'Fuller House': Bob Saget & Lori Loughlin Are Officially Cast Members

Full House Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen Fuller House

In the current age of sequels, reboots, and even hybrid sequel reboots, television has proven to be as much fair game for creative revision as film. Revivals are on the way for classic shows like The X-Files, as well as more recent hits like Heroes; suffice it to say, nothing is off-limits at this stage.

Arguably one of the largest nostalgia bombs set to hit small screens next year is Netflix's revival series Fuller House (which we predicted two years ago as part of an April Fools' Day prank - no, we won't let you forget it). As with any TV remake, the main question circling the project has been: who of the main cast will return? Well, besides the Olsen twins, essentially everyone - and then some.

Not surprisingly, John Stamos - who played Uncle Jesse in the original - has been the most vocal of the returning House residents, taking to social media to announce show updates and defend the reboot's integrity and purpose - it is not just a "money gig," but rather a service to the fans. And fans certainly have reason to be excited - if not for the storyline, then for the cast - as Stamos recently confirmed the latest returning member: Bob Saget.

Saget played Danny Tanner, the overprotective, widowed father of three daughters and Stamos' onscreen brother-in-law in Full House. The two shared a typical sibling relationship, often butting heads and bickering due to their opposed personality traits - Saget portraying a responsible authority figure and Stamos a rebellious 'bad boy'. Saget's character also occasionally aspired to be cool like Uncle Jesse, embarrassing his daughters in the process. At the end of the day, though, Danny and Jesse always came together for the good of the family. And it seems Saget and Stamos are doing the same, for the good of the show.

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