20 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Frozen

Frozen has earned its place in the Disney Hall of Fame, with the 2013 film having maintained its popularity among children and adults since its release. Since the first time they heard “Let It Go” and “Do You Want To Build A Snowman,” fans were hooked, and the film's ability to portray Disney Princesses in a much different way has set them apart from other films. Characters like Elsa and Anna are much different than what fans were used to seeing from Disney, and it was a breath of fresh air. Fans felt as though Frozen indicated a big change in the animated industry, and have heralded it as one of Disney's best.

While the film and songs are incredibly popular, some people have misconceptions about the film. While Disney is sometimes tight-lipped about their process of making films, they have been open about how Frozen was made. However, not every fan has seen this information before, so there are plenty of hidden facts for them to explore. The production process for Frozen has a long story behind it, and the stories that have come out since the film was made are very interesting. A film which has grossed $1.2 billion dollars at the box office certainly has a story to tell. Now it's time for every Frozen fan to let the misconceptions go, open up the gates, and stuff some chocolate in their face, because here are 20 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Frozen.

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20 It Was Not Easy To Film

Those that are not familiar with the world of film often assume that animated films are easier to produce, with some often citing that the technology makes it easier to complete scenes. Others say that not having physical actors in front of the camera reduces retakes, but both of these points could not be further from the truth, and Frozen's long production schedule is the proof.

While the shot of Elsa building her iconic ice castle is a great visual for the movie, it caused a big headache for the production team. This individual shot took over fifty crew members over thirty hours to complete. And that's just one shot! Considering the beautiful art direction of this animated film, there were likely dozens of scenes that were involved just like this one.

19 Elsa Is Only 21


Considering that Elsa is crowned Queen of Arendelle during the film, it is automatically assumed that she is much older than her princess counterparts. However, she's still a young adult by most standards despite what fans initially think. As a general rule, Disney Princesses tend to air on the younger side – for instance, Snow White is only fourteen in her film.

Elsa and Anna are only three years apart as sisters, so Elsa is close to the age of other princesses. While becoming queen is in her lineage, Elsa was not seeking to gain the crown this early in her life, but following the King and Queen of Arendelle passing away from a ship-wreck, there needs to be someone left in charge of the village. Unfortunately, that falls on Elsa, who seems much more mature for her age.

18 Olaf And The Snow Monster Are Not Related

Disney Frozen Josh Gad as Olaf

When everyone's favorite snowman came at odds with a gigantic abominable ice monster, fan theories started generating. Considering that both are made of snow and crafted by Queen Elsa herself would that mean that they are both brothers, right?

While a universe where both Olaf and Marshmallow the Snow Monster are related is very fun, the official page for Frozen does not list them as siblings. Considering that this film focuses on the power of familial bonds, this is certainly something that the writers would bring up if it were true. However, it has been proven to only be a fan theory and these snowmen are not related (particularly when one is a gigantic monster and the other is cute and cuddly). They must have come from different snow banks.

17 It Has A Connection To Tangled

While most Frozen viewers are well aware about the cameo appearance of two of the stars from Tangled, there are further connections that the two films have together. It seems that Flynn Rider and Rapunzel were close enough to the Arendelle family to be invited to Elsa's coronation. What most fans don't know is the other reason behind their connection.

Prior to making Frozen, stars Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell were in search of other Disney films to add to their credits. Both vocal powerhouses auditioned to be Rapunzel in the 2010 film Tangled, but the role eventually went to Mandy Moore. Thankfully, things worked out the way that they did, as it would be impossible to imagine any of these roles filled by anyone other than the original actors.

16 The Trolls Have A Purpose

The small magical trolls that make appearances through the movie are often criticized for their role. Upon further analysis, it is revealed that the trolls are not central to the main plot of the film at all and do not appear to be necessary to the movie. However, incorporating Norwegian culture was very important to the production team, so they wanted to find a way to integrate as much as possible, even if it meant some odd sequences in the final product.

The trolls were also present in the original source novel by Hans Christian Andersen, but they have a much different demeanor. Instead of being lovable creatures who only serve to assist those in need, they are wicked little imps who delight in causing trouble, but since Disney is marketed towards children, their role was changed. Yet, including them was necessary to stay true to cultural legends.

15 Elsa’s Ice Castle Changes Color On Purpose

It must be entertaining to film-makers when something they included on purpose is incorrectly referenced as an error in their film. Production teams often place specific artistic choices into their films to elicit emotional reactions from viewers, but it is often done so subtly that people rarely notice. Some fans did pick up on Elsa's color changing castle, but the production team confirmed that this was a meaningful change in the background.

