Chilling Trailer for 'Frozen'

When the trailer for the new Adam Green thriller Frozen hit the web the other day, I thought, “Great someone finally made a movie about my first girlfriend from high school.” I was slightly disappointed to find out that wasn’t the case. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t keep my fingers crossed that somebody will one day write about her…but I digress.

Frozen is a actually new single-setting thriller in the style of Open Water and this year’s grossly under-appreciated The Canyon.

Shawn Ashmore (X2), Emma Bell (Gracie) and Kevin Zegers (Fifty Dead Men Walking) star as three college students out for a good time on the slopes, skiing and snowboarding. With the day winding down, they decide to take one last run at the mountain and as they are riding the chair lift it stops about halfway up and then the mountain goes dark as the resort closes, leaving the three stranded high above the ground.

What starts as a weekend of fun, soon turns to panic as the trio realize that help is not coming and they are forced to make some difficult life or death decisions. We have the trailer for you, but Peter Sciretta from Slash Film warns the last 30 seconds are what he considers to be SPOILERS. He was able to catch an early viewing of the film, so I’ll take his word on it and skip the ending because I’d like to see this film.


These types of films aren’t for everyone and I’m sure Frozen will only play to a select audience, which is a shame because this is the way horror is supposed to be done. No blood, no gore, no "torture porn" – just a good relatable story that makes everyone watching think, "That could happen to me!” Open Water accomplished that goal very well several years ago by making the audience think “What if?” If you get a chance to watch The Canyon, then I highly suggest you do so, because you’ll never want to go hiking in the Grand Canyon again.

People are fascinated with “What if” scenarios, which is evident by the popularity of The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game by University Games. I know I sit and think sometimes, “What if this plane is going to crash?” or “What if this train derails with me on it?” I know it sounds morbid but these are real life situations that can and do occur. What if you are stuck under water in your car or if armed assailants stormed into your bank while you are making a transaction? If you think about these things now, then you may find yourself better prepared if they ever DO happen.

I know if I was stuck high up on a chair lift with 2 friends (assuming one wasn’t a fat butt) then I would put the strongest one hanging onto the bottom of the lift while my buddy and I climb down him making a reverse ladder. That would put us about 18 feet closer the ground and would make dropping a lot safer for one of us. He could then ski to the bottom and get help.

What would you do to survive in a situation like the one presented in Frozen?

Frozen strands audiences in their seats February 5th, 2010.

Source: /Film

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