15 Savage Dragon Ball Memes That Only True Fans Will Understand

Everybody loves a good meme. Scrolling through the internet and its limitless supply of memes can be addictive. Some of the best memes are the memes that are either spun off from or parodied from fandoms that we enjoy. The beauty in that kind of spectacle is that memes are laced with inside jokes and innuendo so subtle that only the most diehard fans who have kept up with the lore long enough will understand.

In this particular case, the fandom that we will be talking about is the fandom that is the Dragon Ball franchise. A franchise which spans four television shows, several spin off movies, a series of manga, and countless other spin off media (i.e. video games). The point is that there is a lot of lore out there to digest from this fandom and to get a good laugh out of a meme that references something pivotal from the fandom's existence is highly rewarding to whoever is reading the meme. Rewarding to them as a regular viewer and lifelong fan. With that said, here are some memes that we think huge DBZ fans will get a kick out of.

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15 Mercy

Vegeta has always been a considerate man. He even considers the pain and anguish of his enemies. He cannot bare to watch even his most hated rivals suffer in agony as they lay dying on the ground. Vegeta tends to feel like he owes a bit of mercy to his enemies. By the way, in Vegeta's mind, mercy means killing his broken enemies in cold blood. Not letting them go or leave to fight another day. Just straight up murdering the poor SOBs. We all remember when Vegeta did this to his own ally, Nappa, after he was weakened from his encounter with Goku. Vegeta put Nappa out of his misery by killing him. And that's just how Vegeta treats a friend in their most weakened state. Just imagine how Vegeta would choose to deal with a weakened foe who he cares nothing about.

14 Father of the Year

Anyone who has seen a good handful of Dragon Ball Z episodes will know that Goku was never exactly Father of the Year. He spent more than half of his kid's lives dead. He only spent a little bit of time with Gohan before dying again. This becomes a running cycle throughout the Dragon Ball Z franchise. It makes us wonder if dying was just Goku's go-to "get out of dad responsibilities for free" card. Goten probably got the worse end of the stick as that boy spent the first seven years of his life without a father. Then, Goku randomly re-emerged into his life, but only for a few years before Goku went on to train Uub, which according to Goku is way more important than raising any of his kids.

13 Z Fighters...Assemble!

For most of us upon leaving the theater when we saw The Avengers for the first time, our favorite scene that we kept reminiscing fondly on was the scene where Loki warned Tony Stark that he had an army, and Tony counterattacked with the now immortalized line: "We have a Hulk." As scary and imposing as The Hulk is, who needs a Hulk when a Kakarot (Goku) is present? Goku in the first stage of Super Saiyan has to have the power level of about five Hulks alone. We love ourselves a good ol' Hulk out every now and again, but if we had to choose who we wanted to have our backs in a fight--or better yet, who we wanted to have our backs to save the world against universe impending doom--we would not hesitate to pick Goku over the mean green Hulkster.

12 OMG, They Killed Krillin!

For almost as long as the Dragon Ball franchise itself has been a thing, the ongoing joke of Krillin constantly getting killed has lived on in infamy. Perhaps the only joke that has lived on for even longer is the joke regarding Kenny dying all the time on South Park. "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" "You bastards!" There was once a time where we would hear that iconic exchange on practically every episode of South Park. We'd be amiss if we did not wonder who died more between Krillin and Kenny. We're sure that the thought has crossed many of our minds, but believe it our not, Kenny has died more than Krillin, and if we're being honest, Krillin hasn't died all that much. In total, Krillin has died five times. On the other hand, we've lost count of how many times Kenny died.

11 Give Up

Here is yet another example of Goku not even trying to be in the running for Father of the Year. Most fathers like to instill in their children the importance of never giving up in the face of adversity. They tell them to keep fighting and treading on no matter what until you hit the finish line, win or lose. Not Goku. As we all recall during the Cell Games Saga and tournament of the same name, Goku jumped at the chance to give up during his battle against Cell. Not only did he give up, he told his son to finish his dirty work. Lucky for him, Gohan succeeded and was actually able to defeat Cell that day--to the shock of literally everyone in attendance--but Goku took a huge gamble in putting his young child on the battlefield. It's bad enough that he gave up to begin with. Imagine if his plan went south...

10 Yu-Gi-Stole

If there is only one thing that Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh have in common, it is that these two anime shows both have their critics. Which, to be fair, is not a very good connection to make since literally everyone and everything in this world has their critics. Although, in the case of Yu-Gi-Oh, the biggest criticisms from many fans towards that show is that it steals from Dragon Ball. While we do not think either show steals from the other and trying to compare either of the show's plot to the other is like comparing apples to oranges, there are some noticeable similarities between the two. One of those similarities being evident in this meme showcasing how one of the Yu-Gi-Oh characters has spikey hair like Bardock and has an eyepiece just like the scouters that Saiyans wear.

9 Don't Make 'Em Angry

If we could please take a moment to make a reference to The Hulk, as if we did not do that enough when we spoke of The Avengers meme earlier. If it makes anyone feel better, we are not gonna talk about that version of The Hulk. We are going to quote the Bill Bixby version of The Hulk, or rather Bruce Banner. During the classic 80's television series, Banner on that show had a catchphrase where he frequently warned his foes "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." He would always say this right before snapping into full on Hulk mode. Any person out there with a kind heart and a short temper knows the feeling. Some people out there are incredibly nice and can take anything thrown at them, but just like when we poke the bear one too many times, they easily snap and when they do, they tear down everything in sight. Just ask Goku and Gohan.

