‘Full House’ Sequel Series in Development - Will You Watch? [UPDATED]


UPDATE: #twistending! A Full House reboot could REALLY BE HAPPENING Now!!!!


One of the most beloved sitcoms from the '90s, Full House, may soon be returning to TV in a sequel series centered on D.J. and Stephanie Tanner. Don’t worry: Danny, Joey, Jesse and Rebecca are likely returning, as well.

News of the Tanner family’s return was originally revealed in the Newport Gazette, where series creator Jeff Franklin let slip that he had begun work on a sequel to the hit ABC series. Additionally, Franklin also hinted that the majority of the cast has already shown interest in reprising their roles.

Here’s what Franklin had to say:

Last month I was asked by ABC and [Warner Bros.] to write a new show for the Full House characters.

Everyone I've spoken with were very open to the idea [of returning].

Though two brief quotes isn't much to go on, news of a Full House revival can't be too much of surprise to anyone now that Boy Meets World will be returning this year in a sequel series of its own titled Girl Meets World. Still, with a 20-year gap between its cancellation and a return, there’s a chance that fans might not champion a Tanner sequel in the same way they did with Corey and Topanga – but that’s not to say Full House hasn’t earned a second chance, by any means.

Update: Casting list for the Full House Sequel Revealed!

When Full House was canceled in 1994, it was still pulling in 11 million viewers an episode. In Dave Coulier’s episode of The Kevin Pollak Chat Show, the former Full House star revealed that Ted Harbert - then president of ABC Entertainment (now Chairman of NBC Broadcasting) - wanted to move their more mature 9pm line-up, Roseanne and Home Improvement, to 8pm. In order to do that, Full House had to be canceled.

After cancellation, Full House went on to gain even more popularity in syndication, where it was said to be so popular that there would always be an episode of Full House airing somewhere in the world. Today, Full House still airs in 11 countries, including America. Perhaps it’s not such a bad idea to give this juggernaut show another go?

Of course, with a sequel series comes new faces, new settings – essentially new everything, except the familiar characters. As with the Boy Meets World sequel, the Full House sequel will continue by telling a modern tale of the Tanner family, with D.J. and Stephanie (and most likely their family) taking a majority of the lead. That being said, if the way in which D.J. and Stephanie grew up plays a part in how they’ll raise their own families, don’t be surprised if some familiar faces move in to help make each their homes as "full” as they can be.

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If all goes well, expect to see a Full House sequel make its way to television in 2014

Source: Newport GazetteThe Kevin Pollak Chat Show

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