Funko Introduces Gwenpool & New Avengers Figures

Funko continues to roll out new vinyls, including a trio of figures based on the Unbelievable Gwenpool and some new Avengers bobbleheads.

Gwenpool Pop Figure Funko

While DC is going through a Rebirth, Marvel NOW! seems keen on not only reintroducing classic characters, but packing the shelves with all new titles and superheroes. Over the past few years, the House of Ideas has added Ironheart and Moon Girl, given fans multiple Captain Americas and Hulks, and the newest Ms. Marvel seems destined to be one of the publisher's biggest heroes. There's also been something of an interesting revival for Spider-Man supporting character Gwen Stacy, who's back from the dead and loving it.

The "re-born" Stacy first swung into our hearts as an alternate reality spider-hero known as Spider-Woman (but more colloquially dubbed Spider-Gwen). Her stylish costume and her book's appealing art have made the character a hit, quickly rocketing her from a supporting character in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series to a co-star in Spidey's upcoming cartoon. She's also crossed over into the regular Marvel Comics universe, recently starting a relationship with another newish Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Even zannier, Marvel debuted a Gwen Stacy-themed Deadpool, known as Gwenpool, recently, and she, too, has taken their media by storm.

The character's already popped up in a number of Marvel's mobile games, and now she can join the world of Funko Pop! vinyls. As reported by, fans can get a look at a trio of new figures based on Gwenpool, as well as a couple of new Avengers bobbleheads.

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The new Iron Man and Captain America figures are part of Funko's Wacky Wobblers line of bobbleheads. The Gwenpool figures, meanwhile, stick with the now classic Pop! style that has grown so popular as of late. The first features her masked and with her signature katana, while the second shows the same pose but without the mask. The final version has Gwen with both phone and gun in hand, teasing the character's mix of humor and violence.

The more interesting thing about that final figure is that it's exclusive to Toys 'R Us. While Funko has long released exclusive versions of figures (or new ones entirely) to individual retailers, the kid-friendly store seems an odd fit for the gun-wielding vigilante. Still, it's a pretty cool variation, and one that's sure to see a lot of older fans heading off to Toys 'R Us for the first time in years.

Funko doesn't seem to be slowing things down, as they just released figures based on HBO's popular comedy Silicon Valley earlier today.


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