Everybody loves a good meme. Scrolling through the internet and its limitless supply of memes can be addictive. Some of the best memes are the memes that are either spun off from or parodied from fandoms that we enjoy. The beauty in that kind of spectacle is that memes are laced with inside jokes and innuendo so subtle that only the most diehard fans who have kept up with the lore long enough will understand.

In this particular case, the fandom that we will be talking about is the fandom that is the Dragon Ball franchise. A franchise which spans four television shows, several spin off movies, a series of manga, and countless other spin off media (i.e. video games). The point is that there is a lot of lore out there to digest from this fandom and to get a good laugh out of a meme that references something pivotal from the fandom’s existence is highly rewarding to whoever is reading the meme. Rewarding to them as a regular viewer and lifelong fan. With that said, here are some memes that we think huge DBZ fans will get a kick out of.

15. Mercy

0 11 15 Savage Dragon Ball Memes That Only True Fans Will Understand

Vegeta has always been a considerate man. He even considers the pain and anguish of his enemies. He cannot bare to watch even his most hated rivals suffer in agony as they lay dying on the ground. Vegeta tends to feel like he owes a bit of mercy to his enemies. By the way, in Vegeta’s mind, mercy means killing his broken enemies in cold blood. Not letting them go or leave to fight another day. Just straight up murdering the poor SOBs. We all remember when Vegeta did this to his own ally, Nappa, after he was weakened from his encounter with Goku. Vegeta put Nappa out of his misery by killing him. And that’s just how Vegeta treats a friend in their most weakened state. Just imagine how Vegeta would choose to deal with a weakened foe who he cares nothing about.

14. Father of the Year

0 15 Savage Dragon Ball Memes That Only True Fans Will Understand

Anyone who has seen a good handful of Dragon Ball Z episodes will know that Goku was never exactly Father of the Year. He spent more than half of his kid’s lives dead. He only spent a little bit of time with Gohan before dying again. This becomes a running cycle throughout the Dragon Ball Z franchise. It makes us wonder if dying was just Goku’s go-to “get out of dad responsibilities for free” card. Goten probably got the worse end of the stick as that boy spent the first seven years of his life without a father. Then, Goku randomly re-emerged into his life, but only for a few years before Goku went on to train Uub, which according to Goku is way more important than raising any of his kids.