Elsa's ice castle switches colors at different points in the film and an explanation was never given. However, the color changes are in sync to Elsa's own emotions. So, if Elsa is feeling worried or angry, the walls and floor will be either purple or red. This point was overlooked or mislabeled, but it was a great inclusion by the film-makers to help set the tone for the audience.

14 It Was Not Always Called Frozen

Frozen Cast

Frozen was certainly one of Disney's biggest hits in the past decade, and while other franchises like Toy Story continue to perform strong at the box office, this film has withstood the test of time since its opening. Children everywhere continue to ask if people “Want To Build A Snowman, and Disney World has even opened a Frozen-themed area at Epcot. Now, imagine if the movie title was completely different.

Production for Frozen is originally connected to the Hans Christian Andersen book, The Snow Queen. With production originally dating back to 1939, the film title was only altered prior to the 2013 film being released. The Snow Queen does not exactly have the same ring to it, so it was a good idea to change it.

13 Sisterly Love Is The Main Story

Most Disney Princess films center around a love story between a woman and her would-be Prince Charming. At least, this was Disney's MO for decades of films until some of their newest incarnations in the late 2000s. Films like Brave and Frozen have switched their focus away from romances, and have instead provided their princesses with different motivations.

Frozen spent their time focusing on the sisterly love between Anna and Elsa, and in order to take this as seriously as possible, Disney even held a “Sister Summit” prior to production. This was meant to give everyone working on the film a sense of what sisterly bonds are like. Disney employees were brought in to share their experiences with their sisters in order to provide inspiration to everyone. Given how much of a bond Anna and Elsa have, it certainly paid off.

12 Elsa Was Initially The Villain

In perhaps the most drastic change before production, this change would have completely altered the course of the film. When Frozen was still in the conception phase, Elsa was initially marked as being a “straight-forward villain” type and was not Anna's sister. She is described as having blue hair and a coat made out of live weasels. Thankfully, the team decided to change their minds, and their direction changed as well.

What caused the change away from Elsa becoming a villain? Someone wrote the song Let It Go.” This song changed the course of the film and likely saved it from becoming just another Disney story. Everyone loved the direction they went in because it was different from other Disney projects. Thankfully, this change stuck around, as it was a big part of the film's success.

11 Has No Connection To The Little Mermaid

Fan theories for movies can be very interesting, but sometimes, fans can confuse them with reality. Some theories have become so popular that they begin to blur the actual plotline of the movie. Frozen also has its fair share, and they circle around the fate of Anna and Elsa's parents.

One theory says that after the voyage of the King and Queen of Arendelle ended tragically, their ship sank to the bottom of the ocean. Since the timeframes are not specifically defined, some say that their ship wound up being the same one that Ariel from The Little Mermaid swims through. Despite being very creative, the film's team have said that there is no connection between these Disney Princesses.

10 Has No Connection To Tarzan

Another very creative theory connects Frozen to another Disney franchise. Following their tragedy at sea, this theory says that the King and Queen of Arendelle did not pass away, but instead, became shipwrecked on an island. Furthermore, the theory also suggests that the queen was pregnant with a boy, and after giving birth to him on the island, that particular boy would eventually become the King of the Jungle, Tarzan.

While this theory is one of the most creative that exists in Disney, the director of Frozen debunked the theory himself. Chris Buck said that while he enjoys theories like this, they are not accurate. However, he did also say “If you want to tie them all together, then do it. That's the spirit of Disney,” so he is fully supportive of fans crafting their own universes. In fact, he said that he creates his own “fun little worlds” as well with his own films.

9 Elsa Experiences Anxiety And Depression

Anna and Elsa in Frozen

Despite the last two theories being debunked, sometimes they do actually wind up being correct. One Twitter user reached out to Frozen writer Jennifer Lee and asked if her theory regarding Elsa's mental health was accurate. The fan said that they felt Elsa's body language suggested that she was experiencing depression and anxiety. Lee responded to the fan and said that she certainly did try to incorporate this into Elsa's personality.

Considering everything that Elsa has been through (accidentally harming her sister and being locked away in her room), it makes sense that her chemical balances would be off. Thankfully, it seems that by the end of the film, she has become much more calm and centered. Hopefully, Frozen 2 finds her still holding things together.

8 Someone Claims “Let It Go” Was Stolen

With so many musicals under their belt, Disney is certainly the powerhouse when it comes to this genre. Their process of crafting the perfect songs have created some of the greatest hits that films have ever seen. Past films like The Lion King had songs written by Elton John and Tim Rice, so Disney knows how to get the best product out there. However, there is one person claiming that “Let It Go” was taken without his permission.

Jaime Ciero claims that the song is incredibly similar to his Spanish song Volar, and sued the songwriters for copyright infringement. However, the case was thrown out in 2018 after the court determined that Ciero took too long to file his claim. Both songs can be heard here for fans to make their own decision!

