Fuller House Season 3 Gets Expanded Episode Order

Netflix is bringing back Fuller House once again for season 3, and this time, there's going to be even more of the Tanners than before.

Fuller House Season 3 Gets Expanded Episode Order

So far, Fuller House has emerged as one of Netflix's biggest successes. Acting as a long-gap sequel to Full House, and one of the streaming service's many revival titles, the series picked up with a number of the original series' characters as they all returned (in some form of another) to the central San Francisco house that they grew up in. The series has been on the receiving end of some consistently unfavorable reviews from the moment it premiered in early 2016 until now, but that hasn't stopped the series from producing record-breaking numbers with its freshman season, or Netflix from quickly announcing second and third season renewals either.

Following its second season premiere back in December as well, Netflix didn't waste much time before announcing a third season renewal of the series, similar to how long they waited to announce a second season renewal (which came just a week after the series premiere). Based on this latest announcement as well, it seems as though the streaming service is even more confident in Fuller House than they ever have been before.

In a new Instagram post, series creator Jeff Franklin has announced that not only will the series be returning for a third season next year, but that it'll also have more episodes than either of the previous two seasons, with an expanded order of 18 episodes as opposed to the traditional 13:


Happy New Year! Looking forward to season 3 -- 18 episodes -- Back to work on Monday!

A photo posted by Jeff Franklin (@fullerhouseguy) on


Now, it's well known that Fuller House drew in some huge numbers for Netflix when its first season premiered, but some reports and speculation have hinted that the series suffered a major drop in viewers between its first and second seasons. The streaming service, which has always been secretive about the ratings/numbers for their original series, has denied those claims, however, and it seems like there may be some serious validity to those denials too, if they're planning on bringing the series back with more episodes than they ever have before.

Netflix has been reaping the rewards of their revival series for years now, though, giving new life to beloved titles time and time again to great critical success. In fact, the streaming service just recently brought Gilmore Girls back to life with their 4-part revival mini-series, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, to similar praise from critics and fans. While the latter wasn't able to garner as high of ratings as Fuller House did when it premiered, it was just yet another bit of evidence to how well Netflix's business plan and original series lineups have been working for them. With this latest announcement, as well as the continuous hype and attention that all of their new and returning series garner, it doesn't seem like they have any intentions of slowing down either.

Fuller House seasons 1 & 2 are now available on Netflix. Season 3 is expected to premiere sometime in 2017.

Source: Instagram

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