The Ultimate Frozen Gift Guide

With Frozen 2 on the horizon for Fall of 2019 and fans everywhere bracing for Elsa's next icy adventure, children and adults alike will be wishing for Frozen themed gifts for all occasions. For the Arendelle citizen in your life, these toys, tunes, and tales will have them unable to let go.

Set in the mid-1800s in a fictional, Norway-like land, Frozen captured imaginations everywhere through Elsa and Anna's love and bravery, Olaf's charm and the loyalty of Kristoff and Sven. Far from over, the adventures of Elsa and Anna are set to continue - but until then, whet your sequel appetite, or that of a loved one, with these Frozen gifts.

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10 Elsa and Anna Funko POP! 2 Pack


These sisters are inseparable, whether in their true forms or as little vinyl figurines. These Funko POP! figures are 3 3/4 inches tall and make great gifts, toys and birthday cake toppers. Elsa appears in her iconic dress, with a snowflake perched on her open palm. Her brow is furrowed, ready to fight and defend.

Anna is right by her sister's side, sporting her iconic cloak and dress, also poised for action. These two figures not only look great on their own, but the poses allow for them to be placed together and truly look like a set - our two heroes are ready to take on the world together, come what may.

9 Elsa's Market Adventure LEGO Set


This construction set represents Arendelle market and is recommended for ages 5 to 12. It comes with a clock tower that has a reversible top, for springtime (a regular clock) or winter (a giant, transparent snowflake). Pieces include a market stall with wheels, an umbrella, flowers, a jetty and fountain, a rowboat and ice skates that can attach to the bottom of characters' feet.

Elsa and Olaf come in the box, and the oars on the boat can be gripped by Elsa. This set is compatible with any LEGO pieces, so it can be expanded upon or added to an existing creation.

8 Olaf TY Plush


Some people are worth melting for. This 13" tall Olaf plush is a great source for warm hugs that will be able to thaw any frozen heart. It has glitter embedded into the surface so he shimmers in the light, and the structure is made of polyester.

This is a good toy for ages 3 to 300. With his sunny, dopey disposition and love for everything warm, Olaf could give Frosty the Snowman a run for his money as most beloved man of snow in children's film history. The toy sits up on its own, so he can be displayed on a shelf or bed as a decoration - when he's not busy giving hugs.

7 Frozen Original Soundtrack


This soundtrack features 8 original songs from the original blockbuster film, sung by the main cast, as well as tracks from the film score, composed by Christophe Beck of the Oscar award-winning short, Paperman. Voices appearing on the disc include that of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad and Demi Lovato.

The full disc includes 32 tracks total, one of which was awarded Best Original Song at the 2014 Academy Awards - 'Let it Go', performed by Idina Menzel. For fans of Frozen, the music is one of the most important parts of the experience - give this soundtrack to someone who you want to keep dancing all day long.

6 Olaf's in Trouble Game


This is a version of the classic game of Trouble, where players race their pieces around a board, rolling dice in a pop-able dome. If one player lands on another player's piece, that piece goes back to start. Movers represent Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Sven, and the characters are all racing to save Olaf by reaching the end of the board.

Unlike the classic, solidly colored board, the Frozen board is decked out in ice and snow, complete with avalanches to watch out for. This is a fun take on the simple children's game, great for kids and families to enjoy together while waiting for Frozen 2 to come out.

5 Frozen on Blu-Ray


This film is an icy, magical, fantasy adventure following Anna, her friend Kristoff and his trusty reindeer Sven, on a quest to find Anna's frosty sister, Elsa. Elsa has cast a spell on the Kingdom of Arendelle, locking the entire land into a constant winter.

With the help of a sweet, kind-hearted snowman named Olaf, the heroes find Elsa, living in her isolated palace crafted out of ice. This is a tale of friendship and family, loyalty and bravery. With heroes that children and adults alike can look up to, this is a quintessential Disney story about true acts of love that will warm any heart, no matter how chilly.

4 Surprise Slides! Game


This game is a light strategy race to reach Elsa's palace, for ages 3 and up. The mechanics are something like if Snakes & Ladders was mashed up with Candyland, with a little bit of a labyrinth-like twist thrown in. Parts of the board can be removed and shifted around, forming new pathways and surprising other players.

The art on the board depicts a journey through a winter forest, from the kingdom of Arendelle all the way to Elsa's frozen ice palace, up in the mountains. The color-coded spin-and-move device allows for pre-literate children to play along, making this icy fun for the whole family.

3 Frozen Storybook Collection


This collection contains 18 short stories about Frozen characters in their world, with titles such as 'An Icy Monster', 'Melting Hearts' and 'Kristoff's Birthday Bash'. Colorful art appears throughout the book on every page, including some full-page illustrations.

The stories are suitable for bedtime or playtime, for readers and listeners aged 4 to 8. The reading times are a good enough length to satisfy children eager for a story, but short enough that it won't take forever to read them a tale and send them to bed. This is a great gift for a child who loves to keep Frozen in their dreams at night.

2 Sven Plush


This Sven plush is 15 inches long and stretches 17 inches tall if you count the enormous antlers on top of his goofy, loyal head. With the personality of a golden retriever and the strength of a majestic forest beast, Sven is Kristoff the mountaineer's faithful companion, at his side through thick and thin, and willing to put his life on the line to jump into an avalanche or in front of a snowball for any of his friends.

This is a huggable, soft plush made of polyester with embroidered features and fluffy fur. An authentic Disney toy, this is a great cuddle companion and protector for future Mountaineers.

1 Olaf's Frozen Adventure


This 2017, Christmas-themed short film premiered in theatres as the pre-show before Disney Pixar's Coco and starred the original voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff. The short is full of music and was originally intended to air as a TV special, but it was decided that the cinematic quality of the piece was more appropriate for a large, movie theatre setting.

In this story, Olaf decides to help Anna and Elsa find new holiday traditions. Of course, he runs into some serious trouble on his journey, with the short ending in his discovery of a wonderful tradition where he least expected it. This disc also comes with 6 additional wintery Disney shorts: Polar Trappers, Winter, The Hockey Champ, The Art of Skiing, Once Upon a Winter Time and Pluto's Christmas Tree.

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