wit are controlled by the same publishing company (if not the same production studio).

That’s partly what makes the Deadpool / Avengers memes so interesting. They’re effectively “Marvel versus Marvel” jokes. What sets the properties apart is that the adventures of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes follow Marvel Studio’s “light-hearted yet ultimately earnest”, whereas the Merc with a Mouth has so far headlined two utterly irreverent romps courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

The other thing that makes these memes so noteworthy is that Cable – Deadpool’s co-star in Deadpool 2 – is portrayed by Josh Brolin. The actor just so happens to also play Infinity War’s big bad Thanos. It’s easy to see why many of the most popular goofs have riffed on this fascinating casting factoid.

With this in mind, we’ve sifted through all the memes pitting the Mad Titan against everyone’s favorite happy-go-lucky mercenary to bring you 15 Hilarious Thanos Vs Deadpool Memes.

15 You’d Have To Be Crazy To Troll Thanos, Right?


Armed with all six Infinity Stones (or Gems, if you’re a comic reader), Thanos is virtually omnipotent, and able to re-shape reality itself with literal snap of his fingers. But even without a fully blinged-out Infinity Gauntlet at his disposal, the Mad Titan is still a tremendous force to be reckoned with. Indeed, you’d have to be downright crazy to take this balance-obsessed baddie lightly. Let alone to actively make fun of him.

That’s probably why this meme – taken from a variant cover by Carlo Barberi for the Thanos Rising mini-series – which shows Deadpool slipping a whoopee cushion onto an unsuspecting Thanos’ throne, works so well. Because as the text makes clear, only a complete and utter lunatic like Wade Wilson would even contemplate trying to troll the guy who once wiped out the half of the Marvel Universe in the blink of an eye!

Admittedly, as with so many of the things the Merc with a Mouth says and does, the look on Thanos’ face once he sat down on said cushion would undoubtedly be side-splitting. But it’s also fair to say that it’s the last thing that Deadpool – or anyone else nearby who let out so much as a giggle – would laugh at ever again.

14 Thanos Takes Over The Casting Process On Deadpool 2


During the mid-credits scene for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thanos makes a cameo appearance where he retrieves his empty Infinity Gauntlet, muttering “Fine, I’ll do it myself.” It’s a fun scene which signalled that the evil mastermind was finally going to step out of the shadows and personally chase down the Infinity Stones that had thus far eluded his underlings.

Sure, the Mad Titan’s inability to get his mitts on even one of the cosmic rocks in subsequent MCU outings drew plenty of ridicule (and spawned more than a few memes of its own). Nevertheless, it did serve to temporarily boost anticipation for the then years away Avengers: Infinity War, as well as further raising the profile of the franchise’s uber villain, too.

That's nice of Thanos, look at him being all help. 

It’s also a moment that’s served as inspiration for this meme, which gives Thanos credit for something he supposedly did do, rather than mocking him for something he didn’t. According to the meme, after 20th Century Fox couldn’t find someone to strap-on Cable’s cybernetic arm in Deadpool 2, the Mad Titan decided to cast himself in the role!

It’s a clever wink at that the fact that Josh Brolin portrays both characters, and deserves extra plaudits for how seamlessly it integrates the “do it myself” line from Age of Ultron, too.

13 Everybody “Likes” Deadpool More Than Thanos

Like it or loathe it, social media plays a huge part in nearly all of our lives – and that includes superheroes and villains. While we’re sure that Deadpool would be thrilled to know that he’s racked up 13, 579 Likes on Instagram, we’re just as certain that Thanos wouldn’t care that he’s only amassed a comparatively meagre 2,468.

But who knows? Maybe the Mad Titan would be as sullen by the news as he appears in this meme, especially given just how over-the-top with joy the Merc with a Mouth is at the result. Note to Deadpool, if you show up an intergalactic despot at anything – even something as trivial as a popularity contest – maybe don’t celebrate too flamboyantly?

All this said, we think the idea of Deadpool edging out Thanos on the likes front raises another, more distressing question. Namely, who are the 2,468 people who liked him to begin with? Seriously, he’s a galaxy-ravaging warlord with the blood of millions on his hands. What exactly is there to like here?

We could understand if Thanos’ loyal band of goons, the Black Order – or Children of Thanos, as moviegoers will know them – showed their boss a bit of love. All the same, that only accounts for a measley four Likes – which still leaves 2,464 Likes presumably made by the public. Frankly, if we were Thanos, we’d be pretty chuffed with those figures, all things considered.

