What Is The Frozen 2 Trailer Music? Listen To The Song Here

The new Frozen 2 trailer is here, but what song plays during the preview? Back in 2013, Disney Animation scored one of their biggest all-time hits with the original Frozen, which grossed $1.2 billion worldwide and took home the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Its overwhelming success all but ensured a followup would happen, and that sequel is just a handful of months away from hitting theaters. Frozen 2 teaser premiered in February of this year and scored a record number of views.

With Disney releasing Pixar's highly-anticipated Toy Story 4 next week, the time was ripe for the Frozen 2 marketing campaign to continue. Today, the Mouse House unveiled an official trailer, hinting at the truth behind Elsa's powers. And as fans checked out the new footage to see what plot clues were revealed, they had an opportunity to listen to a familiar tune.

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Both Frozen 2 trailers released thus far incorporate a revamped version of "The Great Thaw" from the first film. You can listen to the new version and compare it to the original recording in the space below:

It goes without saying that the Frozen soundtrack played an integral role in the movie's success. Of course, much attention was given to the Oscar-winning tune "Let It Go," but there were so many other standout tracks. "Vuelie", and its reprise subtitled "The Great Thaw," became a fan-favorite by instantly immersing viewers in the world thanks to its beautiful arrangement. Because people responded so positively to the music in Frozen, it makes a lot of sense for Disney to incorporate one of those songs in the sequel's trailers. If the studio opted to use licensed music or come up with a generic trailer score, it would be a curious choice. When a franchise has well-known cues audiences immediately recognize, marketing materials should use them (see: Star Wars trailers). The music conjures up strong emotions and makes people want to see the new film as quickly as possible.

Frozen 2 is going to include a handful of new songs, but Disney is keeping those under wraps for now. Perhaps future trailers or TV spots will peel the curtain back there, teasing what could be the next "Let It Go." Of course, there's no real need to showcase the fresh tracks at this point in time (or even later in the advertising campaign). Frozen is so popular that people are guaranteed to show up on opening weekend, and then they could experience the new songs for the first time in the theater and then listen to them on repeat afterwards.

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