The 10 Funniest Episodes of The Office

The Office (US) is not only one of the most beloved television comedies of all-time, but it’s also one of the most rewatchable. Even after binging all nine seasons of the show, you can turn around and start again from the beginning. And while the show certainly knows how to pull at out heartstrings and can bring a tear to the eye, it’s the laughs we keep coming back for.

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The antics of the employees at Dunder-Mifflin remain hilarious no matter how many times you watch them. There are countless episodes that have some of the funniest moments and most quotable lines in television. So while there are some episodes we hold dear because of how special they are, these are the flat-out funniest episodes of The Office.

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10 Customer Survey

As great as Jim and Dwight are as enemies, they are sometimes even more entertaining as allies. After they both get unusually poor performance reviews, they find themselves in the odd position of being on the same side.

The back-and-forth between these two is one of the highlights of the show. Even while allies, Jim can’t help but mess with Dwight in a hilarious mock sales call. There are also some very funny moments with Jim’s super tiny Bluetooth earpiece he uses to discreetly talk to Pam and, of course, confuse Dwight.

9 The Convict

Prison Mike the Office

When the merger of the Stamford branch into the Scranton branch introduced some fun new characters and brought some characters back, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. In this episode, Michael panics at the news to learn a new employee, Martin, is a convicted felon.

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This is episode is a great display of the wild extremes of Michael. First, his confident side tries to make things better – while making it worse, obviously. Then when the office begins joking that prison sounds better than Dunder-Mifflin, the insecure Michael turns it into a disaster. It’s the episode we get to meet “Prison Mike”, one of his funniest characters.

8 The Surplus

Even when Michael does something right, he manages to do something wrong. After discovering a surplus in the budget, Michael has the office trying to decide where the money would best be spent. That is until he learns that he can keep some of the money for himself.

This is one of those episodes that makes great use of the whole office. Everyone has their own ideas about how to spend the money, leading to the office to division in the office, even among Jim and Pam.

7 Beach Games

Another great example of how funny this show can be when they utilize every bizarre character in the office. After learning he is being considered for an executive role, Michael decides the best way to choose his successor is with a series of challenges – while at the beach.

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There are so many laugh-out-loud moments in this episode. From the hot dog eating contest, to Andy floating away in a Sumo suit, to Dwight’s painful failure to walk across the coals. It proves the show can be just as funny when they leave the office setting behind.

6 Stress Relief

This episode solidifies its place on this list for its cold-open alone. When Dwight gets fed-up with the lack of interest in his office fire drills, he goes to extreme measures to prove a point. Chaos and hilarity ensue.

If that was the only highlight of the episode, it would already be one of the funniest, but there are so many more laughs in this two-parter. There are also great moments during the CPR course and the revelation that Michael is the cause of everyone’s stress. That’s not even to mention the roast of Michael Scott in part two.

5 Money

Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski as Dwight and Jim in The Office

This episode is the rare example of how the subplot which doesn’t involve Michael Scott is actually the highlight of the episode. Certainly, the main story which follows Michael’s struggle to balance a second job and deal with his money problems does have some great laughs. But it is Jim and Pam’s overnight getaway to Schrute Farms that makes this a classic.

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The truly bizarre and over-the-top lifestyle of Dwight is always funny and it’s great to see some other characters finally confronted with just how weird it is. There are some sweet moments of feeling sorry for heartbroken Dwight, but they never outweigh the absurd comedy.

4 Diversity Day

Diversity Day the Office

The first season of the show took a little while to get going. It was still struggling to move out of the shadow of the British version and the characters were not yet fully realized. However, the second episode showed just how much potential the show had.

The concept of Michael Scott doing diversity sensitivity training is just the perfect set-up. It showcased the hilarious ignorance of Michael as well as the cringe-worthy comedy the show did so well. It would be painful to watch if it wasn’t so funny.

3 The Dundies

The Dundies have been a recurring feature of the show, but nothing is as memorable as our first introduction to Michael’s glorious awards show. Michael is at his funniest when he is in his entertainer role. Not only does he often make a disaster of things but he seems oblivious to how little people are interested.

This is also a great episode for those early Jim and Pam days as Pam gets a little tipsy during the ceremony at Chili’s. It’s not too often she gets the opportunity to be the out of control character and Jenna Fischer clearly has fun with the moment.

2 Dinner Party

The show seems to take pleasure in making the audience sit in the most uncomfortable situations imaginable. And what could be more uncomfortable than an intimate dinner party with your boss and his girlfriend?

It turns out that Michael is just as awkward in his home life as he is in the office. Add to that Jan, his completely unhinged partner, and you have the recipe for one long, painful and hysterical get-together. There are so many great gags like Michael’s “flat-screen” television and his unusual sleeping arrangement with Jan. You feel like you want to escape this situation, but it’s just too entertaining to leave.

1 The Injury

Despite being a sweet and caring person on occasion, it can be really fun to laugh at Michael Scott. That might be because, when he’s not being sweet, he’s often an attention-seeking man-child.

This episode is the perfect example of why Michael is always a fun butt of the joke. After burning his foot in a breakfast-in-bed mishap, Michael becomes insufferable and demanding to everyone around him. Aside from the ridiculous injury and Michael’s childish behavior, the episode gets several laugh-out-loud moments from a concussed Dwight. This episode was the peak of Michael, and the show, in terms of comedy.

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