Fuller House Season 4 Gets December Netflix Premiere Date

The Tanners are back, and just in time for Christmas, as season 4 of Full House reboot Fuller House just got a December premiere date. After spending countless Christmases with the Tanner family on their original ABC show, Netflix has allowed fans to once more spend the holidays with their favorite TV family. Though it could be a bittersweet holiday, as whispers of cancellation remain on the horizon for the Netflix original.

Telling the story of the Tanner family from a different angle, Fuller House focuses on sisters D.J. Fuller and Stephanie Tanner, along with longtime neighbor Kimmy Gibbler, raising D.J.'s three sons and Kimmy's daughter after the untimely death of D.J.'s husband. The show also features occasional appearances by original stars Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier, as well as callbacks to the classic show, placing an emphasis on the nostalgia factor. Fuller House seems to reach for the original fans from the 1990s, however, that fan base is currently inundated with other revivals, from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to The Conners. Amidst all the reboots, is there still room for sappy life lessons from the Tanners?

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Earlier today, Deadline reported that Netflix will release season 4 on December 14, just in time to binge during the holiday season. The season potentially promises more screen time for the old guard, Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky and Joey, as they move back to San Francisco; this potential cast change-up could in turn lead to increased viewership from old fans. Another big change, Steve Baldikoski and Bryan Behar - of Last Man Standing - are set to replace series creator Jeff Franklin as showrunner, after allegations of verbal abuse.

Earlier this month, the reboot dealt with rumors of an impending cancellation. Netflix has made no mention of this decision, and instead chose to focus on the release of season four, which, as fans now know, was fast approaching when those reports first surfaced. There's still no indication one way or the other whether there will be a Fuller House season 5.

Though Hollywood is currently attempting to create revivals of just about every big 90s TV show, many fans believe the trend has run its course. If the rumors of an approaching end for Fuller House turn out to be true, perhaps season 4 will give fans the closure they need to finally say goodbye to the Tanners.

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Source: Deadline

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