8 A Helping Hand No One Wants

Man, Yamcha can never catch a break. It seems as though ever since the character's very first introduction to the series, he has been the butt of jokes and pretty much embarrassed at every odd turn. It is not like it does not come without good reason, as Yamcha does not have a very good track record when it comes to looking strong on the show. Let's not forget the time when he was the first one to be disposed of by the Saibamen, while the rest of the Z Fighters were able to kill off those feeble green creatures with ease. That is just one example of Yamcha's incompetence, as the show is littered with examples. If we're being honest, we think he might have died more than Krillin. If not, he's definitely close. Which is why we would have to pass if he offered us help of any kind.

7 Father of the Year 2

For all of the hatred that Vegeta holds for Goku throughout the series, he is actually more similar to the orange jumpsuit wearing Saiyan than he gives himself credit for. For one thing, both Saiyans are terrible fathers who have been long out of the running for any and every Father of the Year award. Not only because he once punched his son Trunks hard enough to fall into unconsciousness, but because he treats other people's kids like dirt too. Kids like Goten, who coincidentally, he also knocked out once. The only thing that hit harder than that punch was the burn that Vegeta delivers to Goten in this meme. As harsh as it is, it's not like Vegeta does not have a point. Especially when he is stating a fact. As it turns out, the truth hurts.

6 Roast Sessions

For those not familiar with the terminology and are too lazy to type in a quick search into Urban Dictionary, a roast (the nontraditional kind) refers to making fun of somebody with a witty joke or comeback. A roast session is when a group of people joke on each other with quick witted lines of their own directed at random members of the group. Sometimes, multiple members of the group may direct their jokes at the same participant and because said participant is not very funny and feels overwhelmed with well timed humor aiming at his direction, he is hopeless. That is why when a friend in the group turns out to be their saving grace and uses their own witty comebacks to combat against the rest of the group, the hopeless participant is eternally grateful. Now, hopefully with context, this meme looks a little funnier.

5 A Real Upgrade

When Drake dropped his now infamous "Hotline Bling" music video a couple years back, there were two things that audiences took away from the video. The first being that Drake had some really goofy dance moves. The second being a brand new meme. The (at the time) latest meme to sweep the nation was where a picture of Drake would swat away something that was, essentially, trash at the top of the screen. Then, at the bottom, he'd give a happy smile of approval in regards to a welcome upgrade. This variation with Bulma, Vegeta, and Yamcha is perfect. As we may recall, when Yamcha was dead and Vegeta was stuck on Earth, Bulma was quick to run into the arms of her new beau, Vegeta. Which, considering that the former was a literal loser and the other is a Saiyan prince, that's a major upgrade.

4 Punny

Everyone loves a good pun, especially Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. Toriyama littered puns throughout his series, and he used their names to do so. Every character group in the show's lore had a special theme that called for similar puns between similar objects. The best example of this would be to point out that the Saiyans all had vegetable puns for names (Raditz meant radish, Vegeta meant vegetable, Kakarot meant carrot, etc). Or that everyone in Bulma's Brief family had an underwear pun in their first name. The most notable example to that notion would be Bulma's son, Trunks. What makes this meme all the more funny is knowing that Cell's joke towards Gohan is basically a pun within a pun. Making a pun out of someone's pun name. It's like PunCeption, and we all love a good ole PunCeption.

3 Krillin Died. Shocker.

If someone were to find any character in the Dragon Ball mythos who has died more times than either Yamcha or Krillin, it would have to be a long and strenuous journey to find such a character. Between all the movies, shows, manga, etc., Yamcha has been killed onscreen four times while Krillin has died five times. That is a lot of death in the universe of Dragon Ball between the two characters. In Krillin’s case especially, it has never been shocking to see either of these characters die. In fact, it would take a miracle for any spin off series of Dragon Ball related material to end without Krillin (especially Krillin) or Yamcha dying one time throughout it. We’d be more shocked to see either of them stay alive for once rather than if they died.

2 Eat a Snickers

We have all seen these commercials by now and we know what they are about. Someone acts--for lack of a better word--irrational, someone tells them to calm down by eating a Snickers bar, they eat it, then upgrade to a better persona. We totally get what this meme is saying. While we obviously don't condone the word that the creator chose to describe how Gohan is acting, and even chose to blur it out, we understand the frustration. Many fans were not happy seeing Gohan become the Great Saiyaman. The all powerful son of Goku who defeated Cell a few seasons prior had suddenly become a superhero for comedic purposes. The transition did not make sense, but thankfully, his eventual transformation into Ultimate Gohan was a more than welcome upgrade.

1 Drunk Gazing

For anyone who indulges in alcohol from time to time and sometimes goes a little too off the deep end, the look in Goku’s eyes in this picture is highly relatable. There is something about getting stone cold drunk that brings out the buck eyed belligerent nutter in all of us. We have all had that drunk moment where we get so drunk that we can barely hold ourselves up on our two feet, we are constantly stumbling over our own two feet, and constantly screaming and laughing into the sky for everyone to hear as our embarrassed pal tries their best to carry our practically limp body back to the car to shut us up. Ah, alcohol. It’s a beautiful thing until one wakes up with one knacker of a headache in the morning.


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