15The reviews have been brutal

Fuller House slimed

The original Full House-- like most shows cut from that sappy, slapsticky TGIF cloth-- was always more of a fan favorite than a critical darling. Let's just say that nobody involved with the show has any Emmys on their mantle because of it. So it probably shouldn't be a surprise

that Fuller House didn't get much love from critics-- but the vicious things that have been written about it seem to suggest that many reviewers downright despise it.

Beyond just the expected complaints of the show being formulaic and overly sweet, Vulture called the show some of the "most excruciating TV... ever broadcast." The A.V. Club said that it "isn't just bad, it borders on obscene." The Washington Post viciously compared the nostalgia Fuller House evokes to having relations with the deceased. Yuck.

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