12 And That’s Why You Don’t Leave The Infinity Gauntlet Lying Around

A gem-encrusted Infinity Gauntlet is perhaps the deadliest weapon in the universe – so it stands to reason that you should never leave it unattended. After all, if the power to manipulate the very fabric of reality itself were to fall into the wrong hands (or “hand”, at any rate), the entire universe itself would be in danger

Apparently, Thanos never received this memo – at least, if this meme is to be believed. The Mad Titan seems to have carelessly allowed his prized glove to be pilfered, and the prospect of the thief responsible possessing the Infinity Stones is a less than reassuring one.

Thanos needs to be a little responsible. 

See, it wasn’t someone inherently responsible like Captain America, pragmatic like Iron Man or noble like Thor who nabbed the Infinity Gauntlet, heroes you might actually trust not to use it. Instead, it turns out that none other than Deadpool is the guilty party here. The idea of the Merc with a Mouth having access to such unfettered power is flat-out terrifying.

Just look at him in this picture, does he Wade Wilson look like someone who would use the Gauntlet to try to right the wrongs of the world, or (more wisely), just plain destroying the thing so that no one can put it to use, for good or ill. We can’t know for sure what his next act will be, but we’re not expecting great (or even well thought out) things here.

11 Thanos Bears The Brunt Of A Deadpool Dare


Much like Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy, most of us can’t stand being labelled a chicken. While most superheroes are above such juvenile concerns, this meme makes it clear that Cable isn’t one of them. Why else would the time-travelling mutant have accepted a dare from his Deadpool 2 co-star to steal the Infinity Gauntlet out from under Thanos’ nose?

It goes without saying that this is a wildly dangerous proposition. It’s the kind of challenge only Wade Wilson would goad someone into accepting. Even for a cybernetic soldier from the future, failure to procure the glove and elude its owner spells certain doom.

Yet as the meme shows, Cable proved himself up to the task, proudly displaying the captured handwear overhead upon returning from his “mission” alive and unharmed. Of course, this is yet another meme that capitalizes on the casting of Josh Brolin as both Thanos and Cable. In reality, Brolin hefting the Gauntlet has everything to do with Avengers: Infinity War, and nothing to do with Deadpool 2.

Yet, the fact remains that Brolin is Thanos just as much as he is Cable (even if the franchise continuities are entirely separate). This poses a surprisingly philosophical quandary. If Brolin is both characters, does this mean that by stealing the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos, Cable has essentially stolen from himself?

10 Deadpool And Cable: United Against Boredom


A running joke shared by both the MCU’s supporters and detractors ever since Thanos was first introduced in The Avengers is just how little he actually does from that point onward. It’s a valid point. Even by the standards of a shadowy puppet master, the Mad Titan barely lifts a finger until Avengers: Infinity War.

In the intervening years, he didn’t really do much else than chill out in his floating space throne (an admittedly awesome way to pass the time). The he would issue the occasional impressive, yet ultimately toothless, threat. Or did he?

This meme begs to differ,  going so far as to claim that even Thanos himself became bored waiting for Marvel Studios to let him get his hands dirty and…resorted to cosplay? Apparently, the planet-conquering warlord crossed dimensions, from the MCU into the reality inhabited by the cast of the X-Men movies, in order to don a Cable costume and pal around with Deadpool!

We have to give Thanos some credit, his costume is pretty impressive. 

Again, what makes this one work is largely the fun it has with the dual casting of Brolin as Thanos and Cable. But, we think it deserves bonus credit for taking a good-natured jab at the Mad Titan’s pre-Infinity War reputation for being a less than active antagonist.

9 Wait: The Thanos / Deadpool Feud Is Actually Adorable?


When you picture a fight between Thanos and Deadpool, the imagery that comes to mind is likely hyper-violent, yet tinged with absurdity (thanks to the involvement of the latter). Both combatants have a history of brutally dispatching their enemies. Even if Wade Wilson isn’t quite in the Mad Titan’s league power-wise, his healing factor suggests a protracted, bloody affair would ensue.

But what if a feud between this odd couple wasn’t a gory, no-holds barred throwdown? What if the Thanos vs. Deadpool showdown was actually, dare we say…the cutest thing ever? We’ll be the first to admit it wasn’t an idea we’d previously entertained, until we stumbled across this meme, that is.

With its cartoony, child-like figures and innocent vibe – check out that “kick me” sign! – the meme does the impossible. It makes both Deadpool and Thanos look adorable. Rather than eliciting “Arrrghs” of disgust at the carnage on display, this charming take on hostilities between the pair is more likely to result in “Awwws” of pure delight, instead.

True, the meme artwork isn’t at all reflective of the comparatively more serious comic book or big screen versions of Thanos and Deadpool that fans are familiar with. Nevertheless, it’s so well done and has so much personality, we defy anyone not to love it.

8 Deadpool: Heartbreaker


Something MCU fans unfamiliar with the comic book source material might not be aware of is the relationship between Thanos and Death. No, we don’t just mean the Mad Titan’s staggering, universe-halving body count. In the comics, this dude quite literally courts the affections of the personification of the great beyond!

