The 15 Most Expensive And Exclusive Superhero Funko Pops

If you are a geek or a fan of just about anything in popular culture these days, chances are you’ve seen some of the Funko Pop Vinyl figures of famous characters.

There are Funko Pops for everything from Game of Thrones to Disney movies to NFL players. However, some of the most ubiquitous and sought after Funko Pops are of superhero characters. New Pops are released every year with retailers and conventions getting exclusive figures to offer to ravenous collectors.

There are certain superhero Pops that reach a whole different level of collector’s item. These are Pops so rare and so valuable that each and every one would-be a centerpiece of a fan’s collection. Some of them were only ever made in such a limited quantity, some have a special visual aspect that sets them apart from their Polyvinyl chloride peers.

Whereas others were made or released under such special or momentous circumstances that they would certainly become collectors’ items.

It's time to count down The 15 Most Expensive And Exclusive Superhero Funko Pops.


Funko Pop Red Skull

This Funko Pop version of the classic Captain America villain debuted in 2011 around the same time as Captain America: The First Avenger.

The figure was part of the Marvel Universe series and didn’t specifically look like Hugo Weaving’s memorable portrayal in costume or facial features. In fact there wasn’t a Red Skull movie tie in Funko Pop figure ever produced.

The shape of the head is more flat on the sides, exaggerating the appropriate impression of a skull and his teeth are bared in a menacing grimace. It isn’t part of any exclusive or limited edition but it is still among the rarest Marvel Funko Pops you can still find.

You can “Hail Hydra!” to the Red Skull for about $310.


Funko Pop Bloody Rorschach

Only two characters from the famous big screen adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen ever got the Funko Pop treatment-- Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach.

However, Rorschach at least got two different versions of his figure. Rorschach is known in the graphic novel for being absolutely ruthless with criminals and the Zack Snyder film took his bloody brutal streak and ran with it.

This San Diego Comic Con 2013 exclusive edition Rorschach has a large bloody stain on the front of his overcoat. One of the cool things about this edition is that the transparent part of the box even has some blood splatters of its own.

For the extra observant collectors, there are different versions of the Bloody Rorschach figure with different blot patters on his black and white mask. You can get your Bloody Rorschach flavor of love for $560 on average.

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In Iron Man 3 we got to see Tony Stark at his most vulnerable. His signature technology was being undermined and used against him and he was forced to exhaust his entire backlog of Iron Man suits to win the day. He also spent much more time with his helmet retracted than in other Iron Man films.

In 2013, San Diego Comic Con attendees got the chance to take home to the Funko Pop version of this more complicated Tony Stark.

This limited edition figure features Tony in his Mark 42 suit with his face showing beneath his spiky hair. The figure accurately captures the extensive gold plating on this version compared to the previous iterations. On average, private resales of this Funko Pop fetch about $290.


Since Shazam! has not yet appeared in any recent screen adaptation of DC’s characters, this Pop figure’s likeness comes straight from the comics.

There’s a non-metallic version of this exact same Pop but the metallic version really makes the figure shine. The red and yellow lightning bolt and the cross-spangled white cape look that much better with the metal highlight sheens. Also, the metallic version is a Gemini Collectibles exclusive-- only 240 pieces of this edition were officially made.

Since it was originally released in 2011, this is one of the few Funko Pop Shazam! figures available. At least until the DC movie comes out and it gets its own line of Funko Pops. The 2011 metallic Shazam currently fetches about $590 on average these days.


In the glory days of the Incredibles, Mr. Incredible was among the foremost supers. He sported a blue and black suit until he was forced into retirement by public pressure. When he covertly resumed his superheroics, he dons his old blue suit once again... until Edna Modes designs a new, flashier, red suit for his entire super family.

The Blue Suit Mr. Incredible Funko figure is instantly recognizable not just for the specific suit colors but for the tall masculine head of Robert Parr that rests on his shoulders.

It was a limited edition San Diego Comic Con exclusive released in 2011. That exclusive Disney Store tag on the box is labeled in the shape of the Mickey Mouse head for extra distinction.

Robert Parr would probably agree that relieving the glory days for $620 is better than acting like they didn’t happen.


Funko Pop Yellow Symbol Batman

Unlike other similar or even near identical Batman Funko Pops, this specific figure has the iconic yellow background Batman symbol on its chest.

That makes the Metallic Yellow Symbol Batman Funko Pop one of the earliest and rarest figures based on DC’s comic book superheroes. It is part of the limited edition Chase figures and was released in 2010. It’s also #1 in its series.

The yellow background of the outlined Batman symbol first appeared in 1964 and was rereleased in its most iconic form in 1966. The symbol on the Funko Pop is closest to the 1996 version.

It is also virtually the exact same symbol used in Batman Returns and Batman: The Animated Series. For this incredibly nostalgic collectible, you would have to pay $690 on average.


The Blue Metallic Batgirl Funko Pop is another rare early figure from the limited edition Chase collection.

The blue and silver and gold makes it extra shiny as a metallic edition. The coloration of this Pop harkens back to the original Barbara Gordon Batgirl, introduced in Detective Comics in 1967 and on the Adam West Batman TV show, although the colors are overall much lighter on the Funko Pop than they were in the comics.

However, for Batgirl Funko Pop collectors, it doesn’t get more classic or sought-after than this vinyl figure.

In fact, this Batgirl Funko Pop is #3 in the same series DC Universe series as the Yellow Symbol Batman. Batgirl can join your crime fighting collection for around $740 from the average seller.


