Game of Thrones: The 12 Funniest Scenes (So Far)

There's more than just violence and death in Westeros. Thanks to Tyrion Lannister, there's lot of comedy, too. Here are the funniest scenes.

Tyrion Gets Feisty

It may be a far cry from a comedy, but Game of Thrones balances its beheadings with a barrel of laughs. There's a reason characters like Tyrion Lannister became the fan favorites: they're funny, and in a world created by the merciless George R. R. Martin, we need some funny. Amid all the violence and despair, the showrunners at HBO managed to pack in a handful of comedic bits that deserve remembering. As we head into the homestretch of Season 6, let's take one last look at the funnymen of Westeros before all hell breaks loose.

Here are the 12 Funniest Scenes in Game of Thrones:

11 Tormund Stares Down Brienne

Tormund Stares at Brienne

For the fire-bearded wilding, it was love at first sight. Tormund Giantsbane is no stranger to sexual conquest, as he'll gladly tell you, but his fascination with Brienne of Tarth remains unique. As with his voracious appetite, Tormund associated his love for chicken with his growing fire for Brienne.

Indeed, he slowly bites into that poultry like he's making love to it. It's a strange choice of seduction tactics, but to be fair, things are done differently beyond The Wall. Later, as they depart Castle Black, Tormund finally breaks the ice and cracks a smile (his first in the show) at his beloved. Brienne has never seen anything like it.

10 Tyrion Confesses His Crime

Tyrion Lannister in Court

The first trial of Tyrion Lannister killed many birds with one stone. In addition to ending Ser Vardis Egan, who took flight from the Moon Door, the trial revealed Tyrion to be the most likable character on the show and united him with future BFF Bronn.

Unjustly accused of pushing Bran Stark from the Lannister Tower of Incest, Tyrion feigns contrition as he confesses to being "a vile man." His admissions are not what Catelyn Stark and Lysa Arryn expect, however, as he instead reveals the wanton escapades of his youth:  "I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel," he states, until Lysa Arryn abruptly silences him. For the first and only time in the show, we actually support what her son, Robin, asks, "What happened next?" We only wish we knew.

10. Joffrey Gets Imp-Slapped

Joffrey Gets Slapped By Tyrion

The endlessly entitled and evil Joffrey Lannister had it coming. Though dangerous and sadistic, his priggish demeanor was vulnerable even to the reaching slaps of a dwarf. In just the second episode of the first season, the power struggle begins between the Baratheon heir apparent and Tyrion Lannister.

Though he has just awoken with a massive hangover in a stable of dogs, Tyrion holds the moral high ground over his ethically bankrupt nephew and does what every audience member has dreamed of doing. With a right-handed slap, a left-handed hook, then a final blow with his right, Tyrion breaks Joffrey down to the coward he always was.

9 Jon and Sam Bro Talk

Sam Jokes With Jon Snow

Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly compare notes throughout Game of Thrones. When they first joined the Night's Watch, they had a lot in common: zero battle experience, no girlfriends, and a whole lot of insecurity. After Jon's romance with Ygritte and Sam's relationship with Gilly, however, both men return to Castle Black with much to discuss.

A lot has changed, and Sam can't contain his excitement to ask Jon what it's like to be loved. Atop the Wall, the most ironic of places to have such conversation, Sam asks, "How big were her feet?At Jon's frustration, Tarly presses further, saying, "We're all going to die a lot sooner than I'd planned. You're the closest I'll ever get to knowing." Sam quickly finds a loophole in the oath of the Night's Watch, declaring that though marriage and childbearing are forbidden, romantic "activity" without result remains unaddressed. He's more cunning than we thought.

8 Greatjon Umber Flips the Bird

Greatjon Umber Loses His Fingers

The men of the North are a different breed. When the valiant Robb Stark orders the Umber army to follow behind House Glover, Greatjon Umber loses his wits. A man of great pride and battlefield prowess, Greatjon offers an ultimatum: he and his men will either lead the vanguard in the siege of King's Landing, or he'll turn around and take his army back home. Robb summons his bannerman duty to House Stark, prompting Greatjon to reach for his sword. As soon as his hand touches the hilt, Grey Wind the direwolf plunges down the mess hall table and bites off two of Umber's fingers.

Robb mercilessly extends the olive branch, claiming that when Greatjon motioned towards his weapon, he simply meant to cut the King of the North's meat. Without missing a beat, the elder Umber agrees, lifting up his shredded hand, saying, "Your bloody tough!" 

7 Bronn Humbles Jaime

Jaime and Bronn Fight

The Kingslayer's reputation always preceded him. That is, until he lost his sword hand and was stripped of the famed dueling abilities only a few other fighters could rival. When Tyrion Lannister arranged a refresher course with his former Trial By Combat champion, Bronn, Jaime couldn't quite stomach it.

