Full Descripton of J.J. Abrams' Super 8 Trailer

Full Description of J.J. Abrams' Super 8 Trailer

If you've been following movie headlines these past few days, you've no doubt come across the buzz relating to J.J. Abrams' top secret movie trailer that's premiering this weekend alongside Iron Man 2. The film is titled Super 8 and at first, it was reported as a prequel of sorts to Cloverfield, until J.J. Abrams explained that it had nothing to do with his 2008 monster movie.

Now comes a full detailed description of what exactly is depicted in the Super 8 trailer from someone who's seen it. If you wish to keep the surprise and go in to Iron Man 2 not knowing what to expect, you may want to skip over this play-by-play of the trailer.

/Film has the exclusive full description of the trailer and here are the key points of what we can expect to see:

  • Trailer is a minute and a half in length
  • Starts with a fully-loaded train speeding across the screen
  • Text Appears: "In 1979, The U.S. Air Force Closed A Section of AREA 51."
  • Camera pans up from railroad crossing to present light moving in background
  • Text: "All The Materials Were To Be Transported To A Secure Facility In Ohio."
  • Lights revealed to be an older truck and it skids before heading onto the train tracks
  • Text: "From Producer Steve Spielberg"
  • The truck collides with train and explodes - train completely derails - massive explosions
  • Text: "And Director J.J. Abrams"
  • Camera slowly explores wreckage until one train car is shown fully intact
  • Text: "Next Summer"
  • The train car sparks
  • Text: "It Arrives"
  • Train car is revealed to have the US Airforce logo and the wheeled handle begins to spin as the door bends out from the inside
  • Trailer then cuts to a shot of an 8mm camera lens
  • Text: "Super 8"

There are some credits with the Bad Robot logo at the end and the source also explains that it feels like a classic Spielberg project.

"It definitely feels like a late 1970’s Spielberg film, think Close Encounters of a Third Kind. I’m excited to see what the actual movie is about."

Super 8 is another monster movie unrelated to Cloverfield. Since what "it" is can be contained inside of a single train car, it is nowhere near in size to the big ugly Cloverfield monster. From the description however, you can definitely see why many speculated this is a prequel to that movie.

What if J.J. is throwing everyone in a loop and this monster happens to be the same one from Cloverfield, just smaller and younger since it's based (or possibly starts) in 1979? This would be a cool way to set up a prequel and everyone expects a franchise to be made out of Cloverfield...

The entire "Cloverfield" project was a codename for the video (the movie we saw in theaters) kept by the United States Department of Defense. Perhaps Super 8 explains the origins and presents more footage maintained by the military. I think I might like that idea a bit more than another separate monster movie but I'm excited and intrigued either way.

What are your thoughts on the trailer and will you be checking it out this weekend?

Super 8 debuts next summer and we'll keep you up to date on everything we hear about it.

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Source: /Film

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