Frozen 2 UK Trailer Highlights Elsa's Journey & Olaf's Storyline

Frozen 2 Elsa and Olaf

Disney has released a UK trailer for Frozen 2 that highlights Elsa's journey and Olaf's personal storyline in the upcoming animated sequel. Six years ago, the Mouse House scored an unexpected billion-dollar smash hit with Frozen, a very loose retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, The Snow Queen. The studio is now gearing up for the release of its sequel, which will feature an original story that picks up three years after the first movie. And much like the original Frozen's young target audience, returning heroes Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf are ready for a more grown-up adventure.

So far, the trailers for Frozen 2 have primarily focused on Elsa's attempts to uncover the truth behind a mystery that threatens all of Arendelle in the sequel. The other returning characters haven't gotten as much attention in the film's marketing, though the footage screened at August D23 did confirm that Kristoff is preparing to propose to Anna when the action picks up. Olaf, meanwhile, will be trying to get a firmer grasp on what it means to mature, as evidenced by the latest preview.

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The UK trailer for Frozen 2 dropped online this morning, and will undoubtedly screen with Maleficent: Mistress of Evil this weekend. You can check it out, below.

Unlike the previous trailers, this UK promo starts off a lighter note by showing Elsa, Anna, and the rest of the gang playing a game of charades (Olaf, being able to rearrange his body, has a bit of an advantage). Things start to get more serious from there, as Elsa tells Anna she's been hearing a distant voice, and comes into contact with a spirit. This results in the four elements being taken away (violently) from Arendelle, as was previously revealed in the footage that Disney screened at its Frozen 2 press day a while back. After consulting with Pabbie, Elsa and the others venture "Into the Unknown" to find the Enchanted Forest, which has long been magically cut-off from the rest of the world, but appears to be connected to everything that's happened.

Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee (back from the first Frozen) seem to have successfully evolved the franchise with Frozen 2, allowing the storytelling to grow richer and more complicated with the sequel. Of course, there will still be plenty of kid-friendly elements in the film, including a tiny lizard pal for Elsa named Bruni seen in the new trailer. Olaf will continue to serve as a source for comedy as well, especially as he comes to realize (partly through song) that being older isn't the same as having everything figured out. Hopefully, Frozen 2 will manage to balance these aspects and deliver a worthy followup to the first movie in the process.

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