Little did he know, however, that he and Bronn were only at the tip of the spear for adventures to come. When the training begins, Bronn offers no mercy or time to adjust. After backing him into a corner, Bronn pulls out Jaime's metallic hand then knocks him to the ground with it. "What the hell was that?!" Jaime asks. "That was me knocking your ass to the dirt with your own hand," Bronn retorts. Such are the joys of training with a sellsword.

6 Tyrion Wins Musical Chairs

Tyrion Finally Gets His Chair

Across the Seven Kingdoms, power can be defined by those who have a seat at the table. For Tyrion Lannister, those opportunities have not always been guaranteed. When the Small Council meets in Season 3, shortly before Tywin designates his son Master of Coin, Tyrion finds no available seating near Lord Varys, Little Finger, Maester Aemon and his sister, Cersei. Civility be damned. The game of musical chairs has begun. No matter, for Tyrion gladly grabs a large chair and drags it to the head of the table, squeaking merrily along the way for what seems an eternity. Now directly opposite his sniveling father, Tyrion sits down and declares, "Intimate. Lovely table." 

It may not be the Iron Throne, but Tyrion still took it with pride.

5 Arya Cracks Up

Arya Cracks Up

Having banished her beloved direwolf Nymeria, been separated from her family, and witnessed the execution of her father, Arya Stark has experienced more than her share of tragedy. Instead of nightly prayers, she recites a kill-list with a slew of deserving names.

When she and Sandor "The Hound" Clegane approach the Vale of Arryn and learn about the death of Lysa, Arya finally begins to crack. Standing next to The Hound, who's face is frozen with disbelief, Arya echoes his reaction until she suddenly bursts into laughter. More of a Tyler Durden laugh than that of a child's, Arya's hysterics even make the guards uncomfortable. For audiences, however, it was a much needed release of tension.

4 Brienne Judges Jon

Brienne Talks With Sansa

Along with being a lethal swordsman, Brienne of Tarth is a shrewd judge of character. She sees through Sansa Stark's subtle lies to Jon Snow and doesn't hesitate to call her bluff. Though Sansa assures her that her half-brother means well and should be trusted, Brienne takes a moment to admit that Jon is a troubled soul.

For many years, Game of Thrones fans have lovingly derided Kit Harrington's portrayal of Jon Snow as beaten-down and morose. In a bit of a nod to popular opinion, Brienne agrees and comments, "[he's] a bit brooding perhaps. I suppose that's understandable, considering." Death and resurrection would catch up with anyone, and the poor guy has been through so much that even the stoic Brienne of Tarth sympathizes with him.

3 Hodor Goes Freebird

Hodor Sits Proudly

The life and death of Hodor the half-giant was always tied to Weirwood trees. He died at the subterranean exit of a Weirwood, carried Bran to one that hosted the Three-Eyed Raven, and, of course, he bathed next to the one in Winterfell.

On one particular occasion, Hodor interrupted Bran's prayer session in the godswood, bounding through the bushes sans clothes and shame while revealing the full magnitude of his gianthood. Osha, who accompanied Bran at the time of the Hodor-exposure, was taken aback by their unexpected naked guest. After sizing him up, she confirms with Bran that the monosyllabic hero must truly have some giant in his blood. Hodor meant no offense. He simply wanted to bathe in the warm waters of the godswood.

2 Stannis Baratheon, English Major

Stannis Baratheon Gets Serious

He birthed smoky demon babies, murdered his own brother, and burned his precious daughter at the stake. Despite all of those atrocities, Stannis Baratheon was seldom more stern than when he corrected the grammar of his constituents. Whether it was Ser Davos Seaworth confusing "less fingernails" with what should have been "fewer," or an irate member of the Night's Watch making the same mistake, Stannis Baratheon wanted everyone to appreciate his brains as much as his brawn.

As with most grammar Nazis, his manner of correction was truly miserable. Had he been the "The One True King," Stannis would have undoubtedly instituted a Westeros-wide grammar curriculum that would make the populations fewer uneducated. Or is that less?

1 Podrick's Secret Gift

Podrick Grins Big

While Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly share some notable bonding moments, nothing tops the return of Podrick from Littlefinger's brothel. Handing Tyrion back his hefty coin purse, Podrick asserts that the ladies (of which there were three) actually declined payment for their carnal services. Tyrion and Bronn are stunned at this report, having never encountered a prostitute to refuse money.

As Podrick reveals, however, the women received payment enough, though in an unexpected form. "So what are you saying?," Bronn asks. "These ladies enjoyed him so much they gave him their time for free?" Podrick, bashful as ever, quietly affirms their suspicion. On cue, Tyrion jumps from his chair, reaches for some wine glasses and declares, "We're going to need details. Copious details." 


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