'Full House' Revival Being Considered by WB TV

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While we here at Screenrant have long suspected this, it can now be officially confirmed: our own Anthony Ocasio possesses psychic powers. Back in 2013, Anthony penned a quite amusing April Fools joke concerning a Full House revival/sequel series that would focus on the adult Tanner daughters and their families. Well, we promise you that today's update is not another gag. According to TV Guide, Warner Bros. TV and Full House's original producers and stars are considering a resurrection of the popular '90s sitcom.

The fact that Warner would want to bring back Full House really isn't that surprising. After all, Disney's Boy Meets World follow-up, Girl Meets World is doing great with its target audience, and has already earned a full season 2 renewal. The basic logic makes sense: if one TGIF staple can experience a rebirth, then why couldn't the comedy that arguably defined that programming block make a comeback?

Of course, a big factor will be just how many of the original ingredients return to the Full House mix. Girl Meets World brought back Cory and Topanga as regulars, and features guest appearances by other past characters. This has proven to be a shrewd move by Disney, enabling the sequel series to draw in not only the target tween demo, but also those who grew up with the Boy Meets World gang in the '90s. Few emotions are more powerful than nostalgia, and that's a vein that Girl Meets World has successfully tapped into for many.

So far, it seems like all the main players will be involved if Full House indeed returns, at least in some fashion. Series creator Jeff Franklin is set to pen the pilot for the potential revival, and original producer Bob Boyett is also on-board. Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber are all expected to be regulars if the project goes forward - meaning that DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy Gibler would at least be TV fixtures once again. John Stamos has a financial stake in the show, so it's almost a guarantee Uncle Jesse will be part of the festivities. Bob Saget and Dave Coulier are also said to be involved - although it's unclear just how much or how little they would participate. Whether Lori Loughlin or the Olsen Twins will join the fun is unclear.

Full House reruns continue to draw quite well in the ratings for Nick at Nite, and the show continues to bring new fans into the fold with each successive generation. Whether one was a fan of Full House's sometimes saccharine sweet brand of family comedy or not, it's hard to argue with the fact that the long-lasting sitcom contains a certain intangible that enables it to charm its way into the hearts of new viewers.

With the entire cast still among the living, there's a very real chance that a Full House revival could capitalize effectively on decades of building fandom for the original series. That said, there's just as much chance that resurrecting Full House will be a fool's errand, and remind fans that nostalgic feelings are often best left in the past. The question now is whether Warner will indeed decide to head back to that iconic white house in San Francisco.

The Full House revival is still in the very preliminary planning stages.

Source: TV Guide

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