John Stamos Gets Angry At Netflix For Fuller House “Cancellation” On April Fools

Rebecca and Jesse in Fuller House

John Stamos has an epic meltdown, lashing out on Netflix for canceling Fuller House as part of his April Fools' Day prank. The actor not only stars in the series, reprising his role as Uncle Jesse, he also serves a producer to the 80/'90s family sitcom Full House offshoot.

Fuller House debuted in 2016, bringing most of the original cast back aside from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who alternately played Michelle Tanner. Focusing on Danny Tanner's eldest daughter, DJ finding herself in a similar situation like her dad after her firefighter husband suddenly died, her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy came in to live in the old family home to raise her three boys. Over its course of four seasons, there have been a lot of changes in the show. Kimmy divorced and then re-married Fernando, Stephanie is now a mother, while DJ is finally back with her high school sweetheart, Steve. Danny, Jesse and Joey who left San Francisco during season 1 have now returned to the Bay Area, making for a huge family reunion come season 5. Sadly, the renewal from Netflix also came with the confirmation that it will be the final outing for Fuller House.

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The cancelation was difficult to take for a lot of Fuller House fans, but it seems like no one had a harder time than Stamos who had an epic rant at Netflix's offices for pulling the plug on his show. The 45-second clip posted on his official Twitter account sees the actor screaming at the receptionist. Fans shouldn't be worried about having another cast member under fire because the whole thing was staged as part of his April Fools' prank. Watch the clip below:

As Fuller House fans are aware, cast member Lori Loughlin, who plays Aunt Becky on the show, is currently facing charges in light of the massive college admissions bribery case. Apparently, she and husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli were among 50 people indicted with regard to said scam, which involved them paying bribes to get their kids accepted at high-profile schools. Reports say that the couple paid half a million dollars to have their two daughters get accepted into USC. Amidst this whole scandal, Netflix has decided to not bring her back for the final season of Fuller House. And considering where things were left off for her and Uncle Jesse, writers of the show will definitely have to be creative to explain her absence.

Considering that Stamos has been mainly known for playing egotistical but likeable characters such as Full House/Fuller House's Uncle Jesse and Grandfathered's Jimmy Martino, it's quite jarring seeing him this violent and aggressive in the video. Granted he's played sketchy roles like You's Dr. Nicky and Law & Order: SVU's serial impregnator, Ken Turner, his good guy persona still sticks out. If anything, this prank highlighted his acting range and may pave the way for other opportunities outside of his usual roles.

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