10 Funko Pops That Every MCU Fan Should Own

Funko Pops have become some of the biggest collectibles in pop culure history. Having figures for just about every movie, video game, and comic series you can think of, there's something for everyone. With the MCU becoming one of Hollywood's most popular movie franchises, there are countless Funko Pops involving the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and those that oppose them.

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If you're an MCU fan, you might be wondering which of the Funko Pops from that universe are the best of the bunch. Look no further as we explore the 10 best Funko Pops for MCU fans that you can buy right now.


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Something newer that Funko has been doing with their  figures is releasing them in packs that recreate scenes from the films. One of these sets is Captain America Vs Red Skull from Captain America: The First Avenger. The set recreates the final battle from that movie, where Cap is trying to stop Red Skull from deploying bombs at numerous cities around the world.

This figure pack comes complete with a Tesseract device in between the two of them, which gives the movie more accurate representation. Both figures have accurate details and come with a nice platform that makes it best for display shelves.


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If you're a serious collector when it comes to the MCU, you might be interested in some of the gold chrome Funko Pops from the MCU line. There are plenty of figures that received this treatment, but Black Panther and Ant-Man seem to be some that benefit more from the style.

Seeing the details of the Black Panther suit set against a gold plate is simply mesmerizing to look at (and the same goes for the Ant-Man figure). These figures were created as a celebration of 10 years of the MCU, so it might be best to get these while they're still on the market.


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After its cinematic debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark's Hulkbuster suit returned for Avengers: Infinity War, but piloted by Bruce Banner. The Hulkbuster was always an impressive effect to see in the films, and Funko did a good job of giving it its own Pop variant.

This figure is bigger than most Funko Pops and doesn't have an enlarged head, which honestly makes it look a bit better when on display. All the details are excellent, and the result is a figure that would look great standing next to the rest of the MCU cast. Of all the Iron Man suits, this is probably the coolest one in Pop form.


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The marketing around Spider-Man: Homecoming was focused on portraying Spider-Man as a high schooler, which led to some posters having him wear his academic decathlon jacket. This led to the creation of the Spider-Man with headphones Funko figure.

It takes the MCU version of the suit, gives him the jacket, and adds in some big headphones for good measure. Another great detail is how the eyes are different sizes, which shows how this new Spider-Man has expressive eyes, which hadn't been done before on the big screen. The figure has a lot of personality, which makes it better than most Funko Pops.


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There are times where Funko gets a bit more creative with its figures. Baby Groot as seen at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy had such a small part in the MCU, but there's no denying it made a big impact on the fans. Not only was it given its own Funko Pop figure, but it was also given a holiday variant.

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This adorable version of Groot is strung with Christmas light and ornaments, making him appear as his own decorative tree for the Milano. This unique variant of the figure makes it worth collecting, but also a great decoration for the holidays.


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Thanos is now a household name thanks to Avengers: Infinity War. Succeeding in his goal to rid the universe of half of all life, Thanos is now biding his time, waiting for the day that the Avengers return to face him. As a great way to celebrate that battle, this Thanos Funko Pop would be an excellent addition to any MCU collection.

This Pop is based on his design from the film and includes the Infinity Gauntlet with all six stones as well as a maniacal grin on his face, which perfectly captures the Mad Titan's personality. If you have the Avengers, you're going to need their villains.


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There are tons of different Hulk Funko Pop figures, but this one based on his gladiator costume from Thor: Ragnarok stands as one of the best. The details of his design from the film are present in complete form with this figure, with his helmet, hammer, and body paint.

With this version of Hulk looking more like something from old Spartan lore, it would stand out nicely from the more grounded characters in the MCU. The figure is also sporting that classic angry look on its face, showing everyone that he's ready for a fight and he means business.


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Captain Marvel hasn't released yet, but what better way to bide the time than by adding a Funko Pop from the film to your collection? Yon-Rogg, who will be portrayed by Jude Law, could be the breakout character of the entire film.

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While we're bound to get used to Captain Marvel sporting her red and blue costume, it'll be a neat addition to add one of the  Kree's green star commanders to an MCU collection. While we're still not completely sure what Law's role is in the film, there are many who believe that it's bigger than what has been shown in trailers. Either way, he makes for a nice Funko Pop.


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Korg was one of the funniest characters in Thor: Ragnarok. While he was a long shot from the version we knew from the comics, the new direction that Taiki Waititi took with him proved to be quite a success. Korg is a character many people can't wait to see more of, and he even got his own Funko Pop figure to go along with his newfound popularity.

While the figure lacks the lovable expressions from the movie version of the character, the rest of the details are accurate. Furthermore, there aren't a lot of alien characters like this in the MCU. It's a different-looking figure that is sure to make any collection more complete.


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While Peter Parker's most notable outfit in the MCU comes from the classic-inspired suit that Tony Stark designed him in Captain America: Civil War, he was given a much more impressive suit in Avengers: Infinity War in the form of the Iron Spider. It's sleek, durable and could withstand a direct punch from Thanos.

Having Spider-Man in the MCU is still a treat after being tied up with Sony movies for so long. Now that Marvel is giving him different costumes on the big screen, they make for some nice Funko Pop figures. Spidey fans don't want to miss this one.

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