10 Absolutely Hilarious Anime Memes

Anime has no doubt made an impact on entertainment. It's reserved for a niche audience, but that niche audience is comprised of dedicated, die-hard fans that follow all the anime they can get. Anime typically follows Japanese-style aspects such as those memorable (and oftentimes amusing) facial expressions for anime characters and vibrant colors. Dedicated fans have created memes over the years to make us laugh or to otherwise apply anime to everyday life. Your fellow fans will get it, and the naysayers won't. Anime is life in one way or another (sometimes we wish for the dramatic flair with it). That said, here are 10 absolutely hilarious anime memes!

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10 Sorry For The Long Post...

Most human beings utilize social media in some shape or form. Sometimes we have a tendency to rant on our platforms. Whether it be about our days, our jobs, our friends, family, or even the latest political development, we all have those incredibly long posts in our feed history. So to lighten things up, we usually put some kind of lighthearted comment (or meme) at the end. Next time you feel like ranting, don't forget to include this potato meme as an apology to your audience at the end.

9 When I Bring Food To School...

We all have this strange inability to share our food. Especially if it's our favorite food.  Anime gets that, too. The dark eyes, the barely-there mouth say it all: don't mess with the food. When it comes to anime, you never know what the consequences may be should you break a rule, cross lines or otherwise commit some kind of crime: like stealing someone else's food. Even if you're in the middle of the school day, there'll be hell to pay.

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8 How Anime Looks When I'm Alone...

Some people just don't get anime. Some think it's too violent (like parents) and some just can't follow it. You definitely have to have a certain taste for anime. That's why when your parents walk in the room you switch the anime you're on for something more innocent looking. Anything to make sure they don't ban anime from the house or otherwise change the wifi password to stop you from watching it. Whether you're watching anime alone, with your friends, or with your parents, there are all kinds of different anime for the situation at hand. On the other hand, some anime construed as, well, less than innocent.

7 How Your Mom Looks At You When...

You know parents. They give you a list of things to do and expect you to do them immediately, if not sooner. We can relate; they work all day and take care of us, among other things. Sometimes, though, we just want a minute before we get to those chores. Maybe we hang with our friends, maybe we hit the couch and start binge-watching anime. Yet, we dread that moment they walk in the door unexpectedly and find us doing nothing with the chores still undone. Anime captured the "mom look" dead center in this meme.

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6 So You Think Anime Is Just For Children?...

This anime captures the ignorance of the population that doesn't understand—much less heard of—anime. They don't get it, that's okay. Yet, there are the few that judge and decide that watching anime is a form of childishness or immaturity. Ironically, there is anime out there that is specifically for adults (some of which would probably traumatize children). Maybe we look immature to them, but is it really mature of them to make fun of the anime lovers out there?

5 Laziness Is The Mother Of All Bad Habits...

We've all been there. There comes a day, or two or three, in life where we just feel like doing absolutely nothing... and we couldn't care less. That's part of recharging our batteries so that we can handle whatever comes next in our lives. Laziness is oftentimes required in order to maintain our sanity. This meme definitely gets that vibe. Laziness may be the mother of all bad habits, but that doesn't mean we should respect her any less. Sometimes she's the only thing that keeps us going.

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4 I Told You Not To Touch My Oreos!

Anime is no stranger to violence. They say watching too much violence is bad for you; maybe it is in certain situations. Like when someone has crossed the line by digging into your Oreos stash without permission (especially when they've been forewarned) and you're suddenly a violent anime character. Oreos are a popular cookie and people tend to be unnaturally possessive of them, or any kind of sugar, really. If you've been watching too much anime lately, whoever steals your Oreos will be in for a world of hurt.

3 So I Literally Just Wrote Sorry On My Quiz And Turned It In

Yeah, sometimes, this is all something we want to do. Especially if it's a pop quiz on something you barely paid any attention to in class. All students can relate to this painful process of learning. You're afraid to fail so you're hesitant to try. Trying is always key, but you're tempted to just apologize to the teacher and hand it in as is and do better on the next thing. Anime gets students and feels their pain; this is the meme we turn to if ever we receive a bad grade.

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2 When Somebody Mentions Cake

Anime has its fair share of violence. In this case, this meme is called for and ultra-relatable. Who wants to miss out on cake? You'll take out anyone that stands in your way to ensure you get a good piece. Nobody can joke when it comes to sugar; the seriousness of the facial expression used in this meme emphasizes that. Some might come out with bruises and broken bones, but you'll come out with your slice of cake. And if you're lucky (or if people are just terrified of you), you'll get seconds. Bring on the cake!

1 When You Lean Too Far Back In A Chair And Feel Your Soul Leaving Your Body

This is perhaps one of the best-known universal fears. You get bored with or stuck on what you're doing, so you lollygag and lean back in your chair for a little bit. Your mind is off in a world of its own (probably an anime world of some sort) and the next thing you know you're falling backward in slow motion. You might catch yourself, you might not. Falling backward in a chair isn't fun, and it's especially embarrassing if there are people around to witness it. Anime gets that; it has the meme to prove it! Anime is relatable in some ways, but oftentimes it's dramatic and highly unrealistic. We love it anyway, and we love the memes that are created because of it. They keep us in tune with our anime obsessions and entertain us after a long day of hard work. Keep loving anime, even if the naysayers tell you to get a life. They'll never get it, anyway.

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