20 Hilarious Arrow Vs. Flash Memes That Will Make You Cry Of Laughter

There are a ton of memes on the Internet and that includes a slew of Arrow vs The Flash memes. Many of them are hilarious and on point, taking swings at Flashpoint, Olicity, Arrow and the Flash's friendship, just to name a few.

The Flash was the second series to join Arrowverse on the CW. It stars Grant Gustin as Barry/The Flash, while Arrow leads with Stephen Amell as the title character. They're both very different shows, but on occasion they cross over, along with Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. Needless to say, fans have some fun bringing to life situations they would like to see included on the series, as well as highlighting hilarious moments present on both shows. Arrow is the more serious of the two shows, with The Flash deftly going back and forth between humorous and dramatic. Each style works for each show, and the crossovers allow for a bit of a mix between the two.

All in all, there are some gems out there that need to be mentioned for their hilarity and the possibilities they stir up. There are far more than 20 out there, but we rounded up some of our favorites for you reading pleasure. Let’s dig in!

Here are 20 Savage Arrow Vs. Flash Memes That Will Make You Cry Of Laughter.

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If there’s one thing Barry is known for, it’s for messing up timelines. It’s funny, but it’s also one of his most annoying – and yet understandable – traits. Who wouldn’t want to use a power like that to change the mistakes of the past? Unfortunately, such actions have unforeseen, unintended consequences, and in the world of The Flash, Barry tends to make things worse by trying to make them better. Worse mostly for his friends and family. Naturally, that’s going to get frustrating pretty fast. As great as Flash can be, one of the most infuriating storylines was "Flashpoint." Also, Barry just can’t seem to make better decision even though he’s supposed to be a fairly brilliant scientist. Again, understandable, but yeah. Hello, intervention!


Superheroes have villains and just like the heroes have names appropriate to their powers, so do the villains. But leave it to the Arrow to say that the villains in the Flash’s neck of the woods have “silly codenames.” So, of course, Barry’s going to hit back, pointing out the codenames in Arrow. Seriously, Oliver went there? Are you kidding? It makes sense for Barry to point out the obvious, and it’s quite a funny bit. Pot, meet kettle. Kettle, meet pot. But to be fair, superhero and supervillain names have always been out of the ordinary, which is a huge part of the fun. The Arrow is just being a curmudgeon. Is this a surprise to anyone, we ask? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Didn’t think so.


Again, another consequence of altering timelines. This is a Photoshop fan meme, but it would be great to see what it would be like if the roles really were reversed. While this meme is funny in itself, it would be interesting to see how it would play out if Smallville’s Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) were added to the mix. Something along the lines of, “Wait. Who are these guys?” In the show, there’s yet to be a guest appearance of Smallville’s Oli and sadly that’s not likely to happen. The creators adamantly expressed a desire to stay away from having any hints of Queen’s personality from Smallville present in their Oliver Queen, so they’ll probably refrain from reminding fans of what he was like in the other show.


One of the major differences between Arrow and The Flash in the first season was how many people knew of the secret identities. In Arrow, keeping Oliver Queen’s identity a secret is of the upmost importance. In The Flash, keeping Barry’s identity a secret is important, but with a much more casual air. There’s no secret organization that trained him. Instead, it’s pretty much his friends at Star Labs. The Flash initially also sees his abilities as a cool novelty rather than hard-won deadly skills. So that could be why he was sometimes initially more loose about who knows his secret identity, even though he himself stressed the dangers of others finding out.


This is just a hilarious crossover meme. Of course, Barry didn’t get his powers from Thor, but wouldn’t it be cool if he did? The likelihood of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) making a guest appearance on either show, or vice versa (Flash or the Arrow showing up in the MCU) is very slim. Practically non-existent. However, with recent news of Time Warner looking to sell WB and its DC properties, who knows? Maybe Disney will step in and give fans the crossovers we have all been waiting for. It is not outside of the realm of possibility as it is something that has been talked about before in various forms. If there were any way for that to happen, DC would probably need to be a Disney property, or at least at a studio able to go for crossover collaboration.


After Arrow, there was The Flash and then Supergirl. At least that’s the order in the Arrowverse. And Arrow starts out with, “My name is Oliver Queen…,” and The Flash and Supergirl follow to form on their respective shows. While this isn’t an uncommon way to start a series, it’s still just a funny idea that The Flash and Supergirl are taking Arrow’s intro. On a side note, it could be said that Oliver’s intro pays homage to the completely unrelated-to-superheroes (or is it?) show Burn Notice. “My name is Michael Westen…,” anyone? Really, how far back do you have to go to find the original, “My name is…” intro? Slim Shady? Sounds like a time travel challenge for the Flash, if you ask us. Which you didn’t. But we’re putting it out there anyway.


