Yahoo Movies has the latest (and I presume, final) trailer for the new Bruce Willis flick Live Free Or Die Hard, aka Die Hard 4.0. Click on the image above to see it in a variety of sizes and formats.

I am a HUGE fan of the Die Hard movie series and the John McClane character, but although I'm looking forward to seeing Bruce Willis in the role once again, I'm more than a bit worried about this movie for a number reasons...

1. The young sidekick.

I guess I'm getting old (although not as old as Willis), but it bugs me that they don't think he can carry off an action hero movie without a sidekick that falls squarely within the target demographic. I just don't get a good vibe from a tag-along character that basically says "Wow!" every time McClane pulls an amazing stunt.

2. The WAY over the top action sequences.

I mean ok, I understand it's an ACTION movie, but holy cow... where will the mentality of having to top anything that's been done before end? Seriously, watch the trailer and replace most of the scenes Bruce Willis is in with a superhero and then maybe it would make more sense. I expect hyper-reality in a superhero movie, and sure the Die Hard films have always been a bit over the top, but this one looks really ridiculous.

The release date for Live Free or Die Hard has been moved to June 27th so as to get a week's worth of big box office before the sledgehammer known as The Transformers opens on July 4th.

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