Fuller House, Netflix’s sequel series to ABC’s long-running family sitcom Full House, received without a doubt the most scathing reviews of any show in all the years that Netflix has produced original programming. However, that doesn’t mean audiences didn’t watch the show- and in fact, they’re going to get more of the TV series soon.

Netflix has officially renewed Fuller House for a second season, according to a ten-second video of the cast posted to the show’s official Twitter account (which you can watch above). The related tweet states that season 2 is “coming soon to Netflix,” although no official timetable was shared.

As for how Fuller House season 1 has fared with TV critics: it’s been called “an inescapable nightmare” by VoxVulture called it shrill, garish [and] unfunny”; and The AV Club wrote that The show isn’t just bad, it borders on the obscene” and called it “a porn parody without the porn.” And if you thought that sounded bad enough, The Washington Post has likened it to a point where nostalgia becomes more like necrophilia.”

Sure, those reviews are pretty brutal. But it seems pretty clear, if social media is any indication, that a whole lot of people binge-watched the show as soon as the streaming service released it last weekend – and enjoyed it. Netflix, as always, did not release ratings statistics for the show. Still, whether it was out of nostalgia, sincere appreciation, hate-watching, and/or some combination of all of the above, Fuller House has pretty clearly made a cultural impact.

Fuller House season 1 not have been “good” in any real objective sense, especially compared to a similar continuation of a 1990s TGIF show, Girl Meets World, which many has rounded into a truly fantastic series on its own. Again, though, the Full House sequel series has become part of the larger conversation about the state of the medium of television today.

Fuller House Series Premiere New Generation Fuller House Gets a Season 2 Renewal from Netflix

Still, even if Fuller House season 1 hadn’t struck a chord, Netflix has rarely denied second seasons for its own shows (exceptions like its woebegone Richie Rich series). And while Arrested Development’s supposed second Netflix season remains in limbo, due in large part to most of the cast being busy with other projects, the core actors of Fuller House are mostly unattached – making it more likely that Fuller House season 2 will proceed without delay.

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Fuller House season 1 is streaming now on Netflix. We’ll let you know when season 2 gets a premiere date.

Source: Fuller House Twitter

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