Indeed, the pen-and-ink incarnation of the violet-hued villain is motivated primarily by the prospect of finally winning the undying love of his morbid mistress. All that stuff about using the Infinity Gauntlet to erase every second person from reality? That’s just Thanos’ idea of a romantic gesture, which, given the object of his desire, actually makes a warped kinda sense.

Sometimes wiping out half of the universe isn't enough, maybe she just wanted a Merc with a Mouth. 

So given the lengths Thanos is clearly prepared to go to in order to prove his love for his lady. To reiterate, he eliminated half the universe for her. He’s going to be pretty devastated should he ever discover she’s been untrue.

It’s something this meme illustrates brilliantly (even if the visuals themselves aren’t exactly all that sophisticated). Honestly, it’s hard not to feel a pang of sadness for the poor guy, as he stumbles across Deadpool and the girl of his dreams getting romantic with one another. The single tear running down his cheek and the roses clutched to his chest only add to the bleak comedy on display here.

7 Thanos’ Invasion Army Is Not Deadpool’s Problem


The big reveal in The Avengers comes halfway through the credits, when we discover that Loki was loaned his horde of Chitauri alien invaders at the behest of none other than Thanos himself. Although the God of Mischeif was calling the shots on the battlefield itself, the Chitauri’s loyalties truly belonged to the Mad Titan. You could say the Avengers were really battling Thanos’ forces, not Loki’s.

So by extension, when the Avengers stood tall in defense of New York City that day were taking their first, unknowing, stand against the greatest threat the MCU has ever faced. Of course, due to licensing and distribution issues surrounding Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth wasn’t among those who answered the call . But even if he could have taken part, would he have?

Not according to this meme, which envisions a scenario where Wade Wilson is not only a part of the MCU, but present and accounted for in NYC on the day of Loki’s attack…and does nothing. Despite desperate pleas for help by embattled do-gooders like Iron Man, Deadpool continues to kick back and listen to his favorite beats. His justification for not getting involved is classic, meta Wade: “Not my movie, not my problem.”

6 Thanos Solves His Deadpool Problems With A Snap Of His Fingers


In case we haven’t mentioned it a zillion times already, at the end of Avengers: Infinity War Thanos eradicates half the population of the entire universe. Not only that, he does so in the most callously efficient method possible. A simple  snap of his Infinity Gauntlet-clad fingers.

Moments later, people across the cosmos begin crumbling to dust – including costumed adventurers such as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Black Panther. These and several other prominent departures were seen on-screen, however the fate of many other MCU heroes (and villains) weren't immediately clear. Fans have been guessing who lived (and who didn’t) ever since.

That said, one character fans haven’t been speculating over is Deadpool. Why would they? The Merc with a Mouth is a resident of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men universe, therefore exists outside the continuity of the MCU.

There is a possibility Deadpool could regenerate from dust. We'll have to wait and see. 

But if actor Josh Brolin can jump between realities to play both Thanos and Cable, it stands to reason that the fourth wall-breaking Deadpool can too. Although we wouldn’t recommend it. At least, not if this meme is any indication of what he can expect to experience upon arrival.

It turns out that in a world where Brolin morphs from Wade’s grudging cybernetic ally into the Mad Titan, Deadpool is slated to number among the 50% of individuals destined for the dustbin! So yeah, it's probably best our guy stays put for his own safety.

5 Deadpool’s Terrifying Infinity Stone-Related Indecision


So we’ve already covered that not only is an assembled Infinity Gauntlet an unfathomably powerful weapon, but that it’s definitely for the best it never ends up with Deadpool’s hand inside of it. It’s really not that hard of an argument to make, even pure-hearted heroes like Captain America or Vision shouldn’t be entrusted with that kind of power, let alone a nutcase like Wade Wilson.

In case you need any further evidence of this simple fact, look no further than this meme. Here we see a gloved-up Deadpool, he's not sure which Infinity Stone to use. Judging by the way he refers to them by color rather than name, we're pretty sure he doesn't know what each stone actually does.

Unable to make up his mind, the Merc with a Mouth then offers up a hilariously blasé, yet utterly horrifying, remark, “I’ll just use them all”.  If the thought of someone as cheerfully deranged as Deadpool cutting loose with the Time, Space, Mind, Reality, Power and Soul Stones doesn’t send a chill up your spine, nothing ever will.

Dare we say it, we’ll actually sleep far better at night knowing that Thanos is the guy in possession of the Stones. As long as it stays out of Deadpool's hands.

4 Don’t Even Bother Calling Cable For Help


As this list has already made abundantly clear, fans have gotten a lot of mileage out of Josh Brolin appearing in two separated, unrelated comic book movie franchises simultaneously. It’s not hard to see why, either, as it’s a pretty unique situation.