Instead of timelines, this one focuses on the different Earths. So far, there are at least 52 Earths within The Flash. They’ve interacted with several of them in crossover episodes as well, most notably in the big "Crisis on Earth X" crossover, featuring all of the live-action Arrowverse series. Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow. In "Crisis on Earth X," we get to see an evil version of Arrow, not to mention Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and so on. Naturally, fans wanted to see what it would be like if roles were reversed. Alas, that hasn’t yet happened, but maybe it’s a possibility at some point down the road. And the only way this could be funnier is if it included Smallville’s Oliver Queen/Arrow as well.


Another DC fan favorite is, of course, Gotham. It’s outside of the Arrowverse and it really has its own “it factor,” completely different from any of the shows in Arrowverse. When Supergirl first started, it was on CBS and was up against Gotham. For those who somehow haven’t discovered the power of DVR or streaming, it could be a dilemma as to which show to watch. And there are also those that just prefer the grittier, noir-ish stylings of Gotham over the chipper and modern Supergirl. Of course, fandoms can sometimes get too serious about preferences, and that’s also the joke here. The Flash and Supergirl have a pretty solid bestie situation going on, and no way is Barry going to let Oliver take a dig at Kara.


While there are many fans that like Olicity, it is often cited in some circles as one of the least favorite storylines in Arrow. It’s seen as a distraction and, while both characters are great in their respective roles, many fans believe there is a lack of romantic chemistry between the two. That hasn’t stopped the storyline from continuing, with Olicity’s off-again, on-again status. The joke here is that their chemistry is so off, it caused Barry (Ezra Miller) from the movies (which, sort of, could just be considered another Earth) to interfere with the Olicity wedding. Or it could be to point out just how much The Arrowverse version of Arrow sometimes seems to be a lot like Batman – if he wore green and killed people. Which…


This is entirely valid. To his credit, Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) is downright deadly and a great villain. But The Flash’s version(s) of Zoom (also the Reverse-Flash – it’s a whole complicated thing) can put Arrowverse’s Ra’s al Ghul to shame. To be fair, Zoom (Teddy Sears or Matt Letscher, depending on if it's Zoom or RF Prof. Zoom) has super abilities, and can phase through walls and chest cavities. Unfair advantage? Maybe, but villains aren’t exactly about being fair. When Arrow faced Ra’s and was launched off a cliff, it was an epic moment, to be sure. But with Zoom (or Reverse-Flash), particularly as Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), the connection Barry had to him made the battles all the more fascinating. Additionally, it makes this meme funnier just for the fact that it’s so true. Also, gotta love the villain costume.


Wait, wait. Wrong show. Anyway, Arrow’s Stephen Amell has Meme Mondays on his Facebook page, where he posts funny Arrowverse memes. In this one, Barry’s incessant meddling with timelines is mocked, resulting in Arrow ending up with Iris (Candice Patton). There are so many ways that the alternate timelines and Earths can be played, and this would definitely be a funny thing to see, especially seeing the reactions of both Barry and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) if they remembered the true timeline. The downside to this is that it would add yet another frustrating instance of Barry messing with the timeline and causing yet another problem that Team Flash must fix somehow. Catch 22. Still, for the relationship aspect alone and the conflict it could cause, this would be hilarious.


This meme is a play on The Arrow admitting that he likes killing people. Pretty dark stuff. But who says humor has to be light and fluffy all the time? Here, some fan(s) have flipped the situation into a dig at Barry’s tendency to mess up as many timelines as he possibly can. And he likes it. Something needs to be done. The power has gone to his head, clearly. Or has it? At any rate, it looks like Barry and Oliver need to have a conversation about their negative behavior. Perhaps Intervention Meme needs to take over here. Where are Felicity and Iris? They should have a say in this also. Stop laughing, this is serious stuff. Wait, is this too much? Dammit, Barry!


We’re not saying it’s aliens, but… it’s aliens. The Flash’s involvement with Arrow has certainly turned the show on its head in some episodes. Team Arrow has had to deal with things that they had no previous concept of, so this has lead to some frustrations and, of course, disbelief that so much would be possible. The introduction of aliens, particularly the introduction of Supergirl and also the Dominators, really put a spin on the world of Arrow. The crossovers often show the various teams battling threats they couldn’t face on their own – or at least would have a more difficult time dealing with. This hilariously expresses the sheer frustration of having to deal with aliens in Arrow, on top of everything else.


