Frozen 2 Theory: The Story Takes Place in Marvel's Universe

The Frozen movies are surprisingly similar to Marvel's X-Men, suggesting they tell the Marvel Universe's history – with Elsa an early mutant!

Frozen Theory Marvel Universe Mutants

Warning: SPOILERS for Frozen 2

With Frozen 2 released after Disney bought Marvel Comics, the possibility of crossovers between the Disney-verse and Marvel Universe is more real than ever. The Disney film Big Hero 6 is based on a Marvel comic and considered a part of the MCU (or at least one of its alternate timelines). Disney has also established a shared universe like the MCU in its Kingdom Hearts games and an episode of the Hercules animated series features a crossover with Aladdin. Moreover, the “Pixar Theory” ties movies from Toy Story to Brave into one timeline, showing Disney and Marvel properties can link with each other.

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Disney’s Frozen movies show a particularly strong link to Marvel’s most famous property – the X-Men. While it might seem strange to compare Anna and Elsa with Storm and Wolverine, consider the similar tropes. Like Marvel’s mutants, Elsa is initially feared and hated for her ice powers. She isolates herself and learns to appreciate the beauty of her abilities, but keeps feeling different from everyone else.

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Although Elsa seems like the only character with “magic,” there are strong hints in Frozen 2 that other main characters also possess abilities that make them early mutants. This fits current Marvel comics storylines where mutants in early eras were called “witchbreed” and their abilities considered magical. This allows for the possibility that the Frozen films could take place in some obscure era in Marvel history. Bearing this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the characters of Frozen and speculate on what mutant abilities they may possess – and how their powers stack up compared to the X-Men.

Elsa: The World's First Ice(wo)man

Frozen 2 Elsa Hates Let It Go

Elsa initially seems to possess identical powers to the X-Man Bobby Drake (aka Iceman), who can also create frigid temperatures and form constructs out of ice. However, as the movies reveal, she is capable of much more than Drake. Elsa can imbue her constructs with life, as seen when she builds Olaf (and all of his brothers and sisters in Frozen: Fever). Frozen 2 delves deeper into this, suggesting Olaf’s consciousness comes from the water he’s made from, which retains memories that Elsa can access. Thankfully, this means she can resurrect those who are lost with their memories intact.

Elsa also has remarkable fine control over water molecules – where Iceman’s frozen armor is rigid and cracks, Elsa’s ice-based dresses flow with clothlike flexibility. Given that Iceman’s less refined powers still classify him as an Omega-level mutant, there’s every reason to give Elsa that classification as well.

Kristoff, Animal Psychic

Frozen Disney Theory Sven Kristoff

In the first Frozen movie, Kristoff came off as a strange man who speaks for his reindeer Sven. While this seems like a weird affectation, in Frozen 2, Kristoff gets into a conversation with Ryder, a Northuldra man who does the same thing with his reindeer. The men compare notes and admit it often feels like they can hear the reindeers’ thoughts when they’re speaking for them. This suggests Kristoff possesses low-level telepathic abilities and can translate for Sven. His powers seem to increase during his song, Lost in the Woods, where he literally hears the reindeer become his backup singers.

However, in Frozen: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, Kristoff cannot understand Sven when the reindeer tries to tell him Olaf is in trouble, forcing Sven to communicate via charades. Ironically, both Anna and Elsa understand Sven perfectly. Kristoff’s telepathy could have been off that day – or perhaps it’s not Kristoff who’s the mutant telepath, but Sven and the other reindeer who broadcast their thoughts to those listening. It’s a weird possibility – but normal in X-Men comics where cats and dogs often are mutants.

Mutants: Olaf and the Rock Trolls

Speaking of unconventional mutants – in Giant Size X-Men #1, the mutants face off against Krakoa, a sentient mutant island that is currently serving as the X-Men’s mutant nation. This opens the door wider to what can be considered a mutant in the Marvel Universe, which fits in well with the world of Frozen. Elsa and Anna regularly consult with the Rock Trolls and encounter giant rock creatures in Frozen 2, who could belong to the same mutant race as Krakoa.

Olaf also fits into this category. While he may have started as a construct of Elsa’s, he may eventually develop mutant powers of his own. (He certainly seems adept at breaking the fourth wall during song numbers like Marvel’s Deadpool).

Anna: Cured of Her Mutant Powers

Fans have long speculated that Anna may possess powers of her own (with the popular choice being fire manipulation to complement Elsa’s ice power). Some even suspect that when the Rock Troll Pappy “removed all magic” from Anna in Frozen, he took away any powers she might manifest. Thus far, Anna doesn’t seem to possess any mutant gifts and appears to be a normal human girl.

This, however, makes Anna even more important in a Frozen/X-Men world. Charles Xavier and the X-Men regularly strive for better relations between humans and mutants, but rarely find people who are completely accepting of mutants. By having a character like Anna, who loves and accepts everyone – and encourages others to do the same – Xavier’s Dream has a better chance of thriving in Arendelle than any other era in the Marvel Universe.

Granted, it’s unlikely Disney or Marvel will ever come out and state the Frozen characters live in some past era of the Marvel Universe like the fan video above. However, Marvel’s multiverse is a big place. In one issue of the Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch) travels to an alternate universe where Marvel superheroes and supervillains regularly break into song and dance numbers while fighting. Frankly, the possibility of that universe evolving from a Disney-based one… looks good.

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