Many stars have appeared in one superhero movie series only to turn up in another further down the line. For example, Chris Evans was the Human Torch in 20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four flicks, before he was hired by Marvel Studios to play Captain America. But, the key thing here is that these actors joined their new franchises after the old one failed. So Evans was never the Torch and Cap at the same time.

Brolin, however, is pulling a double-shift,  portraying both Thanos and Cable in films currently screening in theatres at the same time! So yes, we totally get why this has led to an explosion of “Thanos = Cable”-themed memes.

You're looking a little nervous, Thanos. 

Of these countless goofs, we think this entry stands head and shoulders above the rest. Gleefully ignoring the continuity disconnect between the MCU and the X-Men franchise, it puts forward a hypothetical scenario where the Avengers literally call Cable for assistance in the fight against Thanos.

The punchline – that the phone in the Mad Titan’s pocket starts to ring – is understated in how brilliantly it acknowledges that the same actor was employed to bring both characters to life.

3 Deadpool Captures Thanos' Good Side


OK, OK.  This is the very last “Cable/Thanos” meme we’ll share with you, we promise. But honestly, this one was just too good to leave off the list. In many ways, its genius lies in how neatly it springboards off the back of a pre-existing gag released as part of the exceptional marketing campaign for Deadpool 2.

In the original image, Cable patiently poses while the Merc with a Mouth paints his portrait. It’s already a winningly surreal concept, but the kicker is that Deadpool has – in typical fourth wall-shattering style – captured the likeness of actor Josh Brolin as he appeared in 1985’s The Goonies, instead.

The whole thing was part of a disarmingly heartwarming (if suitably crass) birthday message from Wade Wilson himself, Ryan Reynolds, to his co-star Brolin, who turned 50 the day it was posted. So thumbs up to all involved for a bonkers joke that also boasted a bit of brain and at least a smidgen of heart, too.

Now, where our meme brilliantly takes the ball and really runs with it is how it changes the portrait on Deadpool’s canvas. Rather than a younger Brolin, the grinning face depicted is that of Thanos – an equally meta reference to another character played by the acclaimed performer, only in a rival superhero outing!

2 Thanos Disintegrates The "Right" Deadpool


Previously in this list, we explained that meme analysis (a highly scientific and respected discipline, you understand) indicates that Deadpool would cease to exist if crossed over to the MCU. Indeed, it seems that Wade Wilson would fall victim to the universe-spanning disintegration wave unleashed by a snap of Thanos’ gem-coated fingers.

But which Wade Wilson are we talking about here? Because in addition to the largely comics-accurate depiction of the Merc with a Mouth seen in Deadpool and Deadpool 2, there’s also an alternate version of the character who winds up a mouthless freak in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Both played by Ryan Reynolds!

Yes, we’ve all tried to forget that misguided take on the character. Luckily,  the continuity was reset in X-Men: Days of Future Past and the two Deadpool movies has certainly helped in this regard.

There's only room fro one Merc with an actual mouth!

But as this meme shows, maybe we shouldn’t be so eager to see the back of Wade’s bizarre doppelgänger. As it turns out, he might just be responsible for saving our guy’s life, if they both find themselves stranded in the MCU.

Because in a universe with two Wade Wilsons, there’s pretty good odds at least one of them will be spared by Thanos. We hope you’ll join us in making a sincere wish that – as illustrated in this meme – the Mad Titan inadvertently disintegrates the “right” Deadpool when the time comes.

1 Deadpool Demands More Than Just Your Silence

This meme earns itself extra kudos by being an official creation by the team behind Deadpool 2, uploaded to Twitter by Ryan Reynolds. For those who might not be aware of the context behind this one, this letter – purportedly written by Deadpool – is a response to a similar (but more earnest) letter shared by the Russo Brothers, who directed Avengers: Infinity War.

In their letter, the Russos made an impassioned request for fans not to spoil the events of Infinity War for those who hadn’t yet had a chance to see it in theatres. In all fairness, it’s a touchingly-worded letter speaks volumes for how much affection the people involved had for their film and its fans.

On the other hand, there’s a self-seriousness to it all – we’re only talking about a movie, for crying out loud – that’s ripe for parody, and the Deadpool 2 team didn’t disappoint. Everything about this letter hits its target. From the multitude of hands (and paws) subbing in for the Infinity Gauntlet prop, through to its stream of consciousness prose that (pretends) to accidentally spoil the movie.

But the real icing on the cake is the hashtag at the very bottom. The Russo Brothers signed off with #ThanosDemandsYourSilence, whereas Deadpool closes with the more outrageous #WadeWilsonDemandsYourSisterSorryStupidAutoCorrectSilence – and it’s comedy gold.

Did we miss out any other hilarious Deadpool vs Thanos memes? Let us know in the comments!

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