Fuller House Season 3 Trailer Commemorates 30 Years of Full House

The Tanner brood is back and is reminiscing about the good old days when they first started living together in their San Francisco home, in a brand-new trailer for the third season of Fuller House. The sequel to the '80/'90s family classic sitcom Full House was first picked up by Netflix in 2015, with the main cast members (with the exclusion of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who alternated playing the clan's youngest daughter, Michelle) and some supporting characters returning to the show. The first season was kicked-off by a DJ-centric (Candice Cameron Bure) narrative parallel to what his father, Danny (Bob Saget) went through in the original series - widowed with kids, prompting family members and close friends to move back in the house to raise the children.

Reboots and revivals are the current fads in Hollywood right now, but not all ventures live up to the expectation. Sometimes, revisiting old properties ultimately prove detrimental to the show's legacy as a whole. Fuller House, however, has found a fanbase of its own, with older and younger Full House fans alike having warmed up to the spinoff (despite its rocky critical reception). Despite the similarities in the premise, Fuller House had proven able to deviate itself from its predecessor by its second season, keeping viewers interested to see more, in the process.

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The new trailer for Fuller House season 3 is now online and features DJ, Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy (Andrea Barber) talking about how some things stay the same - with the three of them still living together (Kimmy did not exactly resided in the house before, but was always around) and how some things change, as DJ ponders being a bridesmaid at the wedding of her first love, Steve (Scott Weinger). Their conversation leads to them realizing that exactly 30 years ago, Uncle Jessie (John Stamos) and family friend, Joey (David Coulier) moved in to help Danny take care of the Tanner daughters. And just like that, those three guys appear, wearing the same clothes that they did the first time they walked through those iconic twin doors. Check out the full video, above.

Fuller House has always been fueled by nostalgia. It was great seeing the Full House kids back and living their adult lives - yet somehow, they still live in the same house that they were in before. Seeing them deal with adult problems is a great contrast to the issues that they wrestled with when they were younger, on Full House. If anything the sequel/spin-off does a good job of continuing the character trajectories of the Full House characters, especially DJ and Stephanie.

The one other thing that would truly make season 3 a proper celebration of Full House's 30th anniversary would be an appearance by Michelle. The creatives behind Fuller House were not able to convince the now-fashion moguls to reprise their debut TV role in the sequel. Narratively, the youngest Tanner daughter is supposedly residing in New York and is very busy with her fashion career - an obvious nod to what the sisters are now doing in the real world. At this point, there is a slim chance that the very private twins will be back to reprise their role, but fans are still keeping their fingers crossed that Michelle will eventually come home.

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Fuller House season 3 premieres September 22nd on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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