This Funko Pop is listed as the same number in the same series as the DC Universe #1 Batman, but this variant is much rarer and more expensive.

The Flashpoint Batman comes with a red belt, red eyes, and a red sun background behind the bat symbol.

It looks just like the suit worn by Thomas Wayne in the Flashpoint alternate universe when he took on the mantle of Batman instead of his son Bruce. However, its details are simplified in keeping with the DC Universe series look for the Funko Pops.

The Flashpoint Batman is an Action Figure Xpress exclusive distributed only at New York Comic Con in 2011. These days if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have to be almost as determined as Professor Zoom when he created the Flashpoint timeline-- $810 worth of determination.


The Green Arrow Funko Pop is #15 in the DC Universe series. Like the entries above, the common Green Arrow is now not a common find.

However, the Metallic version is a whole different story. The Funko Pop DC Universe Metallic Green Lantern is a variant exclusive to the Gemini Collection and is only an edition of 240 pieces.

Like other DC Universe Funko Pops, the likeness of the figure is classic Green Arrow, although the figure sports a green hood instead of a cap like some of the earliest versions of his character.

The figure’s vest also has a knitted collar and separated arm bands and gloves. This metallic variant is best suited to Green Arrow’s nickname of the Emerald Archer and it can be yours for about $820.


Sometimes a great collector’s item is made entirely by accident. The Fantastic Four team member The Thing was set to be released as a Funko Pop San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive.

Like most Funko Pops, it was going to have black solid eyes, but Marvel apparently wanted The Thing to have blue eyes. A few of the black-eyed Things were already produced by the time Funko started making the official Pops with blue eyes, and voila-- rare collector’s item.

To top it off, the Metalic version makes the Thing look even more impressive and durable as his source character.

Funko enthusiasts looking to own this accidental rarity can expect to dole out an average of $830 for one of the 12 known copies in existence.

5. Silver Batman

The DC Universe Series #1 Batman wasn’t the only Batman Funko Pop to get a plethora of special variants.

The DC Comics Super Heroes #1 Batman did as well. In 2015, Funko held a competition among Hot Topic stores across the chain’s four retail regions on the U.S.

The store that sold the most Funko Pops in each region during the last two weeks of March would get copies of an exclusive rewards Pop for each of the store’s employees.

The Pop was an all silver Batman variant with only a 108 edition size. While some Hot Topic employees are surely too sentimental to auction off their exclusive trophies, the ones that aren’t know how rare these Funko Pops will be.

If you want to snag one, you can expect to pay $970 on average.


You won’t want to miss out on this Loki Funko Pop. You can tell any of the other versions that they are “puny gods,” but the price tag on this one would warrant a more handle-with-care attitude.

This Dan Diego Comic Con 2012 exclusive Avengers Funko Pop features Loki with his iconic horned helmet and his torso blazoned with black and gold.

Visually, the Funko Pop Loki has more gold and less green on his detailing than any of his scenes in The Avengers-- even when he conjures his horns while crashing the party in Germany.

The fact that he’s lacking his scepter doesn’t diminish this Pop’s asking price at all. As a part of a limited 480 size edition, the Avenger’s Gold Loki goes for an average of $1110.


A glow-in-the-dark Green Lantern Funko Pop is one of the most appropriately awesome ideas for merchandise out there.

The Green Lantern glow in the dark Pop, like the Silver Batman, is a variant of the DC Universe #9 Green Lantern. It was part of a 240 size edition exclusively available at San Diego Comic Con in 2010, making it one of the oldest, most unique and most valuable superhero Funko Pops ever released.

One interesting thing about the box for this figure is that the image of the character looks like the regular Green Lantern with flesh colored skin, instead of the solid green glowing skin on the figure itself.

If you want to add this super cool pop to your collection, you’d best be prepared to pay on average of $1460. Then in brightest day and blackest night, you can truly beware the power of Green Lantern’s light.


Freddy Funko White Lantern Superman Funko Pop

What does Funko use as their mascot when they specialize in making adorable collectables of all your fan favorite characters? Their mascot is, in fact, original character of their own.

Freddy Funko, with his five freckles on each cheek, is the official Funko mascot and has several of his own Funko Pops. Some of the most valuable are versions of Freddy dressed as the superheroes just like the fans.

By far the most expensive superhero Freddy Funko Pop is the Freddy Funko White Lantern Superman Pop. It would be a pretty big wish fulfillment moment for a fan to imagine themselves as White Lantern Superman.

It was released just at Sand Diego Comic Con 2017, and thus this 24 piece limited edition Pop is going for $2030 online for would-be collectors.


Stan Lee is not only a seminal creator of many of our favorite Marvel Comics characters, but he’s also a staple of the Marvel Movies and Convention scene.

With Funko Pops becoming such a widely loved collectible, you could have expected that Stan Lee would immortalize himself in such a figure at some point.

In 2015, Comikaze released a gold and silver pair of metallic Stan Lee Funko Pop figures of the comic creator wearing a cape and his glasses.

Each figure is part of a limited 10 piece edition. Each box includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Stan Lee himself, signifying the numbered piece as an official item of Stan Lee memorabilia.

At anywhere from $6000 to $10000 each, either or both are probably the most expensive superhero Funko Pops in existence.


Can you think of any other incredibly expensive and exclusive superhero Funko Pops? Let us know in the comment section!

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