7 The King And Queen Weren't Great Parents

Elsa and Anna are certainly some of the most popular Disney Princesses, but their parents will not be winning any awards for “parents of the year” anytime soon. While their end was tragic, their parenting style before taking their voyage was not very good. In fact, they will rank close to other poor Disney parents like Claude Frollo and Mother Gothel from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Tangled.

Instead of celebrating Elsa's powers or helping her learn how to control them, they did not provide her with any support. Their response to Elsa's superpowers was to lock her up against her will in her room for years. Also, not only was Elsa locked away, but Anna was also prevented from having any contact outside. While they seemed to love both of their daughters, they did not respond very well to this parenting challenge.

6 The Color Scheme For Villains Is Different

Disney villains are normally very easy to spot. Someone like Scar from The Lion King or Hades from Hercules are easily identified based on how wicked they “look.” This is done by design in order to make them easily identifiable; however, Frozen decided to go down a different path to keep their villains hidden for most of the film.

When Prince Hans of the Southern Isles first introduces himself to Anna, he is wearing white and blue, which are colors normally associated with the “good guys.” For instance, the character of Snow White actually shares the same color palate with Hans in her film. Whether fans realized it or not, this actually eliminated Hans as a possible villain in their eyes, which made his deception at the end of the film so surprising.

5 Anna’s White Hair Streak Disappears On Purpose

Anna's distinctive streak of white through her hair is a reminder of Elsa's abilities. Following an accident as a child where Elsa struck Anna with her powers, this was the leftover “scar.” After the garden trolls remove Anna's memories about the incident, she does not remember how she got it, however, it does not stick around forever.

After Elsa thaws Anna after she is frozen solid, the streak disappears. From a metaphorical sense, it disappears because Anna has finally forgiven her sister for not spending time with her, which leads to the healing of her “scar.” While some fans have pointed to this as a production error, it was certainly done on purpose to show the change in their relationship.

4 Hans Would Never Be King

Hans' desire to become the ruler of a kingdom has made him one of Disney's most recent villains. He is willing to do whatever it takes to become ruler, including deceiving Anna into marrying him. His plan almost succeeds, and he believes that he was only steps away from becoming king before his plan was thwarted. However, if Hans had done his research, he would have realized that he would never have become king at all.

While he was left “in charge” by Anna after she went to find Elsa, his power was never official. Furthermore, if he had successfully married into the family, Monarchy rules state that he would never have been an official king. Just like Prince Philip in the UK, he would never have surpassed the role of Prince, since he is not of royal descent.

3 Demi Lovato Also Sang “Let It Go”

The accolades that Frozen's most famous song won is robust, and it's something most songwriters dream about. “Let It Go” was able to take in awards at the Oscars, Grammys, and Critics Choice Award ceremonies, and it continues to be a favorite among fans. When most people hear the song in their heads, they hear the Idina Menzel version, however, there were plenty of other versions of the song released, including one by Demi Lovato.

While Lovato is certainly a big-name star in her own right, she does not hold the mantle of being the favorite for this song. The Menzel version is considered iconic and it has made her a household name in film. Meanwhile, the Lovato song received very little air play following its release, and it's considered inferior to the film's version.

2 Not Everyone Likes The Film

Frozen Princess Anna Hair

It is safe to say that almost everyone loves Frozen at least a little bit. Considering that it is the 13th highest-grossing film of all time, it has plenty of fans around the world. However, there are at least two children who don't enjoy the film.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Kristen Bell revealed that her two daughters are not fans of the Disney flick. In fact, her daughters have asked her to turn it off when she puts it on at home. While she and husband Dax Shepard thought that it would “blow their minds,” they asked for it not to be played on television. Considering that three year olds are the target demographic for Disney Princess films, this must have been very disappointing. At least that means they don't have to listen to “Let It Go every night before bedtime.

1 Elsa and Anna Aren't Just In Frozen

With Frozen 2 on its way in 2019, fans cannot wait to see Elsa and Anna on the big screen again. However, those fans do not have to watch Frozen for the 100,000th time just to get their fix of these two sisters. Since the conclusion of Frozen, they have spent their time making appearances in other films and shows while waiting for their next adventure to return to theaters.

Both Elsa and Anna made appearances in Once Upon A Time in season four, along with other Frozen characters, and most recently, both sisters were also featured in Wreck-It Ralph 2, along with several other Disney Princesses. Elsa, in particular, shows off her powers in the scene, making fans even more excited to see her in her next film. Although absence does make the heart grow fonder, it was a pleasant surprise to see them before their new movie comes out.


Is there anything we missed about Elsa and Anna? Something we forgot to let go? Let us know in the comments!


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