Another Meme Monday gem features Amell getting cozy with a stuffed unicorn, courtesy of Barry’s shenanigans. It’s funny because it’s true! Well, not really true, but it could be. If anyone can make unicorns a reality, it would be Barry. Just imagine, he has to travel back to the Paleolithic period to stop an alien invasion and therefore alter history as we know it. Modern humans evolve from unicorns instead of primates. Down is up, up is down. Sounds like something Barry would do. Wait, isn’t there a movie like that? Maybe Barry’s meddling screwed that up too. For all we know, television is reality and reality is fiction, all because Barry wouldn’t stop mucking around with the timelines! Time is an illusion and we’re living in a simulated reality, all thanks to Barry Allen. Maybe he needs to pay Aida (Mallory Jansen) a visit to figure out this whole Framework mess. Dammit, Barry!


Arrow is like a bad guy who decided to be a good guy, but left out the part about not killing. He kills. It’s a thing. Supergirl and the Flash have superhuman abilities and yet they somehow manage (on most occasions) to avoid the killing things thing. But no, not Arrow. So he’s something of an anti-hero, and this works for him, mostly. On the flip side, things might be easier for both Supergirl and the Flash if they did just completely do away with their villains when they have the chance. Though, as it goes, even being dead doesn’t do much to deter some villains. And with timelines galore, Barry’s enemies sometimes have a habit of finding their way back from oblivion.


The unrequited love early on is addressed here. It’s adorable and it’s funny, since essentially Felicity is addressing Barry’s feelings for Iris, but she also needs to take a look at her own. It’s true that the Olicity storyline isn’t one favored by a majority of fans, apparently, but it’s still funny. On the other hand, the Barry and Iris love story is central to The Flash and it’s one that’s gone over well with fans. They’re married now and even though they’ve encountered their various problems, Barry just wouldn’t be Barry without her. Good thing he managed to save her so often… even if he did mess up a lot of timelines. Which was still annoying, but worth it.


This is just one of those cute, pun memes that everybody laughs at. Sure, it’s kind of silly, but who doesn’t get a kick out of the simplicity of a good (or even a bad) pun? Add this to a timeline joke, and it could work wonders. Of course, the Arrowverse wouldn’t be what it is without The Flash, so there’s that. Also consider that this could have just as easily been a meme where the “without Flash” portion included the red lightning Barry’s famous for and you suddenly have a versatile pun meme ripe for meme wars. What can’t Barry do, being the fastest (second fastest, third if Superman has his say) man alive? Why, he could travel through time and put himself in all the famous pictures throughout history. He could join the Legends of Tomorrow team. Something like that. At any rate, enjoy the pun.


This is more adorable than hilarious, but still funny. This artwork depicts the friendly rivalry between The Flash and The Arrow. It also kind of harkens back to the training in a crossover episode. The Flash is known for his super metabolism, which gives him the ability to heal quickly and has the side effect of making it nearly impossible for Barry to get drunk. Despite his super healing ability, he still is vulnerable to injury. This artwork plays on that fact and is a cute addition to the vast collection of Arrow vs The Flash memes that are available online, including the ones in Stephen Amell’s Meme Mondays.


Ray, also know as Atom (Brandon Routh), has moved over to Legends of Tomorrow, but he started out on Arrow. Naturally, Oliver might feel some sort of way about him considering they both had relationships with Felicity. Ray is the more chipper of the two and while Arrow has his charms, there’s no denying that Ray also has his. Add a supersuit on top of that and it looks like the two main heroes might feel a little threatened. But it’s all unnecessary. Still, this meme is funny for the possibilities. On the flip side of that, just imagine if Atom was a supervillain and all of the danger Team LoT, Team Arrow, and Team Flash would have to deal with him. Puts the whole meme in a new perspective, doesn’t it? You’re welcome.


This is another meme that goes back to the intro of the two shows. It also highlights the fact that Ray is very different from both Oliver and Barry. Sure, he can be serious and dark sometimes too, but overall, he’s a more hopeful sort of fellow. This is exemplified on Legends of Tomorrow where he shines a bit more than he did on Arrow. Of course, it’s also funny because it’s so casual, irreverent to the whole uber serious “My name is…” intro that each show has. In fact, if either show ever does a parody or behind-the-scenes of episode, it would be a great intro. “Hi, I’m Ray. Also known as The Atom. And this is my story…” Wait… A little too Law and Order: SUV, maybe? Dammit, Barry!


Which did you find funniest? Let us know in the comments!

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