Fear The Walking Dead: All The Characters Making An Appearance In Season 5

With the wild success of The Walking Dead, creators followed up the series' fifth season with Fear The Walking Dead, a spin-off series following the Clark family and other survivors in Texas. FTWD has received fairly positive reviews, but it struggled in the shadow of TWD. Recently, though, it's moved out from that shadow and become its own, strong journey. Oddly enough, it only took getting rid of most everyone it started with and adding a fan-favorite from TWD: Morgan.

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Changing the series has thus far pleased fans, but next season will see if the improvements stick. In season 5, the group will be heading out on a hero's journey to try to save other survivors. Only time will tell what they find along the way. While a lot of characters have been lost along the way, there are still quite a few left around.

Here are All The Characters Making An Appearance In Season 5.

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After having a pretty rough time on The Walking Dead, Morgan Jones transferred over to FTWD to pull his life back together. By now, he's lost his wife, son, and almost lost his humanity. What else does he have to lose? Though he leans into violence in the face of the zombie apocalypse, Morgan shows time and time again that he can be a good person, underneath it all.

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When fans last left him, he chose to cuff the mad Martha instead of lose his life or end hers. Ultimately, he just focuses on just trying to save his new family, with Al and the other survivors. Furthermore, he's decided he doesn't just want to survive, he wants to help save people, too.


As the only main character left by season 5, Alicia Clark has a lot of emotional baggage on her. She started out the series as a young volunteer nurse and now is a vital member of the survivors. Not only does she help heal, but she's tough and worn. This whole zombie situation has changed her, and time will only tell how much more she changes.

When the finale happened, Alicia just joined back up with the survivors and saved Al from some walkers. After learning she's the last member of her family alive, she had to face mortality and what this meant for her. Season 5 will see Alicia as the only living Clark using her skills to help heal others on the road.


Between several aliases and nurse skills that haunt her, June has always been a complex, tortured character. Fans meet when she holds a gun to Maddie Clark's head in season 4. Since then, June has found a way to integrate into the group and find her own way. She's even started a romance with fellow survivor John.

In season 5, viewers will find June working with the others to help other survivors. As a nurse, she'll be a vital part of the team. however, she'll probably have to see even more grief and loss. Will she stay reformed or go back to her secretive, evasive ways?


Before the apocalypse, John was a cop and a great shot. While his actions helped protect the town, eventually a fatal event leaves him feeling guilty and he secluded himself. Once the zombies started, he stayed a recluse until a woman named "Laura" came to his door. They fell in love, but she ditched him out of fear, and John finally left his sanctuary to find her.

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Then he meets the core cast of survivors and finds her, really named June, all over again. Where fans last left him, he was reaffirming his feelings for June and surviving the anti-freeze scare. Though he's given up his gun aversion, Season 5 will tell if picking up a rifle again was worth it.


In season 4, Althea joins the cast of survivors as an ex-journalist seeking the truth. She specialized in taped interviews, trying to get stories from people. However, it's revealed her tapes aren't just of strangers, but also people she loved and lost, making them all the more important to her. When her life was in danger, she even made a tape to ask whoever found them to keep them safe.

Though Althea has several close brushes with peril in the last season, she's made it to season 5 and is en route to help others on the road. Her compassion, friendliness, and survivalist instincts make her a fan favorite.


Selfish and strong, Victor was once a wealthy man with some knowledge on how the zombies came to be. When he's first introduced, he's a ruthless man who believes in survival of the fittest. His own worth comes before others, and he thinks that makes him strong. However, after time with the core survivors, he wants to make a change for the better.

Though Strand questions Morgan's season 4 finale plan to help survivors on the road, he still sticks with the group and supports them. Season 5 will likely see more of his growing compassion. That is, unless so much risk to help others slides him back into his old ways.


Ex-girlfriend of complicated Clark son, Nick, Luciana joined the group in season 3 when they escaped the depot of armed soldiers. In her time with the survivors, she grew close to Nick's family, Maddie and Alicia. Despite losing Nick, she stayed with them. Brave and resourceful, Luciana has become a vital member of the group. Ultimately, her chat with dying survivor Clayton, about getting him a beer, saves everyone from anti-freeze poisoning.

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In season 5, Luciana's street-wise skills will become even more important, rustling up supplies and keeping out of sight from walkers. However, she still needs to find belonging in this world without Nick.


Though initially appearing charismatic and helpful, Troy has a dark streak to him that always posed danger to his fellow survivors. He embraced the new life among zombies, an unsettling but useful trait. Unfortunately, Troy's cruel streak catches up to him and he turns into the bad guy by the end of season 3. After all, leading a zombie horde to your home isn't something you can spin to sound good.

While Maddie bludgeoned the guy, apparently it didn't end his life. Troy will be back in season 5. Only time will tell if it's for redemption or vengeance.


When it comes to characters, Grace is the ultimate mystery. Unlike all other confirmed cast for season 5, Grace is going to be a newcomer that fans know nothing about. Played by Karen David of Once Upon a Time and Galavant fame, this role will likely be much more serious than her most famous fare.

At best, fans can presume she'll likely be a survivor the group meets on the road that they help. As she's to become a season regular, she'll probably stay after they've assisted her. But will she be a new good guy or a bad guy with a sweet face?


Coming from The Walking Dead, Dwight was a Saviors underling who helped Rick dethrone Negan. After all, he took his wife for himself. When Negan is downed, Sherry has run away and Dwight heads out on a new journey to find her. Somehow, that lands him in Texas with the FTWD folks. Unfortunately, he doesn't look very happy at all. Does this mean Sherry didn't make it?

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Dwight is a good man with a cruel bone in him, one that lets him be a vicious Savior for the sake of his wife. However, has that cruel bone infected the rest of his body without Sherry to protect?


As an ex-CIA agent, Daniel Salazar knows how to take down an enemy. Though that can make him intimidating, he also can be a caring man who regrets all the terrible truths of his past. After losing his wife and daughter, he becomes more hardened and cautious of others. Last fans saw him was in season 3 at the dam, facing off against Nick, his fate left ambiguous.

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With two seasons of time missing, Daniel is supposed to be coming back for season 5. It will reveal what he's been up to and why he's met up with the main cast of survivors again.


A child warped by The Vultures, Charlie was sent to Morgan's group as a spy. Since her parent's turning in front of her eyes, she just focused on survival. Though she started off helping the enemy and sending information, she bonded with the main cast and turned on her original party. Finding a father figure in John and growing to care for the others, she has a home again. Even though she ended Nick's life, they ultimately accept her.

With the others, Charlie will be back for season 5. As the youngest member of the group and an ex-villain, her growth in the coming season will be complex.

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