10 Best Episodes Of Full House (According To IMDb)

Even long after it ended, Full House remains one of the most beloved sitcoms from the early 90s. Throughout its 8 season run, the series managed to build quite the following. Considering the success of the show, the consistent cast and longer than average series was so successful that it even got a spinoff series many years later titled, Fuller House

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While the series itself was still far from perfect, the expert balance of heart and humor helped make audiences very forgiving to some weaker moments in the series. To look at some of the strongest moments though, here is our list of the 10 best episodes of Full House.

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10 Slumber Party S4E4 (7.5)

As the worst of the best, Slumber Party revolves mostly around Stephanie as she tries to attend the mother-daughter slumber party with her Honeybee troop. Seeing her soon to be niece in a down state, Becky steps off and offers to fill in. After being excited about the party, Stephanie is once again disappointed as Becky can no longer make it. Finally, Joey steps forward to be Stephanie’s chaperone, though things don’t really go well with him at the party. 

Not only does this episode feature some great humor from Joey, but it also does a lot to emphasize the family aspect that the show was known for. Stephanie and Becky grow closer together while Joey goes to great lengths for Stephanie’s happiness. The episode easily captures the show’s great charm that made it so beloved as it was originally airing.

9 Greek Week S4 E1 (7.6)

As members of Jesse’s family come to town, things get very awkward, very fast for everyone at the Tanner residence. Initially, Michelle’s doppelganger begins causing trouble for her. Next, DJ finds herself married after a simple Greek tradition makes it appear so. Lastly, Jesse himself learns that he is still married to someone from his past, which of course is a major issue with Becky.

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By the end of the episode, everything is once again back to normal. This time, however, Jesse proposes to Becky once again, who now accepts his offer. Though the episode was certainly a weird one, seeing this step in Jesse and Becky’s relationship easily made up for some of the episode’s weaker moments.

8 Shape Up S4 E8 (7.6)

Various social commentaries were also explored throughout Full House’s 8 season run. In the episode, Shape Up, DJ begins to worry about her weight after being invited to Kimmy’s birthday party. In an effort to quickly lose weight, DJ begins starving herself. Of course, this leads to a lot of negative side effects for her and Stephanie is forced to go to other members of the family to help her sister.

In the end, DJ learns a valuable lesson about self-respect and even learns to make conscious health choices. This was also another great moment for Danny to come in as a father, doing his best as a single dad. As one of the more serious episodes of the show, it certainly managed to accomplish a lot in under a half-hour.

7 The Wedding: Part 1 S4 E18 (7.7)

In the hours leading up to Jesse and Becky’s wedding, members of Becky’s family begin to arrive. After complaining about a person on a motorcycle who cut them off, they realize that Jesse was said motorcycle driver. While Jesse’s tensions with Becky’s parents are eventually resolved, Jesse decides to do one last crazy thing as a single man. So, Joey takes him up in a plane and Jesse skydives, only to find himself stuck in a tree mere moments before the start of the wedding.

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Part of what makes the episode so good is that audiences are mere moments from witnessing an event that has been building up for some time. Furthermore, for the cliffhanger to threaten that only built great tension. While this episode piggybacks off the success of Part 2 mostly, the start of The Wedding is still a very strong start to one of the biggest moments in the series.

6 The Wedding: Part 2 S4 E19 (7.8)

After being rescued from the tree, Jesse finds himself in jail. Thankfully though, after Becky comes to bail him out, the two finally get officially married. However, due to the delays, the reception is moved to the Tanner residence.

Seeing Becky and Jesse married, at last, was a huge moment for the show’s audience. Characters who had been dating for so long finally tied the knot at a nice midpoint in the series, opening the doors for all new directions for the show and characters. The Wedding paid off in a great way, offering much humor and enough family drama to help set up the next few seasons of the show. 

5 Fuller House S4 E20 (7.9)

After Jesse and Becky return from the wedding, the couple begins to move Jesse’s things into Becky’s house. Of course, Jesse’s absence is heartbreaking to witness, especially in how it relates to Michelle. With the family dynamic threatened, big changes were clearly ahead for the series. By the end of the episode though, Becky and Jesse decide to renovate the attic into an apartment for the two of them, meaning that the both of them could now stay.

Though Fuller House would also come to be the title of the show’s sequel series, it also marks the new direction for the original. Seeing Becky as an official member of the family and living in the house with everyone else was a more than welcome experience along with an already comforting dynamic.

4 The Last Dance S7 E17 (7.9)

After Jesse’s grandfather comes to visit, the family becomes devastated to learn that he passed in his sleep. As the other’s struggle with the loss, Michelle is easily the one who struggles with it the most. As Jesse tries to get over his loss as well, he tries his best to comfort Michelle, but has difficulty due to his relationship with his grandfather.

As the episode ends, both Jesse and Michelle use each other to help the other overcome the loss. For how very little humor there is in the episode, it is surprising that it ranks so high. However, seeing Jesse in such a mature manner and how close he and Michelle truly are, more than makes up for the lack of comedy, easily landing this episode among the other greats.

3 Silence Is Not Golden S6 E17 (8.0)

Silence Is Not Golden is another perfect example of when the show deals with heavier issues. After a classmate reveals to Stephanie that his father hits him, Stephanie struggles with the morality of her situation. In the end, she tells Jesse what she knows, who then calls the police. After learning that she did the right thing, Stephanie comes to appreciate Danny all the more.

Even with a strong family dynamic in this episode, the show still focused on a major issue that is still a big thing in society today. Though things may have gone a bit smoother in the show than in real life, the fact that they still chose to tackle the issue only proves why this episode is as good as it was.

2 Honey, I Broke The House S3 E20 (8.1)

After Joey gets a new car, Stephanie decides to try and enjoy the radio. However, she accidentally puts the car in reverse and backs it into the wall of the house. Because of this, Stephanie then decides to run away to Becky’s house, leaving it up to Michelle to explain what happened.

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In the end, Stephanie ends up back home. Like many other times in the series, Bob Saget has a great one-on-one moment with his daughter explaining the situation. Despite the massive damage to the house, there was such a strong family dynamic in this case that makes it easy to see why it’s one of the show’s better episodes.

1 Secret Admirer S4 E11 (8.5)

After Rusty decides to prank D.J., the entire family finds a love letter from a “secret admirer.” For everything that happens in the episode, things come to a conclusion with everyone in the family guessing who they think the letter is from. Michelle eventually reveals Rusty to be the Culprit and the family ends up chasing him down the street.

In relation to the other episodes, Secret Admirer is easily one of the funniest episodes in the whole series. For a half-hour run time, so much comedic drama is set up and executed so well that it is easy to see how it ranks above the others. Likewise, seeing how the rest of the family comes to be involved only adds to the situation. Lastly, there is even a bit of heart at the end as D.J. comes to grow closer to her crush, making this episode one of the more well-balanced ones in the whole series.

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