New Funko Wonder Woman Line Includes Antiope & Etta Candy

Nearly three-quarters of the way through the year, and Wonder Woman has emerged as 2017's surprise box office hit, only behind Disney's Beauty and the Beast domestically. The movie, which many were concerned would see the same polarizing reception as previous DC Extended Universe entires, went on to surpass its predecessors in both money and acclaim. Many are even calling for the Princess of Themyscira to lead and become the face of the DCEU going forward.

A sequel to the movie has been fast tracked with Geoff Johns having already started writing the next script. A Wonder Woman roller coaster is coming to Six Flags in 2018. And it's a long shot, but Warner Bros. is also planning an Oscar campaign for Wonder Woman, targeting best picture and a director nomination for Patty Jenkins. In so many ways, the film is currently on to top of the world, and now even Funko is getting in on the action with a new Wonder Woman line that includes extra special characters like Etta Candy and Antiope.

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Coming in November, Wonder Woman is getting her very own Dorbz Ridez figure. A line that has included such classics as Batman in the Batmobile, Fred in the Scooby van and Spengler in the Ghostbusters car will now be home to an adorable Wonder Woman on horseback. In December, fans of the movie will also be treated to new Pop! figures of Etta Candy wielding Wonder Woman's sword and shield, Themyscira’s greatest warrior, Antiope, and Diana disguised in her cloak. Hot Topic will also have exclusive Pop! of Diana with her favorite treat, ice cream. You can see them all below:

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While these are other Wonder Woman Funko's currently on the market, the Pop! Vinyl company is clearly looking to capitalize on the movie's popularity with this second series of all new specialty figures. There are already ones for Wonder Woman with her sword and shield, lasso, or wearing a blue dress, Hippolyta, Steve Trevor, villain Ares, etc, so these are just the latest in a long line of available figures tying into the movie. You can now get practically every version of Diana you might want as a Funko.

The one of Diana and her ice cream is particularly adorable, as it spotlights the superhero's love of ice cream. The scene of Wonder Woman trying ice cream for the first time was a highlight of the movie, but it originated in the very first Justice League story told in DC Comics’ 2011 New 52 reboot, Justice League: Origin. Comic book writer Geoff Johns (who is an executive producer of the DCEU and co-wrote Aquaman, Green Lantern Corps and the Wonder Woman sequel) thus created a new moment in canon. You can buy this special Funko at Hot Topic and the rest at stores near you this fall.

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