Frozen: All The Main Characters, Ranked

Frozen immediately became a Disney classic thanks to its beauty and enchanting characters. We've ranked all of the main ones!

Frozen is the kind of film that immediately went into the Disney archive as one of their animated classics. The film broke records and managed to take the world by storm, perhaps to everyone's surprise. It's a symbol of the big Disney renaissance.

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The film actually has some really well developed characters. Some are of course better than others but the colourful cast are perfect for the fairy tale adventure that the animation studio is created. With the sequel on the way very soon and the likelihood that they will add even more impressive characters, we're ranking these main characters from worst to best!


Hans is of course the villain of the film... spoilers for anyone who still hasn't seen it! He plays the charming prince that we're used to for much of the first half of the film. The use of this character allowed the writers to completely turn the genre on its head.

However, the character himself is despicable. He gaslights, leads on Anna and ultimately showcases why he should not be trusted, nor in a position of great power. But, he did secure himself as one of the greater villains in the Disney films even if it was through unconventional methods.


We only meet Oaken very briefly but the spa and shop owner is of course a fan favourite. His amazing accent and feel good attitude always has viewers smiling when he's on screen. He's so popular that he was brought back for the mini spin-off film.

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While we don't know if he'll have a big role in the sequel we're hoping that he at least gets a good look in, in terms of screen time. We know he's not too developed as a character but perhaps there is a minor sub plot that could include the lovable giant and his family.


Pabbie is a wise and magical creature that has given some of his advice to our young heroes. He's an interesting and mysterious character that adds to the fantasy elements of this movie. We know they are being brought back for the sequel.

Again we don't know too much about him, but he's always looked after these two sisters throughout his life. He's incredibly kind and generous and we'd love to see a lot more of him. He's the most underrated character of the film and a true mentor. We'd also love to know more about the species that he's a part of.


Sven is the right hand man to Kristoff. He's incredibly friendly and helpful as well as so supportive to his buddy. Every Disney film needs an animal creature that acts more like a dog than anything else. Sven the reindeer is no exception and has a great character design to support that kind of personality.

He is of course a little bit clumsy but he absolutely means well in his actions. Sven is going to be outshone potentially with a new blue creature joining this universe, but we hope he gets enough screen time to carry on being just as charming!


Kristoff is probably one of the best male characters in the Frozen franchise, although when the competition is Hans it's not a difficult choice between the two. It's fair to say he's a little rough around the edges but there is a lot of heart underneath all those coats and charming exterior. He is of course heroic and very supportive.

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Kristoff has come to the rescue and been rescued a number of times. He's caring and considerate and looks out for his friends. He was prepared to help Anna and her sister face the darkness inside of her and his bond with Sven showcases his commitment to those he loves. Also, he's pretty funny!


Elsa is almost the star of the show in the first film. She's one of the most complex characters that Disney has created. Rarely have we seen a Queen as the focus of a story and we have never quite seen a redemption story like what we are shown here.

Her powers aren't the only thing to define her; although we have to say they are very impressive and is why the film as a whole stands out compared to other Disney classics. She's become a strong leader and has had to deal with isolation for so long that it's truly impressive how she has stood up to the responsibility of her role, after an initial shaky start.


Anna is slightly more impressive than her sister because she actually managed to bring Elsa from the brink of self destruction. All those years that Elsa was locked away in her room, Anna got on with it and was not a bad princess throughout.

Her mission to go and save Elsa showed just how brave she is and she's also a pretty relateable character. The first film pitched Anna as the hero and we feel like the second may go along that path again, hopefully not at the cost of these other great characters though. It's for you to judge whether she's the best princess though!


It was obvious who was going to top this list. The snowman that was brought to life by a bit of magic and voice expertly by Josh Gad. Olaf was a fan favourite as soon as he arrived on the scene and to be honest the world hasn't stopped talking about him since.

He has every good quality that the other characters have and in some way has many of the characteristics of Elsa at her kindest and most caring. He's a little bit clumsy, unpredictable and completely naive but then he hasn't been alive for very long. He's also one of the rare characters that's beloved by kids and adults alike.

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