Fuller House Season 4 Trailer Feels Like a Reunion With Old Friends

Scott Winger as Steve and Candace Cameron Bure as DJ in Fuller House

Netflix rolls out a brand new trailer for Fuller House, in light of the upcoming release of its fourth season. The sequel series to the popular sitcom from the 1980s and 1990s, Full House, the iconic Tanner family home remains the setting of the show when Danny Tanner's (Bob Saget) first-born, DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) moves back in with her three kids. Newly widowed, her sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and best friend, Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) come live with her as they help raise her boys - similar to what Jesse (John Stamos) and Joey (Dave Coulier) did with her father.

Season 3 ended on a high note with the reveal that Kimmy is pregnant with Stephanie and Jimmy Gibbler's (Adam Hagenbuch) baby. And after more than a year on hiatus, a brand new season launches very soon, and will pick up a few months after the last time fans saw the Tanner clan. The new trailer is full of moments that seem familiar, and the people behind the show seems to be pulling out all the stops for what could be their final season, the only thing seemingly missing is an appearance from Michelle (Mary Kate Olsen/Ashley Olsen).

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A couple of weeks before Fuller House season 4 rolls out, Netflix released a brand new trailer for the sequel that features tons of Full House references. The trailer opens up with Steve (Scott Weinger) coming back to San Francisco after resigning from his job in Los Angeles, to spend more time with DJ and work on their rejuvenated romance. Meanwhile, Fernando (Juan Pablo Di Pace) casually hangs out in the iconic Tanner family living room pointing out that the house's door is always open, no wonder they can't keep him out. Watch the trailer below:

The original adult trio of Danny, Jesse, and Joey also make an appearance, and it seems like they'll have more to do this season than in season 3. Rebecca (Lori Loughlin) and Jesse are closer than ever. as fans see the two on a romantic date - reminiscent of their early days of dating and eventual married life in Full House. Joey remains the same dork that he's always been, although it's unclear if his rowdy kids will once again make a cameo. And finally, the Wake-Up San Francisco team of Danny Tanner and Rebecca Donaldson is also back. And while chances are it's just going to be for a special episode, it's nice to see the duo do their spiel.

Of course, the new season of Fuller House can't solely bank on nostalgia, so the new storylines established in the series are also moving forward, including Kimmy carrying Stephanie and her brother Jimmy's baby. Since it's the eclectic Gibbler who's physically pregnant, Stephanie is being overprotective of her - making for a couple of heartwarming moments between the two. Boy wonder Max (Elias Harger) also looks like he's going to have his own issues, as well as Jackson (Michael Campion) who's still going strong with Rocki (Landry Bender).

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Fuller House season 4 arrives on Netflix December 14.

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