Funko Announces New Star Wars Rebels Pops

Star Wars Rebels Funko Pop

Funko is the collectibles company with, arguably, the most licenses of any toy company out there. They seem to have cornered much of the nerd-based audiences with their plethora of action figures -- the Funko Pop! Vinyl, arguably their most beloved product -- and subscription boxes that run the gamut from DC to Marvel to Star WarsTheir Star Wars subscription box is called Smuggler's Bounty and each month a new Pop! Vinyl is included inside.

Last week, Funko announced three exclusive three-packs to be sold at Wal-Mart and today they announced three new Star Wars Rebels figures -- featuring some of the Dark Side characters -- and an exclusive Funko to appear in the March Smuggler's Bounty subscription box. The theme of the March box is, unsurprisingly: Star Wars Rebels.

These new Star Wars Rebels Pop! Vinyls include: The Grand Inquisitor, The Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. Their television counterparts are voiced by Jason Isaacs, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Philip Anthony-Rodriguez, respectively, and always appearing in opposition to the eponymous heroes. These three Dark Side wielders will hit Wal-Mart in February. Smuggler's Bounty will launch their March box with a Star Wars Rebels-era Darth Maul (voiced by Sam Witwer), bare to the waist and with his eery spider legs on clearly on display.

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These are the first four villainous Star Wars Rebels characters to be featured as Pop! Vinyls, each representing some of the most visually distinctive characters that have appeared on the three seasons of the show. Now that collectors can get their hands on the entire Rebels crew (including multiple versions of some characters -- like Sabine Wren, who can be purchased both with and without her super cool Mandalorian helmet), and those who oppose them.

Funko seriously seems to be listening to what fans of their products are looking for and for what fans of the Star Wars license are after. They've cut a wide swath across Star Wars Rebels (even a grown up Ahsoka Tano exists in Pop! Vinyl form), and are finally indulging the collecting habits of those who are inclined more toward the Dark Side of the Force. The design work in the television show is so incredible to begin with that it would have been a real shame to not bring some of the more distinct characters to the collectibles market.

There are, however, a ton of Star Wars Funko action figures already available. This may force some collectors to choose one among the four available or to wonder whether or not they need more than one Funko Pop! Vinyl -- there will be two when the Smuggler's Bounty boxes begin shipping. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see which characters may be adapted from Star Wars Rebels next -- Grand Admiral Thrawn, perhaps?

The Inquisitor Funko Pop! Vinyls go on sale in February and Darth Maul will be featured in the March Smugglers Bounty box.

Star Wars Rebels continues this Saturday with 'Trials of the Darksaber' on Disney XD.

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