'Funny Games' Remake By Original Director

There's a trailer out for a remake of the German horror/suspense film Funny Games. The interesting thing about this is that Michael Haneke, who directed the original is also directing the remake.

The original was a German film made 10 years ago and which was available in the U.S. with English subtitles. It was creepy and unnerving as hell and the trailer for the remake gave me the same sense of unease as the first one.

The original was about an Austrian family who goes on a vacation in the country and become the victims of two clean-cut looking, but cold-blooded psychopaths who are out to torture them with their "funny games." While it did not show a lot of explicit violence or gore, it was one of those films that really gets under your skin and stays with you a while. It's one of those movies of which my wife would say "I don't want that in my head."

This version looks to be just as unsettling as the original, which BTW does NOT have a happy ending to help soothe the viewer as he leaves the theater.

I don't know if I'll be able to sit through another version of this one. Not because it looks bad... quite the opposite: it looks very effective.

You can watch the trailer over at MSN.

Source: Cinematical

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